33 mass destruction error

33 mass destruction error

1. Big Ben - a clock tower in London

You would be offended if he knew what the English call police chimes on the Red Square, which in the New Year someone beat? Certainly. The inhabitants of London have long ceased to frown when they hear from tourists "tower of Big Ben." Although in reality Big Ben - is the largest of the six bells of the clock tower of Westminster Abbey. Time was he beats, hence the confusion. We christened it as May 31, 1859, the day to start the clock. The name chosen parliament. Loudest at a meeting on the hour, shouting curator forestry Benjamin Hall, a straightforward man and vociferous. Anecdotes about him passed around more than about Putin and called for Hall's eyes, "Big Ben". After another particularly stupid Hall replica came a voice from the audience: "Let's have call bell Big Ben and disperse to their homes!" The audience burst out laughing, but the nickname stuck. That's it. A tower in which a bell hangs, by the way, is called Steven in September.

2. Having sex in a water bed - cool

So usually say those who never was not engaged. However, we can authoritatively say: not cool, no. Water mattress is too soft, it is almost impossible to fix even the simplest pose. In addition, the mass of water under you go back and forth, and by virtue of its inertia does not allow to keep the rhythm. Particularly temperamental individuals this water inertia can even throw on the floor. A sex place in our ranking last place. Worse than just sex in an anthill. All other 1378-tested kinds of sex is undoubtedly better.

33 mass destruction error

3. Cirrhosis of the liver - the lot of alcoholics

Not only. Cirrhosis caused by intoxication generally - e.g., if the body gets much copper (which, inter alia, in cod liver). And cirrhosis often occurs as a complication of any forms of hepatitis and lack of protein in the diet. By the way, you to know that delicacy foie gras - a cirrhotic liver of geese. But the geese for the most part do not drink.

4. Galileo was burned for the phrase "And yet it does move!"

Let's order. The first person to have made a major contribution to the school textbook of astronomy was Nicholas Copernicus. He lived in the XVI century, often looked to the sky and one day realized that the Earth revolves around the sun. He died of natural causes at age 70, because they do not shout in the squares: "The earth moves, boys!" - and silently led out in a notebook no one clear formula. But the poet and mystic Giordano Bruno, who was next, just burned. Of the works of Copernicus, he knew only that the Earth - small planet, which many in the universe, and this idea is well laid on them invented religion. In 1584, Bruno began to tour the city to preach, and he was burned for eretizm 16 years. Galileo was the third. A great scientist, he discovered mountains on the moon and sunspots. In 1632 th he wrote a book in which he developed the theory of Copernicus, and was called a year later in court. There, he admitted that was wrong, and was released under house arrest.

"And yet it does move!" - the old man did not speak, otherwise he would not return to his villa in Florence in good health. The phrase at the end of XVII century wrote to Galileo portrait of one of his students. And there was confusion.

5. Fish Day in Soviet canteens introduced from health considerations,

Yes, health care often taken in the USSR rampant. However, the fishing day is not associated with it. In 30-ies in the country because of collectivization began to decline pig. September 12, 1932 narkomsnab Mikoyan signed a decree on replenishing meat deficit by fish, because of the lake and the sea happily escaped dispossession. All dining was introduced fish day: hake and capelin meat was replaced on Thursday. Dine on fish was unusual. Most of all he suffered Caucasian Mikoyan, according to his memoirs: "In the beginning was disgusting even to touch her, but then I liked it." However, to deny the benefit of the fish will only people with a phosphorus deficiency in the brain. So some Healthy Effect still was.

33 mass destruction error

6. Some mobile phones keeping in touch better than others

"I've got one of the bars" - "! And I have two" Such dialogues like to conduct with each other, not only girls in the period of delay, but also people with a mobile phone, sitting in the basement cafe. Somehow, it is believed that the phones from different manufacturers have different sensitivity to the signals of the base stations. The whole Internet forums devoted to the choice of the model, which is better "keeps in touch." Meanwhile, according to a test phone Eldar Murtazin, from GSM-phones do not have the sensitivity of the concept: they all hold the same signal, or, at least, have to keep. "Just us different stitch their devices, so a 20 dB signal to one phone will be evaluated in two strips, and the other - in three. But they take it to be the same. And tell their readers. " And they said.

