"Oscar winner" who lost their Oscars

Most of the winners of the Oscar film award awarded this honor once. Of course, there are exceptions (Walt Disney, for example, which was awarded the Academy Award as much as 22 times), but they are extremely rare. And it would be logical to assume that this little golden statuette must occupy the house very happy owner of a place of honor. However, as practice shows, in fact, so it turns out not always.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie received an Oscar for his supporting role in the film "Girl, Interrupted" and then gave the statue his mother Marcheline. Proud mother stuffed trophy in some secluded place, so secluded that, after her death in 2007, Oscar could not find, despite all efforts. "I have not lost, - says Angelina - just do not know where he is."

Whoopi Goldberg

In 2002, Whoopi Goldberg sent her an Oscar, received for his supporting role in "Ghost", back to the Film Academy to be cleaned there and back former splendor. Academy sent a statue in Chicago, manufacturers of these prizes R.S. Owens Co. However, when the parcel arrived at "Windy City", it was empty. Someone opened the box and pulled out the Oscar then again all neatly sealed and sent to the addressee.

Later I found a poor Oscar in the trash Ontario Airport (California). After this incident, unpeeled statuette done way back through the Film Academy in the hands of the legitimate owner. "Oscar will never leave my house," - said Goldberg.

Olympia Dukakis

Oscar, whose Olympia Dukakis won for his film "The Power of the Moon" (nominated for "Best Supporting Actress"), was stolen in 1989. The thief got into the house and took away only statuette - nothing else was missing. Olympia was very upset. She called the Film Academy and asked if they could give her another Oscar replace stolen. "Of course - said on the other end - but for 78 dollars." Olympia thought it was really cheap and got a brand new statue.

Marlon Brando

"I have no idea what happened to Oscar that I was given for the film" On the Waterfront "- Brando wrote in his autobiography. - At some point he just disappeared. " The fate of the second Oscar (for The Godfather), he does not know anything.

At the ceremony the actor did not show up, and he received a statuette of Indian woman who introduced herself as a Pen Sachin small. She got up on stage and read a message, stating that Brando refused the award in protest against the extermination of the indigenous population of North America. The truth is later revealed that the "Indian activist" was false - in fact she was an actress named Maria Cruz.

Jeff Bridges

Bridges received an Oscar in 2010 for his role as an alcoholic country singer and "Beda" Blake in the movie "Crazy Heart," but the next ceremony (where he is also nominated) statue has already been lost. This time, Oscar went to Colin Firth - for her work in "The King's Speech." "My Oscar for this year have been to many places, and where he is now, I'll never know, - confessed the actor at the ceremony. - But I still hope that he would find, especially after losing. But Colin deserved it. I hope he will be more careful with his trophy.

Colin Firth

What Does Jeff Bridges jinxed, or anything else, but Firth forgot her Oscar in the toilet of the restaurant just a couple of hours after delivery. Lonely figurine on cistern found a cleaner and honestly returned it to the rightful owner.

Matt Damon

When in 1998, the latter-day writers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won an Oscar for the film "Good Will Hunting", it was a great victory. Now, however, Matt Damon does not know what had happened to his reward. "The last time I saw the statue in my New York apartment. Then the flood happened there when triggered fire extinguishing system. My wife and I were not in the city at this time. Where Oscar gone after that, I do not know. "

Margaret O'Brien

In 1944, seven-year old Margaret O'Brien was awarded the Youth Prize, which relies for Excellence actors-children. 10 years later, the girl who worked at the O'Brien maid, took the statuette to his home to polish it to a shine that did. The truth is more than a job she did not come out and Oscar did not return. The house of O'Brien statuette simply forgotten, because it is precisely at this time, Margaret's mother died, and it was not before. And when, finally, the actress thought of trophies and began to call the maid did not answer number. In the end, the Academy sent Margaret another statuette.

But the story does not end there. In 1995, the two men wandered through the flea market and stumbled upon Oscar. They bought it and reported to the Academy for his discovery. The guy who first found the statue, was able to return its legitimate owner personally. "No one else did not trust" - the actress said.

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel glorified the role of Mammy in "Gone with the Wind," for which she won her Oscar. Later, the actress gave the statuette to Howard University, where she was kept until mysteriously not lost.

It is known that the disappearance occurred in the 1960s, but to say exactly when it happened or how - no one can. It was said that the students had stolen it, and thrown into the river in protest at racial stereotypes - such as those associated with the image of Mammy.