Disgusting New York

In New York, a lot of bad. I will not even waving in all of New York, all of it I do not know ... I will say that bad in Manhattan. And many consider it the center of the world (true) and a paradise on earth (absurd).

And to say I will not be about food. On it is only one word - to 11 o'clock in the morning to eat here only what to cook yourself - all the shops / cafes / fast foods in the morning trade in that part of the concept of "American breakfast" - and there is absolutely impossible. I do not know how, but they osilivayut ruin even what kind of damage it is impossible - eggs. But it is - a matter of taste, but I just wanted to say about the undoubted shortcomings of New York, as the city.

New York - a city-trashcan

Disgusting New York

Photo not transmit flavor this wonderful pile. Such piles at each pole, in every street.

I'm not about garbage that people throw at his feet. There is an urn, there is a street ashtrays, there is a cleaners ... I'm talking about the system, the official garbage that is recycled rather amusing way. During the day all businesses and households piled garbage in black bags in their territory, and in the evening spread it on the curb, so that it can scavengers pick on their trucks. The heat leftovers, which constitute a significant part of the garbage every cafe and fast foods, start to ferment and stink of them on the sidewalk follow fetid river, from which it gets all covered with disgusting stains. Toward morning it's all taken away trucks, but the next day it all starts again. Manhattan stinks. You will not see it on postcards Times Square, in movies and TV series frames, but it is.

The ugly public transport

In New York, a disgusting public transport. Yes, the subway cars and a large part of the air-conditioned buses. Yes, they do not have such a crush, which is in Samara on 20 tram in rush hour. And yes, most of the buses have low-floor hybrid and all that. But no - the pleasure of this transportation system no no.

Let's start with the buses - landing through the first door, a validation ticket. Muscovites certainly say "eka prodigy," but the people of normal cities (hello, Samara!) We notice that we can not live. It is impossible. The bus at each stop loaded God knows how long. The entire rolling stock is very small door. Normal bus has two instead of three doors. Long has three, rather than four. Unloading and loading take minutes. This is compounded by the fact that the stops are located every 150-200 meters. Go on this bus can only be his own death - to live longer.

Dedicated lanes have started to do, but they are still very small, and they do not work all the time. As a result, bus stands at many sites in the overall cap, which further reduces its speed. Frequent street-road net with a lot of traffic that are configured for a continuously moving stream of traffic, it is not suitable for buses rhythm with frequent stops - as a result they also catch all the traffic lights. Quiet horror. I though the cancer patient, but go faster than the bus ride.

Disgusting New York

A typical surroundings of the New York subway. Stuffiness and heat frame, alas, can not pass. But it is like in the sauna bath. Here it is at least not on his head dripping ...

Disgusting New York

And is that on your head ...

Epic and the New York subway. Let's start with the great - it works around the clock! A can now swallow the saliva Mark was back: because of the repairs carried out at any arbitrary time, and the output converted into a solid season repairs. You can not be sure that your line of work - all the stations hung with announcements about when and how a piece of the network will be closed, limited, or altered. But even when the underground is repaired, then it works as God put per capita ... stop the train for 15 minutes in the tunnel? .. No, it's not a bug, it is a common garbage, which I get through the day. You come to the station, waiting for the train, but it is not - 15 minutes, 20 minutes and then collaborator MTA comes loud and slurred voice announces that the station was closed and trains will not. Due to the fact that in New York there is only subway and bus, and there is no intermediary in the form of a tram, there had to make a so-called locale-trains are on the subway. These are trains with frequent stops, in fact a very poor substitute for ground transportation. So drive train is much more expensive than the tram drive. So where we would go tram every 10 minutes, then goes Lokal-Train - every 30 minutes. And wait for it falls on the stuffy station at which there is no place to even sit down.

If you think that in Moscow metro stuffy ... it is not - you were not in New York in the summer. It's so hot and stuffy in the stations that I train to wait 30 minutes just can not - begins to feel dizzy and his legs are weak. It's me, mind you, does not touch the question of swill dripping from the ceiling stations on the heads of passengers at random locations (Samara and hello again!). I mean, I just for the fact that the metro - transport, and it should be functional, rather than a palace underground. So the New York subway - a means of bullying people and not the transport system. If you think that in the Moscow metro is bad, or that there is failure in the movement - you have not seen the world.

New York - the city of the homeless

No, of course New York is not San Francisco ... there bums yet not every tree sit, though in some places they here, too, more than trees. They are thousands. If you look, it sometimes seems that they should be a powerful part of the population of the city ... Well at least five percent. There are whole streets where the homeless sleep at night under each window or door. Each unit has at least one to beg "houmless and hangri". There are even begging with babies, although we have a lot of something talked about the harsh American juvenile justice ... Homeless people are very active, they go begging melochishku shoot cigarettes ... masturbating in the street in the shadow of the Empire State Building. In general, I feel at home.

