10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013

The best-selling books in the past year were the erotic trilogy "50 shades" and "Black City" by Boris Akunin, which were included in the top three best sellers in the last year. And if the work of Akunin is clear - this is the last novel about the adventures of the popular Erast Fandorin, why readers spend money to make some bad thing based on the "Twilight" written by EL James, is difficult to say. Both books were published in 2012 and therefore not included in the list of best-selling fiction books - 2013 (incorporating information about the bestsellers, published in 2013).

In compiling the Forbes rankings used data on the number of sold copies by mid-December. Main sources of information - the main Russian publishing house, leading bookstores, the combined rating of the largest stores in the analytic portal about Pro-Books.ru book market and shopping lists "Moscow" and "Biblio-Globus".

Copies of a new book Akunin virtually sold out in two weeks, Victor Pelevin is still popular, and Victoria Tokarev 50 years really loved by readers - these are the main results of 2013.

1. Dan Brown "Inferno"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Release Date: September 6, 2013

Sold: 260,444 copies

Rating: №1 in the final ranking of the store, "Biblio-Globus"; №3 in store rating of "Moscow"; №6 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru

The phenomenal success of "The Da Vinci Code" and the charm of Tom Hanks, who has twice played the beloved character of Brown - Professor Langdon, magically continue to act on the reader. The world has already sold 4 million copies of the "Inferno".

The novel is set in Florence. Specialist characters Robert Langdon to unravel the mystery of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante. And he, Langdon is not in good shape: instead of lectures at Harvard, he was lying in a hospital room with a partial loss of memory after a gunshot wound. As a consolation Brown sends his hero a great doctor - clever and beautiful Sienna Brooks. It helps Langdon go all the circles of Dante's hell and save humanity. Confronts the heroes billionaire Zobrist, one of the high priests of the cult, fighting against the overpopulation of the planet. Historical truth does not have to look in the novel, but as a bonus to the entangled plot Brown traditionally offers readers an excellent tour of Florence. And, judging by the success of "Inferno", the city administration knowingly preparing for an influx of tourists.

2. Paul Sana "The Chronicles of gouging"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Release Date: May 25, 2013

Sold: 127,338 copies

Rating: №5 in the final ranking of the store, "Biblio-Globus"; №5 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru

In vain Paul Sanaev feared that he would remain a writer of a book - dramatic and ironic stories "Bury Me Under the Plinth". Reader success of "The Chronicles gouging" finally turned director Sanaeva in the category of contemporary novelists. Publishers, however, is positioned as a continuation of the book "plinth", but do not believe them. The new hero - is not matured Alexander Savelyev, a charming 19-year-old broken-down of intelligent Soviet family. He swam with the current, considering the future of simple and predetermined, and was in 1991.

And it all begins quite "in razdolbayski" - a hero's journey to Riga seaside. Prospective student gets acquainted with the guys from the gilded youth, know that you can not live like everyone else, and the "nomenklatura". By the temptation of a beautiful life and added to the first love - Diana unapproachable beauty.

Of amusing adventures and clumsy courtship charming Soviet "ignoramus", described in ironic sanaevskom style, get deep novel about growing up, about personal choice, love and the meaning of life.

Finals at the "Chronicles" open. Basher concludes with other complex wagers, win in which one of them will win in the next book Novels.

3. Marinina "Last Dawn"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Released: August 12, 2013

Sold 107 450 copies

Rating: №11 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru; №15 in the final ranking of the store, "Biblio-Globus"

After a few books of the mixed genre Marinina, it seems to have finally returned to the detectives. For obvious sales data, the delight of his readers. In "The Last Dawn" again she instructs young officers dealing with Petrovka Anton Stashisu. The hero of last year's best-selling book "The Battle of the Tigers in the Valley", "coached" retired Kamenka during a joint investigation in the theatrical detective "Art of Murder", seems to claim to be the new favorite of Queen detective.

Stashis mates with investigating the brutal murder of the wife of a successful businessman. The night before, a woman appeared on society reception in the dazzling necklace of a copyrighted work, which disappeared after the assassination. Marinina with her usual thoroughness studied the nuances of jewelery. So in "The Last Dawn" except detective intrigue and a string of mysterious murders, there are elements of the production of the novel: the secrets of craftsmanship cutters and jewelers, and even superstitions of expensive business.

4. JK Rowling's "casual vacancy"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013

Publisher: "Foreigner"

Released February 13, 2013

Sold 102 600 copies

Rating: №7 in the final ranking of the store, "Biblio-Globus"; №16 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru

The first "adult" novel by JK Rowling was one of the most anticipated books of the year in the world. In the UK, only 125,000 copies were sold in its first week.

Author of the Harry Potter books wrote social novel, which can be considered a parody of the classic British detective. In a small town suddenly dies Pegford local councilor Barry Feyrbrayzer, respected man and loving family man. The news quickly spread through the town, and idle talk about the sudden death of a wonderful person changed the question: who will take the place of the head of the municipality? several respected citizens claim to the vacant seat. However, during the election campaign on the Council website appear anonymous messages exposing their secrets - drugs, domestic violence and so on. Behind all this are teenagers, describes the nature and behavior Rowling is still best.

5. Victor Pelevin "Batman Apollo"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Release Date: March 28, 2013

Sold 85 300 copies

Rating: №8 in the final ranking of the store, "Biblio-Globus"; №8 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru

Intrigue around Pelevin's new novel publishing house survived to the last: and announcements, and annotation consisted entirely of provocative questions - and no word about the plot. Apparently, this move, and an unofficial title of "cult writer" contributed to such high sales.