7. "Lone White Sail" came up with Lermontov and "pure beauty" - Pushkin

In fact Decembrist Bestuzhev wrote the line, which is then borrowed Lermontov (presumably out of respect, or maybe just out of jealousy)

Long and winding road, As swan wings and sad traveler yasnooky;

At the feet of the quiver, in the hands of the paddle.

Well, V. Zhukovsky came up with:

Oh! Not us lives

Pure beauty;

Only sometimes he visits

Us from on high.

Pushkin once wrote the phrase in italics, indicating that it is a quotation. From the late edition of the course he disappeared.

8. Mustangs - a beautiful and graceful horse

Pre-Columbian horses in America did not exist. A mustangs - a wild and degenerate descendants of horses, imported by the Spaniards. And so they do not have medalists and wild, steel and all undersized, bearded and awkward. So were the cowboys - illiterate shepherds, day and night worried cows grazing on the prairie. So carefree guys Harz saloons along on horseback elite breeds - fiction writers and filmmakers. Indians are also in general almost did not go on the Mustang. They ate them.

33 mass destruction error

9. "Molotov Cocktail" invented Molotov

In fact, a Molotov cocktail started using the Finns in 1939. And they called it "Molotov cocktail" because they believed that the Russian-Finnish war has unleashed evil USSR People's Commissar. British, which mix very much, did not understand what anyone intended, and threw the word "for."

10. Food from commercials delicious

This is not food. Rollers do not cook, and filmmakers. With products, they do not like to work, because chocolate melts under the lights, candy sticks to the white background, and the ice cream does not wish to keep in shape. So instead of them in advertising are removed by professional actors: brown ink, wax, and mashed potatoes. Plus elements of computer graphics, so you would not have noticed forgery. And it is right. Everyone must do his own job: paint - shine on the screen, and chocolate - melt in your mouth.

33 mass destruction error

11. Cactus saves from harmful radiation computer

There is no such accounting, which the inmates would not put a cactus at the computer so that it will protect them from the radiation. Anyone who opened a physics textbook, appreciate the absurdity of the situation: it is impossible to create in the dark room with the help of things, "absorbent" light. Invisible radiation, too, can not absorb. Myth spawned physics students (including the now famous Alex Young) in the years of perestroika. They are composed of psevdostatyu protective properties of cactus. Opus angrily rejected everywhere, and a "worker" trustingly publish it. To dispel the myth could not even public recognition of humorists made three years ago.

12. Ostriches bury their heads in the sand

So it seemed to the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder, and he made a fact in the encyclopedia. His works are generally not very accurate, but the myth held the longest. But no ostrich buries his head in the sand - do not know how, and suffocate. But often he lies down and puts his neck on the ground to give it a rest. Scenting danger, he, too, falls and presses his head to the ground - listening to someone talking. So it's safe to frighten the ostriches in cages with concrete floors: it will be nothing.

13. frigidity in women - is the one that does not experience orgasm

Lack of orgasm - nonsense, it happens, Carlson said Bok (but quite another occasion). Many women do not experience it (most often due to lack of experience), but it does not prevent them to enjoy sex. Their problem is called anorgasmia and nothing to do with the frigidity has not. Sometimes a simple consultation of friends or partner change helps women cope with anorgasmia.

Another thing - the frigidity. This is quite a serious mental disorder that should be treated. Frigid women do not enjoy sex and are not interested in them. Previously, these were a monastery, and now go to the reception to the sexologist.

33 mass destruction error

14. Jihad - a holy war

If you do not take into account a handful of fanatics, the Arabs - people are quite relaxed and prone to contemplation. To refer to paranormal states, and there is the word "jihad". Literally: "tense, make an effort." Build a house, plant a tree - all this jihad. If the word was in the Russian language, we would say: "Without jihad not vynesh and fish from the pond," "patience and jihad little effort," "Who is not jihad, neither shall he eat", "Jihad time, fun time." And any foreigner, knowing only about our class jihad for the cause of communism, still would have swallowed validol heard that saying.