In each corner there is fried skewers, cook shawarma, hot dogs or anything else ...

Private commerce thrives here in the food ... throughout the city arranges micro kiosk on wheels, followed by bad speaking in English people cook something that some call food. They put their economy on the sidewalk, and begin to fry chicken, kebab, or do, or even more bad. Remember ENEA, when there is on the main avenue was solid smoke from the barbecue? Well, all of Manhattan is covered by this smoke. Here and so the climate is not a paradise - + 34C heat at very high humidity - so still clean air to put it mildly spoil kebab house flavors. They especially love to stand at the crossroads, as a result of long standing and waiting for the green light, you can die in a cloud of stench.

Outrageous prices for everyday items

Everyone knows that in New York you can buy cheap electronics, clothes and perfumes. But that's if you live here, you often still have to buy food or travel on transport. Bottle of cola 0, 5 is worth $ 2, ie, 66 rubles. A trip on the subway or bus $ 2, 5, that is already 82, 5 rubles. Litrushka yogurt costs $ 3, the same amount of bread can cost. For those who smoke, it is useful to know that Marlboro pack costs $ 12-15 here. Even if you take a classic value - the cost of Big Mac, here it is $ 4, with some even a penny ... in Moscow, as far as I know, he is standing in the area of ​​90 rubles.

The lack of greenery and benches

Everyone has probably heard of the green chairs that put the mayoralty of New York City's Times Square, and a number of other parks. They are. Now it is. And now there for part of the Broadway area with a small number of shops and klumbochek. But you will get away from Wade's side - and all. Shops will be kilometers of the road in any direction. Do not sit on it. Fire hydrants, sticking out in some places, like the spikes on top to protect to people they did not sit down ... because except on the hydrant can sit except on the ground. There is no longer any green ... concrete and asphalt. There must, of course, some caveats ... Manhattan is also very heterogeneous, and in it there are areas with trees on the streets, there are areas with residential buildings in which there was a place for lawns ... It is basically a gap between the Middle and Downtown and Eastside. There are parks - including quite large and comfortable bad ... but it is localized pieces to them still need to get. But most of the city center - a wild terror. Noteworthy playgrounds, which are extremely rare - one per quarter. They are relatively decent public areas - there are even benches. Just enter here to you can not, if you are certainly not a stray child up to 12 years as a skip. The fact is that here people are very sick on the head on pedophiles - so that the person who decided to sit on a bench in the playground, automatically falls into the category of offenders. Not sure how it helps to combat pedophiles (I think that in any way - they really have thought of something) - but I, cancer patients who do not give a rest even on those rare shops, it infuriates.

shitty quality of road surface

Disgusting New York

7 Avenue and 36 Street, seems to be ... it could be shot anywhere. This place is five minutes from Times Square and five minutes from the Empire State Building. By the way, he Times of eternal repairs more gouging ...

Today, when the idea to write this post was delivered, I began to remember what I did not like in New York ... was - thought I had forgotten. So I am thinking that tripped on a pothole on the road. What it is called - thanks for reminding me. So, in New York hideous quality of the road surface on a large number of streets. And by car and a bicycle ride on them as on the comb. Regularly for any repair works reveal areas paintings that cover the then large metal shields. Cars go over them with a wild roar and jumps. Potholes, manholes, and just dips web (hello, Samara!) - quite a mundane picture that does not need to look for long. As a rule, indeed, dangerous potholes try to somehow mark, but it turns out is not that always the case. So every chance to leave the suspension or break your spine here, jumping on the pits, there.

Disgusting New York

This is a sample of nearly jewelry stacked plates ... they usually stick out, and it is still "ramp" asphalt ... As they jump buses and garbage trucks, what sounds it makes a whole night ... hard to explain.

Queues range created for the sake of the queue

All in the United States built in the form of a national disease. Queue here can not do any one thing. You want to go to a Broadway show? Okay, but already bought tickets to enter the hall - otstoyte place. Or scold then, when everything is already seated, bringing to themselves and others anguish. Release space generally not numbered. You want a good place? Okay, buy a ticket - and stand in line in the hall. Who was the first in line, and he will take a good place. And if you're a goner, and stand an hour unable to, you will be sitting in the gallery in the aisle. I bought a train ticket? Do not flatter its high price - the place you sitting in it, of course, should be - but that's what - determine the case. So it takes place at the station. With his wife going? Do not have time to take place - two places next to you will not get - you sit there, where you can find a place for themselves.

Disgusting New York

This is all in the cinema ... shot from a distance, so that at least most of it together - all not fit. You can buy a ticket including the internet ... but for good places - wait in the sun or in the rain.