How to learn to sleep for 1 minute

• How to learn to sleep for 1 minute

How to learn to sleep for 1 minute

- It all started a week before the wedding of my best friend. Then my fatigue and nervousness reached a critical point. I could not sleep. All due to the fact that I had to prepare a congratulatory speech. My shyness and feelings about the upcoming did not let me sleep.

After three days of insomnia and a meeting dawn I admit that too much worried, and asked for advice from the bride's mother. She told me of a technique that was supposed to help. And I believed her, because this woman is not the first year leads meditation sessions and has a license to conduct health practices. What can I say, its board has really changed my life!

Best of all, you can remember this method if you call it a "4-7-8". All you need to do:

  1. Steady breathe through the nose for 4 seconds.
  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  3. Then slowly exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

This is all so simple. This breathing exercise slows down our heart rate and calming. And it happens very quickly - in just a few repetitions. It works. Although it looks like madness.

How it works

I could not wait to be able to check this thing in practice. To my complete surprise, I woke up the next morning without even having time to realize that it is not counted until the next 8th of a second to exhale.

Here's what I found out about this effect. When you feel stress or anxiety, the amount of adrenaline in your blood increases and breathing becomes rapid and shallow. The technique, which this woman told me, acts as a sedative. Holding your breath with a deliberately slow exhalation inevitably slows down the heart rate. It physiology.

Also, this practice calms your mind. Just because you need to constantly consider and focus on your breathing. At this point, you do not realize it, but your central nervous system will gradually calm down, and anxiety go away. The effectiveness of this technique will confirm any neurologist.

As a result, your whole body relaxes. The rapidity and strength of the effect is similar to when you do anesthesia.

The study of this method was engaged MD, of Harvard Andrew Weil. He found that the practice of "4-7-8" for several centuries known Indian yogis. They used it during his meditation, in order to achieve complete relaxation. So we can assume that it is absolutely safe.

How can it be useful to you specifically

I can only say that if this technique will work for you as well as me, it will help to fall asleep faster. And it's very different situations. For example, when you wake up late at night, you think too much about something and just can not sleep. Or when you are nervous before the contest or an important event in your life. Methods of "4-7-8" to help you.

Since the preparation for the wedding, I use it every night and getting up in the morning, each time amazed at how well it works.