The protagonist surround novel - chief Virgil frame, migrated from the "Empire V" novel. Rama seeks to take its place in the highest vampire world.

Mysterious Batman Apollo - the ruler of all vampires, creature with the head of the Roman Emperor and the body of a serpent. He invents more efficient technologies for the extraction unit "M5" of human suffering. Resist the governor is trying Leaking Hearts guerrilla movement.

Pelevin generously mixes irony and banter as usual stringing them metaphor and periodically adds signs of modern times, such as the events on Bolotnaya Square. It turns next literary blockbuster, very recognizable and therefore predictable.

6. Dmitry Glukhov "Future"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Release Date: September 3, 2013

Sold: 70,356 copies

Rating: №12 in store rating of "Moscow"; №35 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru

This novel is like, even those who have never read "Metro 2033". Like just because it is not like science fiction. Glukhov is convinced that "our generation - the latter, which necessarily have to grow old and die." The fact that people have discovered eternal youth - virtually the only assumption is fantastic in the novel "The Future", a social in nature. Glukhov offers reflect whether a person will be a man when his body is immortal and does not need in the soul and God. On the planet of young and beautiful is only one problem: it is filled with people. Civilization is piled vertically, there is no place for children and the elderly. Before a person gets a choice: stay young and live forever or start a family. At the same time, as soon as the two decide to have a baby, one of them should die of old age in a period of ten years.

"Future" The main character is one of those who are responsible for limiting the population and causes people to make a choice.

7. Sergei Lukyanenko "Zastava"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Release Date: October 31, 2013

Sold: 65,427 copies

Rating: №5 in the final ranking of the store, "Biblio-Globus"; №36 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru, "Russian Science Fiction" section of the store sales leader "Moskva"

The award-winning science fiction writer has conceived an excellent bait for readers - mezhavtorskuyu series of "Borderland". New characters and adventures - a new world in which books Lukyanenko wrote in collaboration with different writers. "Zastava" - the first book in the series, which Sergey Lukyanenko wrote itself, creating what is called the original scenery "Borderland".

Centrum - central world of the universe - to severe disaster was great and strong. Now, here at the crossroads of civilizations thousands - Zastava. Corps of border guards guarding the border between the worlds.

If Earthman accidentally falls into the Centrum, the choice he is small: to become a smuggler or a border guard, and sometimes by both. However, the world faces the same problem, that once destroyed the Centrum. It's time to remember that this Border Service.

8. Boris Akunin "fiery finger"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Release Date: November 28, 2013

Sold: 64,052 copies

Rating: section leader of sales "Russian prose" store "Moscow"; №10 in the rating for the quarter Pro-Books.ru

Boris Akunin second year in a row fails to impress readers so that the book, published at the end of November, enters the ranking of best-selling books of the year. However, to the success of the last Fandorin novel "Black City" new historical work Akunin so far away.

"Fire the finger" - a kind of artistic supplement to the first volume of "History of the Russian state." As conceived by Akunin, every inartistic that 10-year project will be accompanied by the story of one Russian family. It all starts with the ancient.

Three stories included in "fiery finger" genre - a clear historical fantasy. The protagonist - characterization of the writer, "the Byzantine spy, a kind of super-agent, which has almost supernatural powers." Whether James Bond, or Don Rumata. " The most appreciative readers of the saga, in theory, should be the pupils of the seventh-eighth grade with an interest in the country's history, but without much knowledge about it.

9. Tatyana Ustinova "Somewhere on the edge of the world"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013


Release Date: May 30, 2013

Sold 47 800 copies

Rating: №13 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru

"The protagonist of the novel - the radio", - said Tatiana Ustinova, when was finishing the book. On the radio "blizzard" in Anadyr is sent on a mission metropolitan journalist Lilya Molchanov, not knowing that the "snow-covered edge of the earth," she was sent on purpose. Instead of the expected cold reception in Chukotka it waits for a world where people are used to rescue and save each other. An amazing kindness and cordiality, which are so lacking on the mainland. When in strange circumstances Lily is killed by hunters and begins sophisticated and terrible game, here at the end of the world in spite of all the fears are honest and decent people ready in whatever was to save her. And while sounding call signs "on Radio" Snowstorm ", life goes on. Nature Chukotka and its features Tatyana Ustinova studied so long and so thoroughly that even promised to make to the novel "list of references". And he kept his word.

10. Victoria Tokarev "as bad as today,"

10 of the most popular fiction books in 2013

Publisher: Azbuka

Release Date: June 11, 2013

Sold 41 120 copies

Rating: №18 in the final rating Pro-Books.ru

"As bad as it is today, I would never." With these words, a friend of Victoria Tokareva starts each new day. And she's not alone. Stories Tokarevoy good their absolute honesty: they are about us. With all our faults, doubts, domestic problems and dreams of an extraordinary life. Victoria Tokarev able to notice the little things, without which it is impossible to imagine everyday life, but we do pay attention if barely. With gentle humor, without moralizing, she tells stories about the relationship of man and woman, offers to reflect on the fate of people who have not found themselves in the post-Soviet era, and the fragility of human values.

The new collection has three stories that are out of print for many years, "Kirk and the officer," "Friendship First" and "Cinema and around" the work of Victoria Tokareva in movies with George Danelia, Frunzik Mkrtchyan and others.