15. Othello strangled Desdemona, and stabbed with a dagger

This fact like to brag about the ones who mastered Shakespeare, to those who have not mastered. Meanwhile Othello Desdemona slaughtered only in the translation of Pasternak, who generally liked to tweak the classics on your taste. In the original Othello stifles his wife, and that at all times meant "choke". So right, those who did not read Shakespeare. And the moral of that: the less you know the details, the more likely your knowledge of nature.

16. Boys should not cry

But why? In the body, all natural mechanisms not just run well. Timely tears derive excess corticosteroids - hormones of stress. If you do not cry (at least sometimes), lose sleep and appetite. Remember, "Slaves Do not Cry" was a saying in Ancient Rome. Crying it was considered a privilege of a free man. And in the pages of the Caucasian heroic epic "The Knight in the Panther's Skin" horsemen quite often shed tears, and this does not deprive them of their masculinity. The main thing - not to be confused with hysterical tears. That's really not a man's job.

33 mass destruction error

17. In the USSR, apartment doors opened inward to the KGB was easier to break them

International building codes require to build the doors so that they can be easily and quickly knock - but inside, in case of fire. And only in Russia doors open inwards. This tradition vain associated with the work of Soviet secret services: it is much older than the Soviet Union. The point here is only in the peculiarities of the Russian winter. If the doors of the peasants' huts plowed out, then the very first major snowstorm would shut them in until the spring, no matter how much Mahai shovel in the hall. Soviet designers of high-rise buildings preserved this tradition only out of habit and thoughtlessness. As for the Cheka, the NKVD and the KGB, it is not hard to guess that for them the doors of the apartments is never a problem.

18. You can not pee in the cold

You can and should be. Otherwise the body without you urinate in his pants that the cold will lead to ringing effects. Do not be afraid for the health: do not freeze even a finger for a few minutes, especially with such a powerful organ blood flow and internal heating. Can not urinate on the electric cable, but that's another story, and time of year is not important here.

19. In many Swedish families whether their wives, or husbands

This misconception walks not only in Russia, but where it came from, do not remember anywhere. In Europe, however, 60 years ago, there was the phrase "marriage Swedish" refer to an unregistered cohabitation. But this concept has become synonymous with group sex, etymologists do not know. Swedes themselves, people are quiet and faithful come as a shock, when asked if it was true they love group sex and deal with them directly at the buffet.

33 mass destruction error

20. The soup should eat every day,

"Not that it is necessary - crumpled dietitian Alexei Pospelov. - In general, we recommend that it is, because people today are drinking very little water, preferring it soda or beer. As a result, the body is dehydrated, and just this problem is intended to fight the soup. " But by itself the broth of vegetables is quite useless: all the vitamins in it decompose. So if you drink a lot is sufficient, you do not choke soup.

21. Beer - good sleeping pills

Yes, it is clouding the mind and makes you want to lie down for a minute. However, you will not be able to sleep after beer. Firstly, contained in beer putrescine depresses the nervous sleep center, and secondly, an hour after bedtime brain will dream of you to wake up quickly and went to the toilet.

33 mass destruction error

22. Soda good thirst quencher

It could be, if not the most important component of any pop - phosphoric acid. Irritating the taste buds, it stimulates the production of saliva, which quenches thirst. But it is worth salivation bounce back - and thirsty again. Therefore, although soda quenches thirst, but does so poorly. Much worse is usually water.

23. If a person grits his teeth - it means he worms

In fact, this means that a person has bruxism - a syndrome associated with the work of little-known parts of the brain. Unless, of course, in front of you is not a child - they do grind their teeth during sleep, to form an occlusion. So do not wake the man, screaming in terror. Especially that bruxism sometimes goes away.

24. Magnetic storms can be predicted

You can not. At the Institute of Applied Geophysics, we were told that the last device that is capable of it, sank with the "Mir" orbital station. Forecasts of magnetic storms in the newspapers - a kind of horoscopes.

