10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

Genius and evil - two incompatible things, the poet said, but in reality it often turns out to be wrong.

Human nature - it's not even about the two sides of the medal, but something infinitely more complex and multifaceted. One person can be combined, for example, a brilliant literary talent and contempt for the people, faith in the ideals of the hippies and the thirst for violence, the progressive philosophical ideas and sexism. In this list you find people you know for sure, but much of this collection will surprise you.

1. Robert Fischer

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

His name has become synonymous with genius madman: the eleventh World Chess Champion is known for his eccentric actions and provocative statements. The last point in his professional career was set in 1972, when Bobby played the last game of the match against Soviet grandmaster Boris Spassky.

After winning Fisher returned to the US, where he was greeted as a national hero: Robert was called to participate in numerous television shows, he became a real idol of youth, it even invited to dinner President Nixon, however, Fischer refused, saying: "I hate it when I look in the mouth, while I chew. "

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

Boris Spassky

Gradually, the player is tired of the limelight and began to demand money for their public appearance and participation in activities: for reading the letter, he took $ 1,000, talking on the phone is estimated at $ 2,500 for a personal meeting he demanded $ 5,000 and the full interview evaded reporters in $ 25 000. Despite loudly proclaiming, Fischer did not play more than a match for the world title, and general hysteria around it gradually subsided.

He lived in seclusion in California until the end of the 1980s, then moved to Budapest to the 18-year-old lover, and in 1992 he was asked to play a commercial match with Spassky in Yugoslavia. The United States government has declared the illegality of such a match and fined Fischer promised $ 250 million, if the meeting takes place, in response to a chess genius publicly tore up a written notification from the Department of State, and spat on him. Since then and until his death in 2008, Fisher strongly expressed his dislike of the state, whose interests he once represented.

2. Virginia Woolf

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

As one of the main representatives of modernist literature of the beginning of XX-th century, Virginia Woolf has made a huge contribution to the development of English literature. Her books have been translated into several languages ​​and is still in millions of copies. Despite the outstanding literary talent, or perhaps because of it, Virginia in life differed arrogance and heavy character.

The writer was convinced that the right to education should be only very wealthy people, and in his diary, published recently, Wolfe wrote of pity and disgust she feels for his servants. She believed that these people deserve more, but at the same time, wrote that they were not given as deeply enjoy life like her. In the end, Virginia has reached the point that trying to manage the servants, leaving notes everywhere, and when they did not fulfill its written instructions, she wrote in the diary, it only proves the stupidity of people from the working class.

3. Richard Dawkins

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

English ethologist (animal behavior researcher) and the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is known worldwide as the inventor of such a thing as a "meme", first used in his book "The Selfish Gene", published in 1976. Dawkins is a critic of the concept of creationism and intelligent design, the author of the acclaimed work "The God Delusion", as well as one of the most active so-called Internet trolls.

Scientist arranges regularly provocation network and creates a scandalous situation information. For example, when Rebecca Watson published a story about how her attempted rape, Dawkins left on its website more sexist and derogatory comments on behalf of a fictitious Muslim women named Muslim.

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

Rebecca Watson

In general, the meaning of the statements of Richard boiled down to the fact that Rebecca has no right to complain about their bad experience, because it is quite trivial compared to everything happening in the world. Perhaps so scientists are trying to bolster their claim that the Internet is a means of spreading religious hatred and various conspiracy theories.

Professor earned a mixed reputation of merciless criticism of religion, alternative medicine and various pseudo-sciences. Peremptory judgment and provocative actions have led to the fact that even in his '72 Dawkins remains one of the most controversial figures in modern science.

4. Aristotle

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

The name is familiar to everyone, even to those who have forgotten most of the course of ancient history, which took place at the school. Aristotle - is not only one of the greatest philosophers, thinkers and statesmen in the history of the ancient Greek scientist was marked by works on sociology, politics, logic, physics, mathematics, studied natural sciences and wrote poetry.

Of course, the genius, like all people, have their drawbacks: Aristotle distinguished by extremely conservative (even then) look at the relationship between a man and a woman, he thought that in a family the wife must be almost in the position of a slave, to the point that it should have less than her husband. The philosopher believed that women - who is a sort of inferior men, therefore, gender equality, by definition, can not be.

We can assume that more than two thousand years ago, these views were fairly common, but at the same time is not always treated women like people "second-class": for example, the Spartan did not have infringed their rights and participate in public life policy on a par with men. When Gorgo, one of the queens of the Spartan, was asked why in Sparta women so respected, she replied with a smile: "Because only Spartan women give birth to men."

5. Isaac Newton

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

Everyone knows that the English physicist and scientist developed the theory of gravity, studied the optical properties of the light and left many works on mathematics, mechanics and philosophy than has identified the development of science in the century ahead.

