"Lada" new generation: five prime AvtoVAZ

• "Lada" new generation: five prime AvtoVAZ

Lineup replenished Lada crossover, wagon, electric cars and sports, "Grant."

Lada XRay

Price: not specified

Home sales: not specified

The most anticipated of the Russian innovation Moscow Motor Show was the conceptual crossover Lada XRay. It presented personally by Steve Mattin - chief designer of AvtoVAZ, who previously worked with the brands Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. Lada XRay primarily been created to demonstrate the Togliatti automaker plans to expand its lineup: AvtoVAZ has long been thinking about leaving in the crossover segment. A distinctive feature of the concept is a modern XRay memorable appearance with "iksobraznoy" grille, doorways unusual shape and greatly magnified logo "of Lada" on the tailgate. Talk about the launch of the concept car into production is premature. Most likely, some of the ideas implemented in XRay, will be used to develop the next generation of "Niva".

Lada Granta "luxury" and Lada Granta Sport

Price: Lada Granta "luxury" - is not defined, Lada Granta Sport - 400 000

Home sales: Fall 2012 (both versions)

Granta model was presented at the Moscow Motor Show in two versions: luxury and sport. Moreover, production of the first will be launched in the next few days. Prestige "Grant" is different from a more modest version of the existence of an automatic transmission and a new media system with touch controls. The second "grandovskaya" novelty - a modification of Sport, became the fastest to date production model of AvtoVAZ. The car can be dispersed to 100 km / h for 9, 5, and its maximum speed of 197 km / h. To beat the looks of the classic sedan and make it more sporty, the designers have equipped Lada Granta Sport door sills and a rear spoiler, and placed inside the cabin seats with more pronounced lateral support. Under the hood vazovskoy new items located 120-strong aspirated gasoline engine of 1, 6 l. The first production batch of the fastest "Lada" will gather in November, but only until the end of 2013 it is planned to produce about 500 copies of the model.

Lada Largus

Price: from 319 000 rubles (station wagon) 600 000 (in a complete set "taxi")

Start of sales: already sold

Model Lada Largus at the stand of AvtoVAZ has been presented in two versions: a van with cargo compartment and the versatile, designed to work in a taxi. The first equipped with two rows of seats and a huge 560-liter boot, while the second - three rows of seats that can accommodate up to seven passengers. Largus wagon, whose price starts at 319,000 rubles, is a more budget option. But for the wagon in picking a taxi will have to pay 600 thousand rubles. However, it will already have a browser, video recorder, a taximeter, a child seat and even a device for reading credit cards. It is interesting that the "Lada Largus" to date there are no analogues in the Russian market, and for its production at AvtoVAZ has been completely re-engineered one of the conveyor lines. car sales began a month ago, and during that time several thousand cars were sold.

The complete set "Taxi":

Lada Ellada

Price: not specified

Home sales: not specified

Lineup Lada added electric cars named Ellada, presented to the public at the Moscow Motor Show. The novelty is collected based on Lada Kalina and received electric power of 60 kW and a unit zhelezofosfatnyh lithium batteries. Serial production of new products will be launched this autumn. It is expected that the first batch of electric cars will be used as taxis in the Stavropol region, where the novelty last year passed the test trials. The vehicle can accelerate to 130 km / h reach hundreds for 13 s, and the margin of its stroke will suffice for 150 km. Novelty can be recharged from an ordinary power outlet; However, to fully restore the supply of batteries, require 8 hours. The cost of Lada Ellada has not been determined, but according to unofficial information, it could reach 1 million rubles.

Lada Kalina second generation

Price: not specified

Start of sales: the first half of 2013

Updated Lada Kalina became one of the main innovations AvtoVAZ stand at the Moscow Motor Show. The first thing that catches your eye - this will change the design of the appearance: "Kalina" second generation has become more modern and aggressive. Improved and the interior of the car: the new Lada Kalina has received a number of options, such as navigation, heated windscreen, a rain sensor and parking sensors. All new items VAZ complete equipped power steering and driver's airbag, while the luxury version of the car at all has got an automatic transmission. To offer a new Lada Kalina are two types of motors 87 and 98 liters. from. By the way, in contrast to the current version of the updated car will be available only in a body "hatchback" and "versatile".