The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

Going abroad, Russian tourists often decide that in other countries, exclusively intelligent, friendly, stylishly dressed law-abiding citizens. Have you seen in Japan Gopnik? No? In fact, you have lost their sight because they did not know what they look like. From this material, you will know who to fear, or, on the contrary, next to whom you can sit down and talk for a life abroad.

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

Chav (England)

A distinctive feature - a sharp focus


Favorite music - Lady Sovereign, Basshunter

Let's start with the classics. "A Chav" is derived from the Romani word "shavvi" that "child" means in translation. As a rule, they are representatives of disadvantaged families who live on the dole. Because of this, they become objects of scorn: Brits complain that bums living on their taxes without bringing benefits to society. The clothes chavy prefer sports style, but for sports activities are seen rarely.

Chavetty girls wear tight shirts with the logos of famous brands, tight jeans or short skirts, ugg boots or sneakers, but especially stand out for their hairstyles: bleached hair regrown from the roots are pulled together into a tight tail and ears are decorated with large earrings in the form of rings. Chavetty are fond of shiny jewelry, imitating gold. Both men and women are rarely released from the hands of a can of beer and a cigarette, so you can safely consider the details of the wardrobe. From music chavy prefer hip-hop and R & B, despite the fact that it is not averse to everyday racism. Chavy very fond of cars, but not patient enough (or too adventurous) to dig the money and buy a good car; They prefer to take a much used and waste time and money on its tuning. Communicate in typical slang with a strong accent, vocabulary is rich with abusive words.

Knacker, Ned (Ireland, Scotland)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - Burberry cap

FAVORITE DRINK - beer Buckfast, cheap cider

Favorite music - trance

Irish word "knacker", in addition to the local counterpart "Gopnik" is used more to describe a person who buys an old or sick animals to kill him and to sell the meat. It can be assumed that the offensive connotation applies to all of its value. In addition, the Irish Necker slightly different from British chavov - the same appearance and lifestyle.

Reducing "ned" stands for "non-educated delinquent", translated to English - "uneducated criminal." Chavov by British differ mainly in accent and a fondness for fake Burberry caps brand. Often they smoke hashish, which is crushed and rolled into cigarettes. This habit is so widespread, that it took a special word for holes in clothing, scorched ash with pieces of hashish cigarettes - "bommers".

Bogan (Australia)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - black jeans, ugg boots

FAVORITE DRINK - Victoria Bitter

FAVORITE MUSIC - Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, AC / DC

Appearance Boganov radically different from that of other Gopnik: they wear flannel shirts, black jeans or leggings, black wool sweater and uggs. God used to ride around Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon. Unlike other Gopnik world, God have long hair, or at least long bangs. We can not say that they are extremely aggressive or trying to "squeeze Mobil", but in God consciousness Australians rank uneducated, immoral elements of society. God gather in pubs where looking adoringly Australian football and occasionally arrange fights. Girl-God considered much more aggressive and unmanageable. They while away, walking through shopping malls and supermarkets with a bottle of beer, constantly prikrikivaya and bullying other women.

Cani (Spain)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - hairstyle "short pad"

FAVORITE DRINK - Tequimon, Molotov

FAVORITE MUSIC - Paco Pil, Chimo Bayo, Daddy Yankee

The various autonomous regions of Spain subculture working class youth is called differently. Common name - Kani, but in reality there are more than two dozen: surmanito and Will in Seville, burrako in Malaga, Doncho in Granada, garrulo in Catalonia, ueso in Almeria, Maca in Extremadura, poker in Madrid and many other names in the different autonomous regions, towns and villages.

