10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Most breathable, very salty, the black and the other unusual mineral water available on the market.

Line from a poem by Lebedev-red bunting "Because without water - and neither the amplitude, and no syudy" familiar to many from his childhood, and in them in an accessible form formulated undeniable truth. Water covered three-quarters of Earth's surface, from her 80% of people, and she even became the cause of military conflicts. Water is called the fountain of youth, and one of the most valuable natural resources on earth. And as a resource that can dry out, scientists argue about how long is enough available in the world with clean drinking water. In 2008, at a conference of the World Wildlife Fund, WWF announced that its reserves could run out in 30 years. However, the majority of consumers care about much more simple questions. Buyers follow the novelties of the market, where there were some very interesting news in recent years.

Kona Deep: very salty

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: $ 1, 85

In 2007, on the shelves of American supermarkets appeared maritime drinking water Kona Deep. Unusual novelty was the playful nickname "brine" and the status of "most salty" mineral water in the world. Explore the properties of water off the coast of Hawaii began in 1974, and in the mid-2000s began its commercial production. Kona Deep water obtained not from artesian wells, and from the bottom of the ocean shelf, desalt and then bottled. The extracted at a depth of 2000-3000 m, Kona Deep is completely clean and free of harmful impurities and bacteria, but enriched with minerals and nutrients. Recommend to use water during intense exercise. However, the taste of Kona Deep may seem overly salty, and then it will have to be diluted with plain water.

Vincentka: oldest

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: 150 rubles

The first mention of the world's oldest Czech mineral water "Vinsentka" refers to 1669, when physicist Ian Hergod of Totenfelda made its analysis. Water from a source in Luhačovice was rich with minerals and healthy. Its first therapeutic effects experienced locals, and since 1780 the water supply began in Vienna, where she was in demand in pharmacies and restaurants. The popularity of "Vinsentki" grew, and a small Czech town was turned into a resort, which attracts audiences from all over Europe. In 1893, the water received a silver medal at the pharmaceutical exhibition in Vienna and shortly after World War II years, the production of "Vinsentki" reached 2 million bottles a year. Today, therapeutic mineral water is still bottled in the Czech Luhacovice and widely exported.

Selters: the most aristocratic

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: 168 rubles

Mineral water Selters, without exaggeration, be called one of the most aristocratic in the world. It delivered to the table of the German Kaiser and the Russian emperors and writers often mentioned in his works. Water name comes from the German source Niderzelters and widespread popularity it has received since 1750, when it became an export item. The beverage dispensed into exclusive clay vessels, each of which was labeled special stamp. It was not until the middle of XIX century, when the famous Niderzelters not exhausted. Almost immediately began working to find new water sources that come to fruition in 1896. "Fresh" well was named in honor of the Empress Augusta Victoria, and the water is extracted from it to this day. Today we know Selters water on the German market is over 80%, and its purity is confirmed by the Institute "Fresenius".

Bling H2O: most Hollywood

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: $ 27

About water Bling H2O heard not many, and especially due to the fact that the target audience of the product is a celebrity. beverage outlet idea in 2005 came up with the famous producer and screenwriter Kevin Boyd, and soon his product began to be popular among the stars. Even Bling H2O was served as the main soft drink at the major Hollywood parties. Water extracted from the source in Tennessee, after which it passes ten degrees of purification and bottled inlaid Swarovski crystals and water bottles value depends not only on its length, how many number of adorning its crystals. By the way, in 2006, the exclusive design of containers was even awarded the prestigious award. The Russian stores Bling H2O is not for sale, but you can order the mineral water on the official website of the manufacturer.

