How do scooters in Belarus

• How do scooters in Belarus

Appeared in the Soviet era scooters, now better known as the scooters are becoming more popular. Owners of light motorcycles evaluated their main advantages - low operation cost, compactness, maneuverability. Which significantly and on a busy road car, and in the courts, the eyeballs cluttered transport.

Until recently, scooters imported from abroad, including the gray schemes. However, since last year, their production began at JSC "Gomel Engine Plant."

Today we look at how to make scooters in Belarus.

How do scooters in Belarus

"Gomel Engine Repair Plant" was founded in 1966 as the base engine repair MTZ production. Then the conveyor working at full capacity - for a change reanimated to 50 motors, brought from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

After the collapse of the USSR the volumes have fallen sharply - to survive, it was necessary to expand the profile of activities.

The factory began to develop other types of repairs: retrofitting trucks with gasoline engines to diesel, regenerative repair of tractors and combines, as well as the issue of pumping equipment for dairy farms. This has helped to overcome the crisis, reeling in the 1990s, the entire industry, although the situation remained on is not an easy enterprise.

Today the plant is repairing about 20 types of engines, not counting their modifications. Including the engines of the American manufacturer Detroit diesel, Caterpillar and the German company Deutz. And in terms of repair of imported engines Gomel MDE - the leader of Belarus. He also is the official technical center of Detroit diesel warranty and post-warranty repair and service. Two specialists of the enterprise were trained at the factory in Detroit.

A turning point for the plant began in 2011, when the Minsk Group "Hors-Motors" bought 48, 5% of the shares of the Gomel MDE. (Today, it owns 61%, and 9% - the share of Chinese investors).

At the same time it began "motorollernaya topic." It was prompted by the growing demand for this type of transport, and has become a kind of doping for the enterprise. Do not stay aside Chinese partners, setting the equipment and technology transferred. And already in 2012, the process started - started assembly of four models (today there are 10) scooters and mopeds.

To see how this happens, we leave the office building and head to the shop for assembling scooters. Along the way, we pay attention to the unusual monument - tiled plinth with the engine. According to the factory, "belief", this is the first renovated motor here.

How do scooters in Belarus

Our guide, head of marketing and sales department Yevgeny Gromyko says that the first scooters were literally hand-made products. Each of them from start to finish going to one person. Which allowed simultaneously cook-wagon professionals able to perform any stage of assembly.

Subsequently, the pipeline has been launched, and core staff have made workers who were trained in the company "Hors-Motors" and experts familiar with the auto and motor vehicles. In the workshop of motorcycles not to say hot, but the temperature is different from the street. Heat the premises of such areas is very expensive, but otherwise it will crack plastic parts used in the design of "appearance" scooter.

workshop staff - about 50 people. At the height of the season, falling on the spring-summer period, power-line allows to produce a shift of 100 scooters. It does not stop the conveyor and in the offseason.

In smaller quantities scooters continue to collect, creating a reserve in the spring, when the demand increases. And, besides, the workshop provides assistance for the production of other products.

In addition to scooters and mopeds Gomel MDE manufactures tillers, trailers, mobile power stations, pumps, mowers, small-displacement engines, vacuum pumping stations and individual milking machines.

But back to the scooter. Tehprotsess HORS ALPHA assembly starts with a computer controlled marking machine. More precisely - with engraved frames and plaques, which are applied to the serial number, the mass in running order and the number of technical conditions. After that token is attached to the frame, and she was sent to the pre-assembly of the conveyor.

How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus

At the initial stage of the press-fitted bearings, installed add-on parts - side and the central steps, springs, brackets, pendulum, as well as - the wiring harness.

How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus

At this time, the pre-assembly line cook engine. Thereafter, the frame is mounted on the conveyor, it is mounted engine front fork with shock absorbers, front and rear wheel brake mechanisms are installed.

How do scooters in Belarus

In the meantime, the future scooter or moped is slowly moving on a conveyor belt. Then mounted muffler, fuel tank, steering wheel, speedometer, all connected to the electrical wiring. So before our eyes, "naked frame" turns into a two-wheeled vehicle.

How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus

Once the assembly is finished, the scooter is exhausted to the break-in stand - being tested. Scooter 252 HORS example we can see how the maximum modeled acceleration, that allows to check the engine power, speed, accuracy of the speedometer, brakes, wheel alignment, to measure the level of CO and HC in exhaust gases.

Also, the apparatus is equipped with sensors that automatically measures the distance and the angle range of light scattering. Upon completion of the test prints a report specifying these parameters.

How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus

When identifying faults instance is returned on completion. If all is normal - it is directed to the packaging line.

How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus

During assembly, each step of each transaction recorded in the control map. And here the same name specified employees. In which case it allows to establish the exact cause of marriage and a particular culprit. Motivation and personal responsibility quite serious.

And generally to quality issues at the Gomel MDE special approach. Part of the production is already produced on the certificate of conformity ISO-9001. The plans - to translate into this system all production.

How do scooters in Belarus

At present, the production line "Gomel Engine Plant" got away already 8,000 scooters. Most of the scooters delivered to Russia. Increase exports and requires that the company is part of the free economic zone "Gomel - Raton".

However, while the scooter is enough for everyone - be recorded in the years to come and stand in line, as in times of shortages, there is no need. Sales are made through a network of dealers, who have almost all, including those in small towns.

Retail price scooter - from 6, 5 to 11, 5 million rubles. The most popular in terms of price and quality model uses Hors Alpha.

How do scooters in Belarus

In the plans of JSC "Gomel Engine Repair Plant" - not only the increase in the production of motorcycles, but also to update the lineup. After all, the buyer is becoming more demanding. Yes, and foreign competitors do not give to relax manufacturers producing products under the label Made in Belarus.

How do scooters in Belarus How do scooters in Belarus