9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

When a person has decided to stick to a particular diet, for example, to lose weight, one of willpower to achieve the desired result is not enough - on the thorny path diets enough difficulties that can spoil everything.

Here are some of the most common myths that you should not believe, if you firmly intend to opt for a healthy diet.

1. A hearty breakfast will refrain from eating at night

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

There is a suggestion that a hearty breakfast helps limit the main meal, but German scientists research shows that a hearty breakfast is unlikely to reduce your appetite during the day and the evening meal.

The experiment involved 280 volunteers, obese, and 100 volunteers with normal body weight, while it turned out that with a solid morning food intake the body receives, on average, about 400 tons of calories, but it usually does not It affects the amount of food consumed during lunch or dinner.

2. Small portions and snacks throughout the day can speed up the metabolism of

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

The increased frequency of food techniques are unable to expedite the person's metabolism and promote weight loss, and in some cases, the researchers argue, gives the opposite effect.

"A lot of dieters usually snack foods high in fat, and at the main reception of food are limited to salads and vegetables, that only makes matters worse," - explains nutritionist Sara Stanner, a member of the British Nutrition Foundation.

"If you really want to lose weight, it is better to do the opposite is true - three times a day to eat thoroughly (but not overeating), and to prepare some light snacks useful" - advises Sarah.

3. "Low-fat", according to the label, the products contain much lower in calories

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

When the yogurt or any other product you see a bright and large inscription "Low Fat" or "diet", not in a hurry to put it in the basket, because the calories are also contained in other nutrients - protein, starches and sugars.

Often dissemble manufacturers, calling his product "low-calorie" or eg "recommended for a healthy diet": in fact, "diet" foods can be harmful, and certainly - more expensive.

According to Sarah Stanner, purchase products with reduced fat content may not lead to an automatic weight loss, especially if you tend to increase the portion of the "low-fat" foods for lunch.

4. Late supper necessarily affect the waist

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

Many believe that food intake after six (seven, eight, and so on - each with its own "Rubicon") in the evening thus fatally affect the testimony of weights. However, this is not true: "Weight gain occurs when energy intake exceeds its consumption of calories, regardless of the time of consumption. A rich meal at night can cause digestive problems, but has no effect on human metabolism, "- says Stanner.

5. Thoughts of delicacies make you eat more

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

Of course, the more you think about something delicious, the more you want to eat it, but when it comes to meeting the needs in the delicacy, saturation comes quickly enough.

Studies of 2010, the results of which were published in the journal "Science", the volunteers offered to imagine how they regale favorite dishes, and then gave the participants the opportunity to enjoy dishes in an unlimited amount, with most volunteers do not overeat, limiting moderate portions. The reason is that the researchers believe that the repeated playback of visual images is able to replace the experience of real-world experience, so when a person is mentally "satiated", the need for unrestrained gluttony disappears.

6. The "Energy" and vitamin drinks are perfect to quench your thirst during exercise

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

Do not believe the numerous aggressive advertising campaign, "Energy" and soda "high in vitamins" (according to the label) - not the best alternative to conventional drinking water, especially when your body suffers increased physical activity such as prolonged athletic training or regular classes in gym.

"Even if these drinks actually contain some nutrients, remember that above all in the" Energy "a lot of sugar and calories. Moreover, with the full power one does not need any additional portions of vitamins and minerals "- sure Sarah Stanner.

7. Is it possible to lose weight by simply sitting on a diet

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

The refusal of certain foods can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stabilize blood pressure, but on the whole, as paradoxical as it sounds, different diets often only hinder weight loss.

Studies, University of California employees argue that few people are able to for a long time to stick to a healthy diet - most diets do not work after a weight loss of 5-10%, and in the long term, virtually all of the volunteers once again gaining the lost weight.

For efficient recovery of the body and get rid of excess weight, scientists recommend a diet combined with regular physical exercise and a sedentary life.

8. Rejection of starch - the key to weight loss

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

According to many nutritionists, one of the main conditions for getting rid of excess weight - the predominance in the diet of foods low in carbohydrates and plenty of protein. It is believed that among the main culinary "taboo" for dieters - foods rich in starch, because the body converts starch and other carbohydrates into sugar, which is then wrapped overweight.

However, it is not necessary to dwell on the rejection of starch, it is better simply to reduce the portion that you put yourself at dinner. By the number of calories starch and sugar are almost identical, so the failure, for example, potatoes can not give the desired results if the other food component of your diet, too much sugar.

As suggested by a nutritionist Stanner: "Even if you replace carbohydrates proteins, it does not help if you constantly need supplements."

9. If you lead an active lifestyle, you can eat anything you like

9 myths that may reduce your diet to nothing

Regular exercise yet no one interfered, but most believe that if you lead an active lifestyle, you need not limit yourself to eating.

"It is important in a balanced diet - the correspondence between the energy that the body receives and spends. Many burn calories on a treadmill, but immediately after that quench thirst soda, which negates most of the positive effects of exercise, so that if your goal - weight loss or improve health, think about what you eat or drink, "- recalls Sarah Stanner.