13 major art books this winter

Fair Non / Fiction of highly specialized exhibition of documentaries and scientific books for a long time became a significant event in the world of literature. It was the end of November publishers are preparing the premiere of the fiction books, which makes the main rate. The authors, both Russian and foreign, try to personally introduce the book to readers.

We offer an overview of the most interesting art books this winter.

Jo Nesbø "Police"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Azbuka

In the past, the novel "The Ghost" chief detective writers Norwegian Jo Nesbø went and killed his best hero, the brilliant policeman Harry Hole. He has 9 consecutive books revealed the most intricate crimes, and brought its author the prestigious "The Glass Key" in the nomination "The best Scandinavian crime novel."

And now the Norwegian police officers are brutally killed on the spot old unsolved crimes. The case investigates a specially created team of police, and unofficially also some friends Harry Hole, longing to work with him. At this time in the House of one of Oslo hospital under tight security is in a deep coma patient with serious injuries ...

In Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway tenth deal Harry Hole is already recognized book of the year.

Graham Simsion "Rosie Project"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Sinbad

This debut book 56-year-old Australian programmer, which became a sensation of the book market long before the first publication. Graham Simsion posted a story on script contest and left with his wife on a trip. And every night, was surprised to learn that his manuscript sold in England, France and so on. By the end of the ten-day trip to his credit it was a few million dollars, and never published manuscript was sold in forty countries. And after the first publication I entered the bestseller list. "Rosie Project" - a story about a successful professor of genetics, who lectures about Asperger syndrome, not noticing his symptoms in themselves. And just met a girl named Rosie, realizes that he is ill. People with Asperger's syndrome (or high-functioning autism) are smart, but have difficulties in social interaction (case - Lisbeth Salander trilogy of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium").

Professor Tillman looking for the perfect companion to the use of a detailed questionnaire. Rosie, of course, none of it does not match the item. But love - a special science, and the project "wife" quietly for a hero is transformed into "Rosie" project.

Dmitry Bykov "Quarter"

13 major art books this winter


Perhaps the most unusual book by Dmitry Bykov, a writer and poet citizen. He came up with a fascinating quest for the readers and will personally present it to the Non / Fiction. "Quarter" offers every day for three months to make the most absurd action. "It's just as absurd than Clicking the mouse in the computer game" - warns the author. And guarantees: "After passing the" Quarter "will gain any wealth and independence. The main thing - to reach the end! "

Apart from the "Quarter", the Bulls will present at the Non / fiction new novel "Signals", a mystical story about the missing plane, in which the author, in his own words, pursuing a "kind of inventory of the country."

Nikolai Svechin "Warsaw secrets"

13 major art books this winter


Boris Akunin has decided not to write about Erast Fandorin - and the title of master of historical detectives secretly passed to Nicholas Svechin. Nizhny Novgorod opened this writer critic Lev Danilkin, who in his time and explain to the reader what the uniqueness of Akunin's prose. According to Danilkin, Svechin and "retrodetektivy high grade" Akunin's Erast Petrovich had already surpassed. Nikolai Svechin has a remarkable ability with the first lines of a melodic phrase send the reader on more than 100 years ago. The usual entourage of his fascinating novels: the 80 years of the XIX century, Nizhny Novgorod, famous throughout Russia fair with a high crime rate.

However, in the new novel collegiate assessor Alexei Lykov called to Warsaw. There brutally murdered Russian officers - thrown with bellies die ... But the authorities would hush up the case, if not stubbornness Lykov, who risked his life, he managed to uncover a plot by the state scale.

Elena Kostyukovich "Zwinger"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Corpus

A brilliant translator, "Russian vote" Umberto Eco, an experienced editor and the author of one of the most delicious books about Italy's "Food: Italian happiness" wrote a fascinating novel about the search for the treasures of the Dresden Art Gallery.

Chief Victor Zhalussky hero, employee of an international publishing company, receives a strange offer - buy documents related to the military background of his grandfather. And the grandfather character - as his prototype, the grandfather of Helena Kostyukovich itself - in the first days after the victory of 1945, the Nazis organized a search of hidden paintings of the Dresden Gallery. And nearly paid for it with freedom and life. Now Victor has seven days to save documents and unravel family secrets.

"Zwinger" - a mixture of a spy novel with a carnival stylization "under the existing genres": here and a crime thriller, and drama of war, and the production of the novel, the book industry, and partly an autobiography.

Daniel Granik, "Man is not from here"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Lenizdat, Team "A"

Classical writers of the twentieth century, the creator of "Blockade Book", the author of the landmark novel "I'm going to storm" and "Zubr" Granik tries to convey to the reader in time invaluable experience long lives almost a century (January 1, 2014 to Daniel Granin 95 years old). In "Man is not here," he writes about himself and all of us. The reader from the first page is included in the world clock, where privacy is becoming a fact of history. And if early Granik taught how to change the fate, now it shows how to follow it. He himself should own literary destiny - Daniel Granik admitted that already working on a new novel about the most important: "When all is delayed film of everyday life, there is only the memory of love in my life."

RJ. Palacio "Miracle"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Pink Giraffe. Series "Here is a book!"

Despite the fact that this book is aimed at young people, it is interesting for adults: do we need such stories even more than children. We need to learn again and again to be a little kinder and more attentive, we need a reminder that courage, sense of humor, kindness and friendship are capable of performing miracles.