OGO: most breathable

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: € 1, 90

A source in the Dutch city of Tilburg extract very "breathable" mineral water in the world. Such prefix drink called OGO deserve thanks to the oxygen concentration is 35 times greater than its concentration in any other mineral water. Apart from the fact that the water OGO perfectly quenches thirst, it also causes the body's "oxygen burst", which promotes the tidal forces and the rapid raising of tone. Initially, the range of water OGO limited to simple and carbonated beverage options, but later appeared on store shelves "OGO Flower Power" with the aroma of elderberry and lychee flowers. Mineral water is poured into the spherical OGO bottles of 0, 33 ml. Their design has been specially designed by the famous French designer Ito Morabito industry, whose customers include such world-famous brands such as Apple, Toyota, Guerlain and Heineken.

Tasmanian Rain: most rain

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: $ 4

Water Name Tasmanian Rain is fully consistent with the contents of the bottle: manufacturer does offer customers rainwater, which at the time of precipitation accumulated in special containers attached to trees. Tasmanian Rain gather on a remote island, it was decided not by accident. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the air in Tasmania is considered the cleanest on earth, and the same can be said of the local water. Manufacturer of exclusive product claims that rainwater purer spring, which still has a non-zero percentage of pollution. Poured and Tasmanian Rain stored in clean glass bottles in particular amenable to a 100% recyclable. Initially, the water was an exclusive offer visitors network of luxury hotels, but after appeared on store shelves.

10 thousand BC: the most pure

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: from € 5, 50

According to most scientists, the glacier water is the purest on earth. In contrast to the spring, which is filtered through the ground and may contain impurities in the form of dirt particles or chemicals glacial freezing process took thousands of years in favorable environmental conditions. 10 thousand BC water is extracted from the Canadian Glacier, located 200 miles from Vancouver in the desert areas. premium drink is not accidentally called 10 thousand BC, because before to be bottled, he was in the ice for more than 10 000 years. Apart from the fact that the amount of dissolved solids in the water 10 thousand BC minimally, by definition, completely reduce it to zero helps further purification. Despite the status of "the purest in the world", water 10 thousand BC is quite affordable and is widely available commercially.

Voss: most designer

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: 180 rubles

Most stylish design and Voss called mineral water bottles due to the cylindrical shape into which it is poured. Design glass packaging has been developed by the former art director of Calvin Klein Neil Kraft, who was able to make a bottle of Voss visible on shelves cluttered with dozens of similar goods. As for the quality of Voss mineral water, it also proved to be up to par. The drink is extracted from artesian wells in the south of Norway, in sparsely populated areas, where there is no industry and the air is particularly clean. Voss preference is given to many celebrities, including Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Giorgio Armani and Keanu Reeves; In addition, mineral water provided in the menu of most five-star hotels around the world. Voss water is recovered and wine experts who appreciate its ability to accompany the fine wines.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani: the most expensive

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price is determined at auction

A couple of years ago, mineral water Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani was recognized as the most expensive in the world, as well as a mini-party exclusive beverage was sold out - also the rarest. Today, mineral water, named after the painter Amedeo Modigliani, not found on sale, so wanting to get a rare bottle will have to wait for its appearance at auction. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani - a mixture of spring water from France, with Fiji and Iceland glaciers, which dissolved 5 mg of gold. But not even the precious impurities are the main highlight of this water. Unique is the appearance of the bottle, which was designed by the famous designer Fernando Altamirano. Central to the "party" became an exclusive bottle of pure gold, which sold for $ 60,000, while the price of a modest sample of crystal was $ 3,600.

Blk: the blackest

10 most unusual varieties of mineral water

Price: $ 6, 99

Young Canadian company Blk. Beverages yet released to market only one product, but it has already managed to intrigue and attract buyers - mineral water black. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, to achieve such an unusual color for the water managed without adding any artificial coloring was. The drink is saturated with fulvic acid, which is derived from plants at the end of their life and which gives the water a black color. Still beverage Blk contains no sugar and is calorie-free, and its constituent minerals contribute to well-being. Mineral water is bottled in clear bottles, labels which are applied in black, so you can read them, just finishing his all until the end. By the way, the slogan of mineral water Blk is: "Enjoy the dark side."