Post Vysotsky memory

33 years ago did not Vysotsky. His creative life - is more than 800 songs and poems, 20 roles in theater and played about 30 roles in movies. Vladimir Semenovich every line he wrote, each chord, each of his "cry", "thunderclap" made it clear to people that he understands them. He sang about the country and the urgent problems, and distant dreams. He told his story so that I wanted to sing, and at the same time cry from an overabundance of feelings. The irony through tears, true through strong social "gags", the bitterness of despair, bright hope, the importance of love - every word, every song of his - this is the world that he gave to all the people. And it was the most real and honest peace.

Post Vysotsky memory

Before you most are the most interesting stories from the life of the poet, and offers a rare look at the photos of this man of genius.

Vladimir in summer camp "Mashinostroitel", 12

Post Vysotsky memory

A natural talent

Vysotsky is different from many children two qualities yard: infinite kindness, manifested in the fact that he gave away and gave what was; He kept in his pocket a piece of bread to give to malnourished mother, when she was returning home from work. A second feature of his hit all the friends, especially when they called Vysotsky on the phone. If the two-year toddler picked up the phone and started talking, it is often mistaken for an adult. So low, thick, not for children was his voice. One day in class the teacher asked second-graders Vysotsky loudly sing a song. He diligently fulfilled her request. But to finish singing the end could not see out as a lesson - the teacher put the child for the class door and put a deuce apparently believing that he abused her. The song remained Nedopetaya what Volodya bitterly told the house. But from that resentment I do not cry, do not shed tears, and when he was punished. Vysotsky - aspiring actor. Moscow Art Theater School, 1959

Post Vysotsky memory

Assertive actor

Where your seventeen years?

On the Big Karetny.

Where your seventeen troubles?

On the Big Karetny.

Where's your black gun?

On the Big Karetny.

And where you do not have today?

On the Big Karetny.

Do you remember, comrade, this house?

No, you do not forget about it.

I will say that he has lost half of his life, who are more Karetny been.

When Vysotsky first time in his life came to audition and sang, laughed at him and said that with such characteristics (hoarseness, and so on. D.) He will not ever sing. However, he continued to go to trial. When Vladimir Semenovich went to another theater, one teacher asked him:

- What you can do?

- I'm writing songs.

- I've got to run, but for about 30 minutes, I'll listen to you.

As a result, these 30 minutes stretched by 2, 5 hour.

Iza Zhukova Vladimir Vysotsky walk from the Exhibition Center, the end of the '50s

Post Vysotsky memory

The first mad love

About our meeting to be sure!

I was waiting for her, as the wait disasters, but we are with you immediately began to live without fear of adverse consequences.

During a tour of the theater Wysocki had to find time to from meeting his first wife Iza Zhukova. One day he came to her in Rostov on the roof of the car. "I came to meet Volodya, all out - it is not. I say: "And your sitting on the roof ... It was interesting to come on the roof", - she said.

Vladimir Semenovich evaluates graffiti

Post Vysotsky memory

mature work

I will not powder brains -

It is not the same plant:

The shot me in the morning

Rifles whole platoon.

What do I need this evil, ridiculous path -

Not that I do not know -

Can not tell.

Vysotsky offers a fantastic working capacity: for 42 and a half years - more than 800 poems, records (both here and in the West), prose, two scripts, director's idea of ​​the film "Green Box", auditions, 27 roles in movies (the latest - Don Juan in "Little tragedies"), lyrics to a dozen films. And, of course, the role of the theater. Sometimes - episodes, but 4-5 in one performance. And concerts, concerts ... Sometimes - 5-6 a day! He practiced them faithfully - until downed the blood of the fingers and torn vocal cords. The editorial board of "Sports life in Russia", 1968

Post Vysotsky memory


As a sport, lifting weights is not new

In the history of peoples and nations.

Do you remember how some other Greek

He lifted and dropped, almost to hold back.

As the neck of the victim, round neck squeeze what I expect applause or whistling?

I tear off the ground Anthea as the first Greek weightlifter.

"I am very much involved in sports when I was younger - just doing so - boxing, acrobatics - yes all sorts of sports ... Later when I became an actor, I started to play sports for the stage - because we have to do in the theater all sorts of acrobatics ... "But more than a sport, Vysotsky loved to write songs about it. Sport bikes came to him with the urban households, the stands, from friends.

Vladimir Vysotsky's concert in Kharkov, 1978

Post Vysotsky memory

The favorite of the crowd

When Vysotsky once flew by plane from another trip, trap surrounded the huge crowd of people, and all were drawn to him pictures, or that will be on hand for an autograph. One man held out his party card. Vysotsky, seeing it said:

"What for? You also expelled from the party. "

To which he thought for a moment, he replied: "Oh, to hell with it, sign it."

