KinoFresher - Iron Sky

• KinoFresher - Iron Sky

In wide release came the film "Iron Sky" - satirical comedy Finnish director Timo Vuorensola.

KinoFresher - Iron Sky

This is his second feature film, the first Vuorensola took off in 2005 - it was otvyaznyh parody titled "Star Wreck: In the beginning of Pirkei", based on the TV series "Babylon 5" and "Star Trek."

the film's success was so great that Timo Vuorensola thinking about a possible sequel. As a result, in 2006, work began on the "Iron Sky", and two years later Vuorensola shown at the Cannes Film Festival teaser hoping to find sponsors. And they found - in 2008, and two years later.

By the way, in drafting the creators of "Iron Sky" are invited to participate and movie fans on crowdsourcing site Wreckamovie, intended for the joint creation of films. The result had been the most expensive project in the history of Finnish cinema: the film's budget was seven and a half million euros.

KinoFresher - Iron Sky KinoFresher - Iron Sky

On the plot. In 2018 it appears that the Nazis after World War II settled down on the back side of the moon (which, as we know, is not visible from Earth), built a civilization of their own and live, cherishing the dream of someday conquer the planet.

KinoFresher - Iron Sky KinoFresher - Iron Sky

However, the huge machine designed for this purpose, does not work without batteries from the wonderful devices. They are, as it turns out due to land on the moon as part of the US Presidential election campaign (male model James Washington (Christopher Kirby)), which the Nazis taken prisoner to conduct experiments on him, without restrictions on sale in America in the Apple stores.

Just to get (or even to talk to the President), sent conceited Klaus Adler (Götz Otto) - the officer who dreams of lunar overthrow the Fuhrer. With him flying and his simple-minded girlfriend, on the earth's civilization specialist Renate (Julia Dietze), whose fiery speeches suggest piarschitsa President Vivian (Peta Sergeant) on the idea to make a lunar Nazi part of the election campaign.

KinoFresher - Iron Sky KinoFresher - Iron Sky KinoFresher - Iron Sky

And then the actions of some characters would entail a personal vendetta, because of which will start to spin the cogs of the mechanism that triggers an invasion from outer space, and neither more nor less - war.

Opinions of viewers who watched the picture, divided. What is it - inept kitsch qualitative or satire? Stylish steampunk or fake, not worth attention? Take a look and vote.

KinoFresher - Iron Sky

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