If we talk about the style of clothing, it all depends on the capabilities of each individual Kani. If there is a down jacket Kani El Niño, then it will not take it off, even in August. Under the down jacket must be a tracksuit. If the guy raised torso, then force him to wear a T-shirt can be just before Christmas. Both adore sunglasses and wear them, not paying attention to the time of year and the amount of sunlight. The same goes for caps. The public transport like to include music from a mobile phone, more flamenco raggaton or bakalao - a local subspecies of club music. Of course, public transport can only meet those who do not have their own means of transportation. Typically, this scooter Yamaha Jog-R replaced with a silencer - a factory behaves too quiet. A special chic is to replace as many parts scooter as possible so that he could go faster and louder noise.

El ñero (DC)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - Mallet

FAVORITE DRINK - Aperitivos Vincorte, Gran Brindis

FAVORITE MUSIC - Wispin & Yandel, Osmani Garcia

Nyeri (also known as Turro in Argentina, it is necessary in Mexico and Venezuela Tukki) differ from Kani primarily hairstyle - on the South American continent is still held in high esteem Mallet (or "seven" as they are called Colombians). According to local, there is the largest concentration of Nyeri in Medellin, which strengthens its status as the capital of drug trafficking in recent years. Emulated Nyeri chose El Zarco, the hero of the novel by Mexican writer Ignacio Manuel Altamirano and the movie filmed on its grounds. El Zarco - the leader of the criminal group, young and beautiful, but aggressive and ruthless.

As in Kani, uniforms Nyeri - fake tracksuits Nike, Puma and Adidas. Sometimes its complement amulets or images that hang on the neck, and a dog who sits at the feet. Meaner and more than a dog, the better. Often shoot at passers-cigarette, poltosu and telephone. Listen to the usual Latin American pop music, sometimes Latin hip-hop. Apart from petty theft and drug trafficking sometimes make a living a very unusual way: sell sweets on the buses, thinking himself a tragic story or borrow it from a telenovela (wife, twin brother of my father killed his family was left without a breadwinner). Nyeri older work mates driver, sitting on the stool addl and collect money from passengers, and most adults become drivers and decorate your workspace icons, flags and seals. In his spare time Nyeri love to play indoor soccer, always with a naked torso, photographing themselves by mobile phone, as ordinary Russian chicks.

Rakai (France)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - Belt Bag

FAVORITE DRINK - vodka pepsi


Rakai stand out from the mass sports suit Lacoste (sometimes Sergio Tacchini or Airness) and habit fill pants into socks. Over the tracksuit worn waist bag (also Lacoste), a mobile phone hanging on a cord around his neck. Like the Spaniards, the French Gopnik love to listen to music in public places, without using headphones, but their playlist is slightly different: they prefer hip-hop, R & B and forgotten by all tectonics. Rakai move on mopeds, allowing some of them deftly pull bags from passers-right hand while driving. A particular area of ​​cancer - a commuter train RER. They are similar to our subway, only double-decker carriages and very dirty, and the station longer. There, they are going to huge groups of 15-20 people, gagging girls raid across the company on some frail Frenchman to take away money or phone, swinging on the railing and spit on the floor.

Yanki (Japan)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - overalls

FAVORITE DRINK - not important

FAVORITE MUSIC - Miliyah Kato, Spontania

In Japan, the "Yankees" was referred to Americans as the rest of the world, and the Japanese working class youth with antisocial habits. On them is often spoken of as a future member of the yakuza, but the Yankees are much more harmless and limited offense petty theft, hooliganism, vandalism and fights. The Yankees would get along fine with simple Russian boys: they both prefer to chat, sitting "on the courts."

Yankees often support nationalist ideas and inspiring stories of Japan, especially the samurai and the Kamikaze pilots. Since they are almost always belong to the working class, they tend to emphasize its origins in the clothes, wearing overalls, uniforms reminiscent of Japanese builders. Over the half-century that the Yankee subculture flourishes in Japan, their preferences have changed a little. In recent years, the Yankees much passionate about the Japanese hip-hop. Their life revolves around motorcycles and cars, mainly those who have a gangster aura, like Toyota Celsior or American maslkarov. Like all cultural phenomena, the Yankees are reflected in Japanese movies, manga and anime.

