10 things for which to visit Guyana

• 10 Things Worth a visit Guyana

10 things for which to visit Guyana

In fact, we are in the post will go about all three of Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname (formerly also informally known as Dutch Guiana) and just Guyana. These countries, to put it mildly, does not often appear in the pages of magazines and blogs travelers. Especially interesting will be to see what is there so special.

I am sure that most people will not even be able to show these countries on the map, so there is little information about them in the media. Guyana, located in the north of South America, sandwiched between Brazil and Venezuela. In fact, the region has little in common with their neighbors. The peoples who live here, never captured by the Spaniards and the Portuguese, so here speak French, English and niderladskom languages. A culture of these peoples rather close to the peoples of the Caribbean than in South America.

So, what is to do in these countries?

Watch or even participate in the national games Kali'na (French Guiana). Among other things, the program includes measures to Climbing coconut tree, javelin and running with a 20-pound tree trunk.

Watch the sloths in their natural habitat (French Guiana)

In some areas of South America in the sloths still hunted for their meat, and many animals die during deforestation. Sloths move at a speed of 400 meters per hour, so I just physically do not have time to leave the place of felling. It is in French Guiana for the protection of these animals is the most effective program, so there is lenition is best observed in the wild.

See the rituals of local tribes (Suriname)

In colonial times, many slaves ran away from local plantations and settled in the tropical forests. Their descendants still live in forest villages, which can be reached only by boat. And despite the fact that most have converted to Christianity, many of the old traditions and rituals have survived.

10 things for which to visit Guyana

To see the rocket launch from Kourou (French Guiana). In South America there kosmodorom, okay? In fact, a European, and more specifically the French spaceport (Guiana has no independence, is an overseas territory of France). The place was not chosen by chance: the proximity to the equator makes it possible to make only minimal changes in the trajectory of movement of the satellites and receive an additional increment to run speed. All of the missiles and equipment come here ready-made from the ocean, and the place is only collected and prepared for launch. Anyone can watch the launch of a rocket from virtually any point on the coast, or buy a ticket to a special bus that takes to one of the nearby viewing areas.

Mark the New Year in the daylight (Suriname). The most important part of New Year celebrations in Suriname held in the afternoon. About noon in the center of Paramaribo is ignited two-kilometer long snake of firecrackers. Do not forget to take your earplugs: explosions lasted about 20 minutes. This is the start of the afternoon with a marathon drinking and dancing in the streets.

10 things for which to visit Guyana

Visit the former penal colony, described in his autobiography, "The Moth" by Henri Charriere (French Guiana). The history behind this book is very interesting Take part in the four-day automotive event in the jungle (Suriname). Savanna Rally is the largest off-road competition in South America and take part in it can be anyone. Wheel drive car can be hired on the spot.

Canoeing in the jungle (Guyana). In the tropical forests of the western part of the country still lives nationality awarak. They have lost almost all their traditions, as well as its own dialect, but a unique canoe manufacturing tradition has remained. Children with pleasure a ride you on their boats along the local rivers.

A ride on the longest pontoon bridge in the world (Guyana). This almost 2 kilometer bridge circuit consisting of steel pontoons, a local landmark. The bridge was built in the seventies, and daily passes about 14,000 cars.

Try their luck at gold mine (Guyana). The British began to develop here the production of gold since the discovery thereof, in the 19th century. Now the whole business of precious metals is completely legalized and controlled by the authorities and the police, so be there completely safe.