20 facts about Montenegro through the eyes of Russians

• 20 facts about Montenegro through the eyes of Russians

20 facts about Montenegro through the eyes of Russians

1. In Montenegro, very fond of children. At 12 am in the bar, you can see children playing with dolls at a separate table, which at the time the game is dropped on the floor his glasses, bartenders quietly clean up the mess, and children continue to play on.

2. The Montenegrins are very good people.

One can endlessly ask the local road - they will patiently explain to you by all means. The market sellers necessarily something you put into a gift. Souvenir sellers can also give you something to choose from, if you buy them a little more than others. I tried to persuade a waiter in a cafe to sell me a beer mug (I needed a glass mug as a gift, and souvenir shops are only sold ceramic), he could not at first understand what I want, but then told me to come tomorrow. I ran in, he gave me a bag packed with the newspaper that same mug, I began to poke him money, he took my hand and said: "Come evening, we will be good musicians."

3. Montenegrin language is intuitive Russian. "Shutter-opened the" - closed-open "bowl" - a glass, but the "glass" - this is a carafe or pitcher. "Apoteka" - a pharmacy, a "praise" - thank you, "pray" - I ask, "Lepo" - it is beautiful, "chao-chao" - hi, bye. For a week you get used to and start in their Russian language insert Montenegrin words.

Very surprised when sellers in pure Russian you say in response: "I do not understand your Russian language, it is so complex." 4. Almost all the Budva Riviera, you can walk along the beach front. All beaches are connected by a tunnel in the mountains, at construction sites, etc. Time, of course, it will take a lot, but for hikers -.. The most it. We accidentally walked from San Stefan to Budva and manage the entire three hours.

20 facts about Montenegro through the eyes of Russians

5. The Montenegrins are very fond of singing. Sing all: tourist bus drivers, tour guides, cooks, morozhenschitsy, staff in hotels.

6. At the disco in Montenegro is not accepted to dance, to come "hang out." Are small high tables to put on them their drinks, and that's around these tables all and "hang out", a little dancing. At the entrances of bars are attractive girls, handing out flyers, and just barely stirring. For us, the Russian, whose animators usually dance so that it seems that they are continually beats shock, it is very strange looks.

7. Food in Montenegro is incredibly tasty. And the portions are enormous. There made to order one dish for two. We were with a friend that does not fit, because we have diametrically different tastes in food, and in the end I cried over carbonara pasta, because I could not finish eating it, and I was very sorry to part with it.

€ 10 in the cafe can overeat to satiety. For € 1, 5, can be bought on the street a piece of delicious juicy pizza. Piece also be of great size, since there pizza itself the size of a wagon wheel.

8. If the draft beer is not, then most likely, you will bring even mocking beaker 0, 33 and 0, 25. Therefore, preferable - and cheaper, and tastier - to order a local beer on tap 0, 5. 9. In the market you will try everything from cheese and meat to the local community. Cheeses there is an incredible number.

20 facts about Montenegro through the eyes of Russians

10. In the supermarket for bags without keys of the cell. Do not bother with the requirement to issue a protection key. There just is not made to steal.

11. Well, not made to steal it! In summer, the café in the streets on the tables at night remain standing dining set: salt, pepper, oil. On the beaches of the people safely left on their sunbeds are not cheap electronic gadgets and splashing in the sea.

12. The pebbles on the beaches of different sizes. If the central beach in Budva is large, as we have in the Black Sea, the same place, but on the beaches of Mogren 1 and Mogren-2 is very small, as the sand. And go to the ankle falls into it.

13. The sea temperature is changing very quickly. When it comes to cold flow, even in the summer heat in the sea it is impossible to go. Legs just numb. But as a rule, in a day or two for a change, and then you can sit in the water bezvylazno. The sea is very salty and clean.

14. Despite the fact that Montenegrins themselves say about their national laziness, but in reality it is not so. At seven in the morning they were already clean tracks from their shops, and they work until the middle of the night.

20 facts about Montenegro through the eyes of Russians

15. Safety on the roads. On pedestrian crossings, you can walk almost without looking at the road, there is made to pass pedestrians. And even if you will be dragged through the transition, like the tortoise, no one will be frantically honk and curse you. You can cross the road without a pedestrian crossing. And if you miss - show a sign of gratitude to the driver your thumb. Drivers there are very careful, because the penalties are high, and the deprivation of the rights to make a very easily.

16. A lot of churches. Most Orthodox and a little Catholic.

17. Physical Montenegrins diverse. Depending on the roots. Still, in the blood of them Turks, Italians and Slavs. Therefore, we can come across as completely dark-skinned young man, and blue-eyed and fair-haired.

18. In Montenegro, the obituaries taken place on the trees, and special information stands.

19. At night, walk safely. You can look like anything, no one will miss you hands, shouting "Natasha" and pull them.

20. If you live in rooms with a kitchenette, one evening about five o'clock on the pier you can buy the fresh catch from the fishermen: shrimp, octopus and fish. If you live without food, then there selling just cooked shrimp. By the way, I call it shrimp I have not turned the language. Because these animals are long palm and thick sausage. If it is - shrimp, that the "seeds" are selling us ???