Dres (Poland)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - dog fighting breeds

FAVORITE DRINK - analogues "Jaguar"


The word "address of" appeared in the 1990s because of tracksuits (dres), which have flooded the market. It is assumed that before a single subculture Dres no united and they were called in a simple huliganom or criminals. Habitat - bedroom communities of large cities, as well as we have built-up condominium. So sometimes Dres proudly call themselves blokersi, ie "patsanchiki with the area." Around his neck respecting Dres always flaunts psevdozolotaya chain with a cross. In babershopy Dres do not look, but prefer to shave with the help of friends nalyso or style your hair back with gel liberally sprinkling head. Of machines prefer the Germans, can generally only afford a little old Volkswagen, Opel, Audi. Raise karki (neck, bull neck, 'brother) go to the second-hand BMW. Very young, with no experience of street robberies are forced to travel on buses. Here, too, has its own culture: dress, no matter how many lads, take the last six places. Those who are on a level not supposed to sit, hang on the railing, rocking the bus and harass citizens. Sometimes, if there are individuals grouchy grandfather can give him a place. In general, elderly people are out of the concept of suckers, so they do not hit and did not "throw on mobile." What is interesting, Dres, unlike our lean Gopnik, visit rocking. Also often give birth to dogs fighting breeds (Staffordshire terriers and pit bulls).

White trash (US)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - lives in a trailer

FAVORITE DRINK - beer and marijuana

Favorite music - hard rock 1970

If in urban areas Gopnik honor of defending the famous black gangsta, there is a broad term for all the scum in the province of "white trash". "White trash" in the XIX century began to be called poor white workers that are on par with the black slaves on plantations to harvest. Now called the uneducated white trash poor Americans, whose behavior does not fit the generally accepted morality. Though outwardly they do not look like Gopnik other countries, but it is perceived as a lumpen elements.

The most common image of white trash - a white man, who lives in a trailer or even rides on a pickup truck, has its own guns, wears her hair Mallet, on his body a lot of tattoos, made in house pals conditions. When up and running, it earns very little, and the money once spent on "new telly" instead of food to children, and more often simply receives unemployment benefits. Fun visit "village club", where required to put up a fight. Habitat - across the country, but the largest concentration of people - in the south. Characterized by an ardent patriotism and ethnic hatred. In small towns often formed a gang of young people, which can also be attributed to the white trash. In each village usually several warring factions who are fighting for credibility and the impact on residents. They are very well organized, subject to the eldest member of the gang, which distributes the younger members of the task. Usually, this small street hooliganism, squeezing money out of "patsanchika and suckers" or burglary. From their homes often endure stereos and weapons. Sometimes the trade in drugs and arms. It is interesting that there are their codes in such gangs. For example, one rule - everything that happens in a band, should not affect the family members.

Ars (Israel)

The ultimate guide Gopnik different countries

A distinctive feature - a gold chain, a short haircut

FAVORITE DRINK - beer, wine

FAVORITE MUSIC - Yishai Levi, Amir Benayoun

The word "ars", apparently, comes from the Moroccan "pimp." Arsy - young people, carefree flocks staggering under the hot Israeli sun and adhering to the girls. They are characterized by aggressive behavior in public places, do not hesitate to talk very loudly on the phone among strangers (apparently to show his superiority), prefer to cut circles around the city in a car with the windows open, all of which can be heard rapping or Arabic music. Arsy psevdogrecheskih gather in a cafe, where they drink cheap wine and arguing with the waiters and guys at the neighboring tables.

Arsy dress pants with motnoy and wear gold giant chain - the more chains around his neck, the better. Wear short haircuts "on the pot". Arsy more different and extremely dismissive attitude towards the female sex, with each ADR seeks to get his (or at least one for two) Frechen. The word "Frechen" translates from Arabic as "joy", they called girls without outstanding mental abilities. Israeli "Frechen" differ primarily in revealing outfits.