"Eagle's Nest" - Hitler's residence at an altitude of 1834 m

• "Eagle's Nest" - Hitler's residence at an altitude of 1834 m

"Tea House" or "Eagle's Nest" - the summer residence of Hitler, Bavaria, Germany.

Breathtaking Alpine panorama from Salzburg, Austria to the German Konigssee, unique serpentine, elevator in the rock, overcoming the 124 meters in 41 seconds - all this summer Hitler's residence - Kehlsteinhaus or "Eagles Gezdo", given to him in honor of the 50th anniversary, and was built in a record short time. This is a place I would definitely recommend to include in the program of visiting Bavaria or Salzburg.

"Eagle's Nest" a place called the Americans who captured this territory after the end of hostilities, since the construction of the complex had a chamber name - "Tea House".

Kehlsteinhaus The project was one of the most expensive and difficult to realize, planning and construction of which Martin Bormann commissioned the architect Roderihu Fiku. Construction of the tea house and the road to it was completed in the summer of 1938, after a 13-month construction period.

The construction of the Eagle's Nest and the entrances to it lasted 13 months. Plank serpentine length of 6, 5 km passes through five tunnels, a height difference of 700 m. The road ends at the site, which currently stop tour buses.

From a platform is 124 m long tunnel, which ends at the lift trimmed bronze, polished to shine. The capacity of the elevator - two dozen people. Elevator 41 seconds rises to a height of 124 m, where the Kehlsteinhaus.

The construction process:

Probably not one car flew into a ditch during the construction:

House, on behalf of the National Socialist Workers' Party, was presented to Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday - April 20, 1939.

In the course of a massive air raid of the British Aviation April 25, 1945 on the area of ​​Obersalzberg, Kehlsteinhaus (one of the few buildings) was not injured. After the end of World War II Obersalzberg was occupied by American troops. The Kehlsteinhaus, which the Americans called "Eagle's Nest" because of its location on top of a mountain, settled the military headquarters. "Eagle's Nest" was confiscated by Americans April 1, 1946. In 1951 he was transferred to the Bavarian government, which has decided to demolish it. However, the authorities Berhstegaden County temporarily blocked this decision. Thus, the "Eagle's Nest", it was decided not to destroy.

So "Tea House" became the "Eagle's Nest":

Now the "Eagle's Nest" - a very beautiful observation platform and restaurant of the historic moments - there is only a stand with photographs in one of the hallways. These photos I used in the report:

And so the lobby looked like in the forties of the last century, Hitler:

Surprisingly beautiful and quiet lake Kenigzee, my favorite place in Bavaria:

Mountain Hilton:


Eva Braun:

The path up the mountain:

This is the main hall of the complex is also a restaurant here now:

Hitler watercolor:

3 June 1944 there were married Gruppenführer SS Hermann Fegelein and Gretl Braun

Frau Bormann, Frau Goebbels, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun:

Now, here is bottled the famous Munich Hofbroy and a small souvenir shop:

That's what can be landscape in sunny weather with clouds below. Nothing can be seen at the bottom, but stunningly beautiful:

A view of the village of Schonau and the ill-famous bobsleigh track:

Practical information:

Eagle's Nest is available to the public from May to October, but specific dates are subject to change, so be sure to check

. My friends and I have somehow been here 3 years ago on May Day celebrations and get upstairs could not.

By the eagle's nest can be reached in two steps: by car to the tourist center and the parking lot, or from the train / railway station Berchtesgaden town by bus here also. Note the yellow temporary signs "Kehlstein", since GPS is another road, which is now under repair:

From the parking lot to the entrance to the tunnel with an elevator ride special buses at the same time sent 4 pieces at intervals of 30 minutes. The fare - 15.50 euros per person, departure time - fixed. We were on a weekend in May and had to wait 2 hours from the date of purchase of the ticket before departure. So leave extra time.

Here on the mountain serpentine ride red buses: