Rules of life of Boris Strugatsky

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Rules of life of Boris Strugatsky

To begin with is always that sows doubt.

We civilized people more reason to get drunk than the uncultured. Man drinks because his desires are not consistent with its capabilities. He could not get used to the idea that life must be difficult. And you want - that was simple and easy.

We live in a status of civilization, if you occupy such a social situation - you must live in a certain area, something to wear such clothes to go to such a restaurant. The Status Civilization has always existed. my time teenagers sported flared unimaginable abused thieves jargon - which is also talked about their status.

I'll do something wild. At their wedding in the restaurant "Metropol" I came into the sport slippers, and lent me a tie in the locker room the porter. I hate to dress in shape.

The overall decline in the presence of certain exceptions - that's the most natural and ordinary state of the art, literature, at any time and in any country.

My brother and I wrote 40 years ago: "The habit to tolerate and adapt turns people into dumb beasts." So it was - it would. It is in Russia - hereditary. Everybody is happy. We are able to change just because of a cruel necessity. Russia is reminiscent of Weimar Germany of the late 1920's. We do Alexei German "Hard to Be God" back in the mid-1960s - the authorities to make a film not allowed. In the 1990s, Herman spoke again about it. Then I was sure that the theme of confrontation in the Russian intelligentsia and the government is no longer relevant. Herman looked on me, and it seems he was right. One can only hope that all the tragedy of history repeats itself as farce. Only a farce - it is not necessarily funny. It is also wildly.

Nothing is more adult, as a betrayal.

Women do not like to talk. But if you start, you become very categorical.

XX century for me - a century of dazzling promises and bloody frustrating. No panacea for all ills have not opened, or even a means of caries, not to mention cancer. Poverty - is not won. Utopia - is not built. Flight to Mars Korolev attributed to the 1990s - did not work. Reasonable, or even the most primitive life in the universe, apparently not. On the nose - the exhaustion of hydrocarbon reserves, a total energy crisis, a return to the beginning of the last century. To paraphrase Ilf: mobile phones have, but there is no happiness. A man of forty years knows that life is made. Or not done. At sixty, he realizes that life is over - nothing left.

Smart, if you really smart, knows what he's smart.

We must look at all the cold attention. Country, just vynyrnuvshaya out of the mire of totalitarianism, again - and having fun! - plunges into the same quagmire. What could be more absurd, it would seem? But in reality - natural and logical process to move along the resultant of millions of wills.

The world's future? Life will be colder, hungrier unfree.

In fact, we c brother never tried to predict the future - we just describe the world-in-which-we-want-to-live.