5 of strange stories about bullying animals

In animals, compared to a person, there is one very important advantage: an offense for which any of us upekut behind bars for decades in animal performance will be honored unless the notes in the "curiosities". For example:

1. The crocodile captures plane

5 of strange stories about bullying animals

Republic of the Congo, in Africa, is known for many wonderful things. But that's what Congo can not boast any way - so it's air travel security system. That's why one day an ordinary passenger without problems has carried on board the aircraft of the conventional commuter real live crocodile, which is planned to sell for good money.

The plane was a small twin-engine Czech L-410, which is often used in third world countries for local flights. It holds something about twenty passengers plus a small team.

Passenger with even smuggled a crocodile, in general, not particularly straining to disguise their luggage. He just put his pet in a huge duffel bag and relied on luck. And he almost got it!


Flight came to an end when the crocodile patience is exhausted. Break outside through the sports bag with razor-sharp teeth crocodile - a piece of cake.

Needless to say that the board immediately rose terrible panic. First noticed the stowaway spacing refreshments stewardess. She, of course, screamed obscenities good and slipped into the cabin. And this would not be a big trouble if it does not for the other passengers rushed. And when more than twenty people piled up on a patch of small and light aircraft, he lost his balance and stone rushed down. He fell on someone's house, before reaching the destination which a few hundred meters. As a result of the collapse of the only two survived: the crocodile and another passenger, who then told the story.

2. defile the monument


5 of strange stories about bullying animals

The desecration of monuments of animals, in principle, can not be considered unusual. And even more crime. In the end, we have long been resigned to the fact that the pigeons every day to decorate the head cast in bronze of the great poets and generals.

But the story that took place in Montana, yet unique.

The monument in question, is a figure of a bison in its natural size. He was not particularly interesting to anyone for decades, until he saw ... moose. And it is not poured out to the bison unearthly passion. The most curious thing is that before you decide on the feelings, elk bison carefully sniffed ...

5 of strange stories about bullying animals

in all places ...

5 of strange stories about bullying animals

And then ...

5 of strange stories about bullying animals

The act of love lasted eight hours.

Some brave souls have tried to stop the mess, throwing stones elk, but it seems the beast only egged. As a result of "violent actions" Bison lost one horn. All of his "body" turned out to be scratched elk hooves and back - in elk blood. And the whole monument has moved down from its place on the twenty centimeters.

3. A bear steals Toyota Prius

McCarthy's family was sleeping peacefully in your cozy holiday home in Lake Tahoe (northern California), when suddenly they were awakened by a car horn. Hooter was insistent and suspiciously similar to the voice of their own Toyota Prius. Hastily throwing the first thing that came to hand, adults and children out into the street.

And I was surprised to see his car in reverse slowly moves down the track. And then even more surprised when the thief looked - it was a huge brown bear. He climbed into the car, apparently in search of edibles. Climb something crawled, but the back - no way. The Toyota Prius, and the person is not particularly spacious. What can we say about the bear. In general, a teddy bear stuck thoroughly, flew into a rage and began to claw skin, and claws at it - whether it is healthy: At some point toed moved the gear lever to the reverse position, and the car moved downhill. Fortunately, the thief had to go far - in the next house was a large boulder into it a car and crashed. From the impact of the beast "knocked out" of the car, and he managed to escape before the police arrived, avoiding any responsibility for theft and damage to another's property.

4. Sea elephant enters into an unnatural relationship ... with everything that comes his way

In its native Antarctic elephant Homer was always surrounded by a harem of elephant seals. Once in the year 2000 in New Zealand, he discovered that it is now completely deprived of this privilege. As a result, Homer - adult male weighing two tons had to show considerable ingenuity to find solutions to their psychological problems.

That residents of the city of Gisborne will never forget.

I must say that Homer was far not so picky as moose from our second story. Most of the interest he has shown in the parked cars in the port, but did not disdain and boat trailers, and even wood. The townspeople attempted to rescue the surviving after the first raid the property, building a fence around the animal, but not a bit of it. Homer escaped from confinement, he reached the nearest restaurant and was attached to the power unit, de-energized institution.

Here is eager for someone else's transport type Civil appearance

When the story of the incident leaked to the press and on television, the residents of the nearby town of Christchurch identified in it a criminal who in the same way abused several of their cars for a few months before the events described. Now Homer in New Zealand's biggest celebrity, it even has its own website.

5. Moose comes to grips with the helicopter

In March 2007, a scientist-biologist Kevin White and his team hired a helicopter and flew to study moose in Alaska, where several thousands of darkness. In Alaska, they quickly found a suitable specimen - elk more than two meters tall - and shot him in the neck with a solution to sleep - so you can easily mark the animal. And in order not to lose a moose while sedative does not work, the scientists flew by helicopter to a small height for him. Moose got unusually strong, and sleep did not want to. Moreover, he soon grew tired of running from iron annoying flies, and he kaaaak unfold, but kaaaak bounce! Second - and downed a helicopter already on the ground. Fortunately, no people have been hurt. But the moose ... was fatally wounded and had to be put to sleep for good.

But we hope that somewhere out there in the moose paradise, hanging over the fireplace of our trophy elk - a helicopter propeller.