Vysotsky and Marina Vlady, 1969

Post Vysotsky memory Post Vysotsky memory

Faithful Muse

Vysotsky in his life had a huge number of novels and relationships. However, neither Iza Zhukova, nor his second wife Lyudmila Abramova, any young actress Larissa Luzhin, neither actress Tatyana Ivanenko nor his last love Oksana Afanasyeva not poet gave so much inspiration and support as Marina Vlady. It was her Vysotsky would wake up at night to sing a song just written. The renowned actress in one of its call drop everything to be with him when he got into another accident.

Their letters Marina Vysotsky sign "from you," because there is a legend about a bride who would not let the groom's house, when the question "Who is it?", He replied, "I", and revealed to him only when he I said, "it's you." Vysotsky driving his Mercedes 450

Post Vysotsky memory Post Vysotsky memory

An avid motorist

Over a lifetime Vysotsky was a large number of machines. Among the models were the VAZ-2101, and the Volga GAZ-21 and presented by Marina Vlady Renault 16, but they were defeated by the singer that everything else loved to drive 200 km per hour speed. After a while Vysotsky bought a Mercedes. This was then only Brezhnev, and often guards saluted Vladimir, thinking it travels Secretary General himself. When a certain time, they learned that the car rides Vladimir Semenovich, the salute with even greater zeal and selfless! This is called popularly favorite singer.

Vladimir and Marina during a cruise on the Black Sea, August 1969

Post Vysotsky memory

I'm sorry, made a mistake

Does not that heady sea unprecedented scope

Akin to the mountains in the madness, violence, gentleness:

Gray mane waves are pure as the snow on the peaks of mountains and valleys between them - as if the abyss!

While relaxing in a hotel room in Sochi Vysotsky looked thieves. Along with the clothes and the clothes they grabbed and all the documents and even the key to the apartment in Moscow. Discovered the theft, Vysotsky went to the nearest police station, wrote a letter, and he promised to help. But help was not required. When he returned to the room, there were already stolen items and a note: "I'm sorry, Vladimir Semenovich, we do not know whose this stuff. Jeans, unfortunately, we have already sold, but the jacket and the document is returned safe and sound. "

Vysotsky after clinical death, in 1969

Post Vysotsky memory

On the verge of death

There is no life after death.

It's all true.

Night dream devils me escape from hell.

In the summer of 1969 at Vysotsky was a heavy attack, and he survived only thanks to Marina Vlady, which at that time was in Moscow. Passing the bathroom, she heard moaning and saw that Vysotsky bleeding throat. She recalls: "You do not say more half-open eyes cry for help. I beg to call "ambulance", you have almost disappeared pulse, I panic. The reaction of the two arrivals of doctors and nurses is simple and brutal: too late, too much of a risk you do not transportable. They do not want to have a dead man in the car, it's bad for the plan. By confused people my friends, I understand that the decision of doctors irrevocably. Then I obstruct them out, shouting that if they are not immediately going to take you to the hospital, I'll make an international scandal ... They finally realize that the dying - it Vysotsky and disheveled and screaming woman - French actress. After a short consultation, cursing, they take you on a blanket ... " Fortunately, the doctors brought Vysotsky Institute of Emergency Care named after NV Sklifosovsky time, a few more minutes delay - and he would not have survived. Doctors fought for his life for eighteen hours.

Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vlady in San Francisco, 1976

Post Vysotsky memory


When in 1979 Vysotsky came to America, he was immediately surrounded by a crowd of journalists. The first question was about the "horrors of Soviet reality" and "inhumanity of the communist regime."

- But do you really think - cut Vysotsky - that if I have a problem with my government, I came here to solve them?

More was not provoked.

Farewell to Vladimir Vysotsky, 1980

Post Vysotsky memory

Silent Death

You lived, played and sang with a smile, Love Russian and injury, you do not fit in a black frame are closely you human frame.

Vladimir Semenovich died in the midst of the Olympic Games held in Moscow. The Soviet authorities were trying to hide this fact from the people. The fact that the country has lost a great poet, artist, actor and bard, showed only two small obituary in the newspaper "Evening Moscow" and "Soviet Russia" and a modest advertisement on the window box office Taganka Theater: "Died actor Vladimir Vysotsky". Then no man passed back seat, keeping it at home as a relic.

After a couple of days for the publication of articles about the death of Vladimir Vysotsky was dismissed chief editor of "Evening Moscow". And despite all the obstacles, near Taganka Theater was a huge crowd, the people did not disperse for several days. On the day of the funeral, many were even on the roofs of nearby buildings. Bid farewell to the actor came about 40 thousand people.

Vladimir Vysotsky

The hero is not forgotten

In honor of Vysotsky called dozens of streets in different cities around the world, modern skyscraper in Ekaterinburg, asteroid pass and saddle-point plateau, canyon, glacier, mountain passes, one of the cliffs of Mount Kachkanar, one of the Pinega karst caves in the Arkhangelsk region, the plateau in the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, passenger ship, oil tanker, boats, yachts, Airbus A330 aircraft, there are 2 varieties of gladioli, and many cafes and restaurants.