Fifth grader August Pullman - younger brother, funny dog ​​owner, a fan of "Star Wars" toys and computer - to go to school. Previously, it has always worked at home mom. Because August - a boy with no face. Due to a genetic error eyes, mouth, nose and ears on his face mixed so that once and not tell that somewhere. And 27 plastic surgeries did not change much. He, in general, used that many, just looking at him, immediately turned away. But now he has to go to a regular school to the usual children.

"Miracle" - the story not only of Augustus, but also his family, friends, classmates, a very precise study of the nature of friendship, faith, fear, and above all, kindness.

CEPGL Vaykkt "Kotaun"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Amphora

Very far from the Earth, "in the billions of kilometers, filled with cold lifeless galaxies", there is an unusual planet. "It stretches from north to south, as if the pupil attentive cat's eye." It inhabits race of clever cats.

Kotaun - the main town on this planet. And debut in Russian contemporary writer with Russian, Swedish and Finnish roots CEPGL Vaykkta. This satirical parable, which may well compete with the "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. Brilliantly written by acute social dystopia, which does not allow to ignore the flaws of modern society. The protagonist of "Kotauna" - tailed loser Castillo, whose wife left. He was terminally ill, but did not know about it. In his life there is a small strange creature - Loissa that opens Castile eye on the scale of lies and violence in contemporary Kotaune.

Kate Atkinson "Life After Life"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Azbuka

In England in 1910 during a snow storm newborn girl dies in mother's arms. In the same place at the same time the same girl, Ursula Todd, born and grows up to tell this story.

The new novel by Atkinson, contrary to custom, not a detective thriller, a fascinating novel, thinking about how we acted, having the opportunity to again and again to live their own lives.

How many times we have been born again? We would use the second, and the third - to infinity - a chance to bring his life to perfection? We would be able to save the world from disasters and calamities? And most importantly, we would want this?

Kate Atkinson masterfully plays with time and space, time and time again explores the mysteries of the human soul, forcing the reader to look at the best and worst in themselves. British critics called "Life After Life" Atkinson best novel, and the book has already entered into a short list of female literary Orange Prize.

Edvard Radzinsky "Prince. Notes snitch "

13 major art books this winter


New dizzying detective novel by Edward Radzinsky is entirely based on real events of the nineteenth century. There are double agents, secret police, royal wife and a lover, the People and the first Russian terrorists. Original Emperor Alexander II diary falls into the hands of the fictional Prince, an employee of the secret police. Author along with the characters looking for an answer to the question: who is the real murderer of Alexander II? How is it that on the one laid down in the path of the emperor bomb knew exactly in the secret police, but the other did not guess?

Radzinsky did not get tired amazed at the vagaries of history and it infects the reader. For example, it says that the main Russian terrorist lived right behind the wall of Dostoevsky's apartment, and while the writer was drinking tea in the kitchen, next to it was planned the murder of Russian autocracy.

It is interesting that at this time, solving the riddle of Russian history, terrific storyteller Radzinsky also focused on the role of key historical events played love.

Marina Boroditskaya "Paper umbrella"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: Pink Giraffe

Admirers of poetess Marina Boroditskaya do not need to tell you how beautiful her poetry and translations. And for those who think they are not familiar with her work, it is sufficient to cite, for example, the line "escape milk, run far" to persuade to the contrary. She translates from English poems of famous poets from Robert Burns to John Donne, and fairy tales, and even the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar" is also translated Boroditskaya.

In "Paper Umbrella" and includes well-known poems, and completely new. collection Genre Marina herself defines as "the poetry reading as a family." And there is not only the verses that parents can read to children, but also those children have parents read. For example, a poem for my mother, who washes dishes.

Leading the "Literary pharmacy" (Radio of Russia) Marina Boroditskaya constantly emphasizes that "book - the best vitamin." I should add that "Paper umbrella" - a multivitamin complex. Take in November.

Robert M. Sonntag "Scanners"

13 major art books this winter

Publisher: KompasGid

This detective dystopia of a world that is obsessed with information, and destroys it paper.

2035. 25-year-old literary agent named Rob, corporate officer "Ul'traset", together with a partner finds few readers of paper books. His task is simple - to persuade them to sell shabby little volume, deliver it to scan and get some money to your account.

In 2035, the purpose of each - to secure a peaceful old age, as long as possible not to fall into Area C, "the area where the law is no longer valid." Everything in the world is available, but almost all virtually. But still found true friendship and the occasion of the meeting, which completely changed life.

Writer Robert Sonntag real name Martin Schäuble. 34-year-old German writer, the author of serious investigative journalism, such as "Jihad: The terrorists are not born," Schaeuble has arrived in Moscow to personally present "Scanners" on non-fiction.

Neil Gaiman "Ocean at the end of the road"

13 major art books this winter


Fascinating tale myth of amazing storyteller Neil Gaiman, author of fantasy and fairy tales. "Ocean at the end of the road" - the story of a lonely "book" the boy, whose name the reader will never know. It accurately discern the features of Gaiman - writer and director, author of "Stardust," "American Gods" and the popular comic book series about the Sandman, received, by the way, WorldFantasyAward.

For the narrator all began 40 years ago when his family stole the car. Theft committed suicide in it, thereby awakening ancient forces. Help the boy can only strange women living at the end of the street Younger says that its pond for ducks - is the ocean, and the eldest - he remembers the Big Bang ... The story, written in the form of poetic memoir, oddly combines a fantastic event with the realities of life, and quite understandable feelings seven year old boy - a magical danger. And the author of memoirs - a grown man, who managed to forget partially his childhood - suddenly is again a part of the wizarding world.