5 most famous science fiction universes

It is believed that the real man is not free in anything other than work, so it or not - a moot point. But the fact that people are in the majority - makers argue hard. Of course, the planet like ours, where people will live, have free will, we create are not yet able, but human imagination, however, creates an amazing new worlds through books and movies.

Some fictional universes are so successful and fun that acquire thousands of fans. About five of these fictional worlds we suggest you read.

1. Star Wars

5 most famous science fiction universes

The Creator - George Lucas

"Star Warriors" - is not only six feature films. Invented by Lucas the world today has been developing almost by itself - about him written hundreds of books that describe the most distant corners of the universe, to tell about all the characters we've seen in the movies, and the multitude of others, which in the film is not a word . Based on the classic "Star Wars" created by comic books, video games, cartoons.

5 most famous science fiction universes

George Lucas

Plot-link is the Jedi Order - knight standing on upholding the highest ideals of peace and order, and with the power. Those who succumbed to her a dark top and turned to the dark side of the Force, received the name of the Sith. They - the main protagonists of the universe, and between the two there is a constant confrontation with orders.

Few people know that before the events shown in the film "The Phantom Menace", the Galactic Republic nearly 1,000 years enjoyed peace and order - it was a kind of golden age. However, this 1000 years almost never described, and observe the development of the universe we can just with the events that occurred a few years before "The Phantom Menace".

After the fall of the Jedi Order was only one knight - Luke Skywalker, on this and ends with the sixth film. However, the universe continues to evolve - ultimately Republic rising from the wreckage, Jedi Order appears again in the political arena, and then starts again the war, since almost half of Luke's students went to the dark side ... In fact, the "Star Wars" - this story It is endless, so go out more and more new books "based on". The universe does not develop chaotically: the development of the story follows a special council led by Lucas, and now it probably will be engaged in the Walt Disney studio. And yes, a small spoiler, if you do not know - in one of the books, it was decided to kill Chubakov.

2 Forgotten Realms

5 most famous science fiction universes

The Creator - Ed Greenwood

"Forgotten Realms" - the world of fantasy, designed for tabletop role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons". The most famous of the universe brought the world the novels written by RA Salvatore and a video game "Icewind Dale", "Baldur's Gate" and "Neverwinter Nights". Most of the action takes place on faerûn - part of the biggest continent of the planet Abeir-Toril.

5 most famous science fiction universes

Ed Greenwood

World worked almost to the last detail. Of course, you can find fault with many things like strange distribution of the world climatic zones, but this is understandable - to work on a project simultaneously by multiple authors, each of whom took a small piece of the world, and only then they are "glued" together. But that's not the point.

The planet is inhabited by a variety of classic races - there are several types and fractions of elves, dwarves, orcs, and, of course, a huge number of human settlements. There are also all for anything not related to race like illithids - anthropomorphic octopus, exciting the minds of other sentient beings and turn them so that in their slaves.

In addition faerûn on the planet there are a few parts of the world - Zakhara (analogue of the Middle East), Kara-Tur (analogue of India and Indochina), Matstika (analogue of the territory of American Indians such as the Maya or Inca) and Evermeet (the legendary land of the elves). Since Abeir-Toril - a large planet, and developed technology in the genre of classical fantasy not too out of favor, many of the continents on the planet is not yet open, so that the imagination is where carousing. "Forgotten Realms" excite the minds of fans since the early 1990s, and over the years constant work conducted over the world. Interesting fact - in details registered developers while only faerûn. Interestingly, in the "Forgotten Realms" kingdoms as such is practically no: the main administrative unit - the city-state, among the most famous - Neverwinter, Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep.

Very important in this world are playing gods. They invented not only for worship and enslavement of the masses, it is the very real fact, giving his followers the power, capabilities and opportunities, loving to actively intervene in the affairs of mortals. The gods are divided into "factions": trade, love, darkness and so on - all that can be imagined. Moreover, the gods have a kind of ladder - of the demigod can grow to Elder God, who will worship the millions of fans from all over the world.

3. Arda (Arda)

5 most famous science fiction universes

Creator - JRR Tolkien.

Tolkien created an original world, served as the inspiration for almost all fantasy universes. It was he who came up with the name for the majority of fantasy races - orcs, elves, hobbits - other "creators of worlds" just redid their own way.

5 most famous science fiction universes

J. R. R. Tolkien

But the master is the master - they invented the world turned out alive: with its history, characteristics, and key characters in some way geography. By the way, often invented by Tolkien's world of Middle-earth is called, but this is not true: in fact, its name - Arda. It appeared after God created the amazing creatures Era - Aynur, who literally sang the world.

It is worth mentioning that Tolkien himself has repeatedly said that the effect of his novels is not on any other planet, and not in a parallel world, and on our Earth. According to the master, Middle Earth existed on our planet in the distant past. Well - he is eligible. Furthermore, if we compare the map of the Middle-earth from the map of Europe, you can really see the similarity. Of course, the most numerous race of Middle-earth are people: they inhabit a large part of the region. From elves, they are different, in fact, that there are tens, not thousands of years, and, accordingly, their states vary, and the elves for generations remain practically unchanged. Moreover, the soul after the death of the elves forever remain in Arda in a special place called the Garden of Mandos, and the human soul leaves the world.