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

Robert Hooke

In 1675, the year in Newton there was a conflict with another luminary of British science - Robert Hooke, who said that Newton used his hypothesis in his treatises on the nature of light and the theory of gravitation, in fact, Hooke accused a colleague of plagiarism, saying that he had grasped the essence of these phenomena.

Some historians believe that Newton really consciously used his influence and authority to work Hooke, where you can really find the wording of the law of universal gravitation and the reflection of the interference and propagation of light, we have not received due recognition. Newton openly called Hooke's an idiot and insisted on the right. The story included two scientists, but Isaac Newton is known as the author of many fundamental theories and the founder of several scientific concepts, and Robert Hooke is famous mainly because of a quarrel with him.

6. Thomas Edison

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

In recent years, the reputation of Thomas Edison as one of the greatest inventors and scientists have repeatedly questioned the allegedly due to the fact that most of the work for him did Nikola Tesla, but conclusive evidence that there is, and Edison still remains one of the the greatest minds in human history.

Confrontation scientists at one point resulted in the so-called "war of currents" - the dispute about the preferential use of the DC tests (advocated Edison) and alternating current, which insisted Tesla.

Despite the fact that the scientific achievements of the two geniuses have a significant impact on the development of technology and the widespread use of electricity, two outstanding mind of his time and has not been able to settle their differences. Edison arranged demonstration killing animals using the AC to discredit the concept of Tesla, and though partly it is possible - an alternating current was used for the execution of criminals on the so-called electric chair - time has proved that Tesla's theories were largely a much more progressive and promising works Edison .

7. Nikola Tesla

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

Outstanding scientist, experiments which have revolutionized the science and engineering, Tesla is one of the most notorious and enigmatic figures of the XIX-th and XX-th centuries. The researcher is not only famous for its inventions and the participation in the "war of the currents", but also very strange behavior. It is known, for example, that Tesla suffered from a personality disorder, was terribly chistoploten avoided spherical objects such as billiard balls and dwelt only in the hotel room with the number of multiple three.

In addition, the inventor was a supporter of the so-called eugenics - the universal concept of selection by which to influence the genetic development of mankind. In other words, Tesla believed that people with physical and mental disabilities should not be eligible for the offspring to the gene pool is cleaner and better. Tesla whole life in every possible way to promote this idea and even advocated for ensuring that carriers of poor genetic material was subjected to forced sterilization.

Of course, if we take into account only the rational side of the issue, Tesla may have been right, but the genius forgot that person is valuable not only for its DNA, but also moral qualities that he just was not enough.

8. John Lennon

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of the group "The Beatles" in the culture and society of the second half of XX-th century and the present, the Liverpool quartet has become a real phenomenon, and worshiped and envied them knew and adored all over the world. Although the band members were equal, most of the attention of the press and the public, as a rule, was confined to John Lennon, not least because of his eccentric antics and shocking statements.

His behavior does not always fit into the moral and ethical norms: John often gave a resounding slap in the face of public opinion and taste, sometimes stooping to direct insults, and in an interview with the magazine "Playboy" musician confessed that sometimes beat women. This fact is now known not for everyone, many believe that John Lennon was the epitome of hippie pacifism and held belief, however, as practice shows, write "Imagine" and to implement it in life - not at all the same thing.

9. James Cameron

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

The legendary film director, almost every creature which becomes a cult, James Cameron can rightly be proud of. Despite the scandals involving Cameron, when he nailed a nail on the wall a strange cell phone or argument actresses to tantrums, his reputation as a creator of the highest-grossing films in cinema history remains high.

The heavy nature of the genius of modern blockbusters confirmed by numerous testimonies of members of his crew: director was referred to as the "Iron Jim" ( "Iron Jim") for an authoritarian style of leadership and demand unquestioning obedience.

10. Henry Ford

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

If it was not Henry Ford, it is unknown to what would now be drove humanity. American industrialist made a real revolution by introducing assembly line in their automobile factories. This allowed him to flood the country, and then the whole world is a huge number of cheap cars and in a short time become one of the most influential businessmen of the planet. Ford formulated principles are still determined not only in the automotive industry, but also in many other industries.

10 recognized geniuses with the most ill-tempered

However, in spite of the mastermind, Henry Ford, like many of the cleverest men of the time, was subject to racial prejudice and, in particular, anti-Semitism. Numerous anti-Semitic attacks established his reputation as an uncompromising fighter against "the domination of the Jews", is also known that Adolf Hitler believed Ford one of the most influential of such figures, he repeatedly cited and even hung in his office a portrait of the American automobile tycoon. Henry Ford was the only American name that Hitler mentioned in his sensational work "Mein Kampf" (It. "My Struggle").