25. The monkey first guessed to pick up a stick

On our planet, and now lives a few hundred creatures, including primates who use tools like sticks. For example, chimpanzees, crows and sea otters - sea otters. They do from time immemorial used sticks and stones to open the shells of sea urchins. But it still did not make their people and, most likely, never will do. Of course, the question of what to make of the human apes, still remains open. But that it was not a stick, scientists have converged. This thesis was just a figure of speech from Engels books.

26. Poem "Luke Mudischev" wrote Barkov

When there was no Internet, we are all under the desk copied bawdy poem. And I think that it was written by Barkov - unprintable classic literature. Yes, he wrote a number of other terrible horror, but not "Luka." After he died in 1768, and in the poem there are clear indications of the XIX century: firstly, the matchmaker Matrona lives on Polyanka (street did not appear before 1801 in Moscow); secondly, in the payment of her widow gives four "Rainbow paper", and this plebeian name hundred-ruble banknotes issued in 1843 after the reform of the Ministry of Finance Kankrin. So either Barkov brilliant science fiction, or a poem written yet he is not.

27. The 25th shot - a dangerous thing

No more dangerous than the "light" of the monitor. Joke about the 25th frame came up with American film distributors. They published the alleged results of experiments, which showed that it is possible to make a person buy popcorn, inserting every 24 plate frame with the slogan "Eat popcorn". The news so shocked townsfolk that even after the jokers around admitted misleading lives. In many countries, including ours, even adopted a law against the 25th frame. This is particularly funny when you consider that the world still do not have any videos with the 25th frame, no evidence of that mythical technique generally works.

33 mass destruction error

28. Monkey looking in each other's hair fleas

The spectacle is so unpleasant that peer closely enough at whom it turns out. Hence the confusion. After all, man, watch the monkeys at least half an hour, he might have noticed that they are too sparse coat, so that it could live fleas. So actually primates are looking each other in the wool sweat salt crystals, which are considered a delicacy (monkeys).

29. Belka and Strelka - the first dog in space

Dogs in space was like dogs nerezanyh. Some died in the accident, the other luckier. Total flight was three decades, and the first to a height of 100 km (formal space) rose in July 1951 mutts dezikom and Roma. But in the real space orbit Laika first published November 3, 1957. Ships return from orbit did not yet know how, so that Laika roasted in the capsule. Because, probably, this shameful fact prefer not to remember.

30. Mice are crazy about cheese

Mice are crazy about anything that is edible. Oil, corn, ham, sausage - any organic mouse will eat with the same gusto. Just in earlier times more often than other cheese products kept in the storerooms open and use this mouse. And there was a myth. But in fact, if there is a choice between cheese and bacon, two out of three mice make a choice in favor of the latter. Conduct an experiment. If your neighbor to testify loves loud music and not react to threats, go to him to talk about the weather, and when he turns away, quietly sodium bacon wire Music Center. After that you can sleep easy: mouse crazy about fat. And the music they are indifferent.

31. Hairy women - the most temperamental

Women from the south temperamental severyanok (this fact was confirmed many times, the last time - by Durex, the 2005 global sex survey). On the other hand, yuzhanki usually more hairy. But those who make this conclusion that hairy women are temperamental, ill with formal logic. Especially that fooled easily debunked, if a little know anatomy. For hairiness, including women, meets the male hormone testosterone. And for temperament and sexuality - estrogen. Of course, there may be coincidence, but the direct relationship between the two phenomena is not. Especially now, when the power in the world captured epilators.

33 mass destruction error

32. chifir - this is a very strong tea

Matter of terminology, of course. However, if you count the tea brown water with dissolved alkaloid tannin, the Chifir this definition has nothing to do. This is not tea, soup and more. More specifically, the infusion obtained by manipulation of the long brewing water mug and open fire. The solution thus converted into a slurry, and alkaloids - a psychoactive compound.

33. In a lot of the lemon vitamin C

The logic error is simple: vitamin C and sour lemon tart - so much in one another. In fact, the lemon vitamin is even less than in the cabbage, and even ten times less than in the kiwi. A sour taste of lemon gives minor matter (they are called so not because of their sad, just their concentration is small).