The magic in the world of Tolkien's invented different from the later battle magic - here it is rather a creative act, and not a series of clearly regulated actions and rules. Can do magic creature, endowed with the will - the will of the stronger, the more impressive magic acts capable hero. But the magic is not a decisive argument - will need, for example, even then, to resist the power of the One Ring. In addition, over time the magic out of Arda, and it is becoming less. In a free continuation of the "Lord of the Rings" written by Nick Perumov, magic is already almost gone.

Anyway, the world is famous for recognizable living heroes, detailed design and unusual stories. It is no wonder that he has so many fans.

4. Star Trek

5 most famous science fiction universes

Creator - Gene Roddenberry

"Star Trek" - a sci-fi series, released in 1966 in the United States. It is important to remember that if mankind had not even make a flight to the moon, and only dream of space travel. So that the moment was well chosen: "Star Trek" - is the saga of the first human explorers, go explore deep space, to get acquainted with the rest inhabiting the galaxy sentient races and learn from them.

5 most famous science fiction universes

Gene Roddenberry

It all started with the fact that at the beginning of XXI-st century, NASA has attempted to go into space on primitive ships. Then, in 2053, the year the world broke the Third World War, after which humanity comes to life for ten years. But in 2063, the year started the first spacecraft to warp engine (a technology that allows to exceed the speed of light), and since mankind first met other sentient race - Vulcan with Vulcan planet. Vulcans were much more advanced in terms of technology, so that diplomatic relations were built slowly as share technology with unpredictable people recently settled on his own planet carnage, Vulcans do not want too.

Its own full-fledged starship - "Enterprise" - humans have managed to build only in 2151, the year. Union of different intelligent races, united for common development and space research - then the United Federation of Planets was founded. It should be noted that the races in the universe - a huge number, and not all of them friendly. So, there is, for example, the Klingons, before the former skilled diplomats and peacekeepers, but under the influence of politicians sink to the warlike barbarians, and, in their opinion, are now professing the philosophy of a true warrior.

The history of "Star Trek" spelled out in detail up to the XXIV-th century, and every milestone in this history is marked by global shocks - for example bloody warriors of other races like the Xindi, whose philosophy is very far from human. And, surprisingly, humanity with dignity (namely with dignity!) Way out of any trouble.

It should be noted that the action is in this saga assigned a secondary role - mostly she speaks about universal values. Moral issues raised in almost every series, for example, the viewer is invited to reflect on the consequences of a complete disappearance of a species, and the like. In other words, the universe of "Star Trek" in a fun form of teaching a lesson as important in any situation people be people.

5. Song ice and flame

5 most famous science fiction universes

Creator - George Martin

The prototype for this universe has served as a real human story: the world of "PLIP" comparable to our European Middle Ages - there is feudal fragmentation, lack of gunpowder, more oppressed position of the common people and, of course, the court intrigues.

5 most famous science fiction universes

George Martin

It should be noted that a detailed map of the world does not exist as an official name for it. Västerås, for example - it is only a single continent about the size of South America, namely in Västerås happens the vast majority of events described era. There is another continent where nations live, comparable to our peoples of the East and of the western lands known virtually nothing.

However, Martin bothered to come up for a full chronicle of his world. Originally inhabited Vasteras mysterious children of the forest, then disappeared. Then there came the first people supplanted Woods Children, which gradually forgotten: their memory is preserved only in legends and fairy tales. Then they were replaced by Andal conquerors, conquered the land, and which brought with it a religion Semibozhya. A little later, the East of the continent took roynary, assimilated with Andal and have become almost as one people.

In the east, meanwhile, gained momentum Valiriyskaya Empire, where in Vasteras riding on dragons flew Targaryen. Due to the dragons they seized power, but 300 years later degenerated dragons and mad Targaryen - largely, perhaps, because of the closely-related marriages. Then they were overthrown by Robert Baratheon, who later became king. A further story known to those who watched TV series "Game of Thrones", loosely based on the novels of Martin, or read the novels themselves.

Religion and magic, which is typical for fantasy play in the world Martin is not the last role. Vasteras officially professes Semibozhie - Septon (so-called local priests) from the point of view of magic can not do anything, and on the particular impact of the policy does not provide. In fact, this is just a formal cult.

But there is another religion, common just in the East - the cult of the fire deity R'glora whose priests subservient fire magic: they who are doing the main wonders. Some of his followers the god of fire makes it possible to repeatedly rise from the dead, or see flames events of the past and the future. Other fire resist - a mysterious creature that emerged from behind the wall at the edge of the Seven Kingdoms - they embody the ice. As action novels magical powers, which people in the world already and forgot to think, gradually awakened, and what this is all over - is unknown. It remains to wait for the sixth and seventh volumes.