10 unusual ways to use of iron, which is destined to guess not everyone

Iron is an important, though not always pleasant home affairs, which should you do if you do not want to look as if he had just got out of bed. But iron can not only smooth out the wrinkles in the clothes. We are offering 10 incredible ways on the application of iron that will make gasp of envy to those who thought of them before.

10 unusual ways to use of iron, which is destined to guess not everyone 10 unusual ways to use of iron, which is destined to guess not everyone

Smoothing of dents on a wooden surface

If the surface of wooden furniture for many years worn out and there were dents in it, it is necessary to iron the iron through the place a rag or paper towel with the use of steam. Dents disappear completely, as when heated with exposure to steam wood swells and rises slightly. This method eliminates the indentations even on the wooden floor.

10 unusual ways to use of iron, which is destined to guess not everyone

How to remove stains from the wax to the fabric

Candles often leave traces, such as tablecloths, carpets and tables. In this case, the ironing is also nice. Put on the spot of paper towel proutyuzhte, remove the paper and wipe the place cleaner and towel. This method will help get rid of chewing gum marks on the fabric.

10 unusual ways to use of iron, which is destined to guess not everyone

Securing the edges of linoleum

Iron helps in the repair, if it became necessary to fix the edge of the linoleum so that they are not twisted. In order not to cause masters or not to lay a new covering, just take an iron and a piece of foil. Preheat the problem area of ​​linoleum iron: Put the foil and proutyuzhte. After linoleum depart from the floor surface, it is possible to glue again. After applying the glue press down the portion of linoleum floor to the chilled roller or iron surface.

Hot sandwich

This method is often used students in the dorm, if they do not have an oven, an iron will always help. In addition, it is also very simple. All you need - is the bread, cheese, butter, parchment paper or foil and heated iron. Put cheese sandwich between two sheets of foil. After that, put the heated iron on top of the 10 minutes. Then remove it, turn the sandwich and put the iron again. When the sandwich will get a golden color, everything is ready!

How to cook eggs and bacon

If you do not want a sandwich with cheese, you can prepare a full breakfast because of the hot surface of the iron, which is easy to replace the plate. Take eggs and foil. Foil make impromptu pan by bending the edges. Beat the eggs directly into the prepared pan, put it on a heated surface of the iron to maximum and wait for cooked breakfast. In addition you can cook eggs and bacon. Put it on the foil and fold it so that the edges were wrapped and fat does not flow. Place a heated iron on top.

How to solder a plastic bag

Using a hot solder iron can be filled with any bag to protect the contents from dirt, insects and so on. F. Also can burst through the package seal. This method is actively used by our mothers and grandmothers. Take a bag with the necessary content, wrap the foil edges, which are going to stick together. Preheat the iron and put it on the foil, pressing. Under the edge of the foil pack melt and stick together. When the foil is cooled down, you can remove it.

How do I remove stains from the carpet

Stains on the carpet - not a problem if there is a cleaner, towels and an iron. You can get rid of large and long-standing spots even on fluffy surfaces. First of all, it is necessary to sprinkle the stain cleaner, moisten the place and put on top of the towel. If a great spot and a small towel, you can simply move it to process all spot. Put on the prepared place the heated iron for a few seconds and watch the stain from the carpet goes on the towel. Of course, it will take some time and repeated attempts to remove any stain.

How do I remove the white spots on the water

It will take a dry towel and iron. Turn on the iron, set the smallest capacity, lay on a wooden surface, where there is a spot, a towel and start proutyuzhivat. If the stain does not give in, then a little increase power, but be careful not to damage the tree.

How to remove old wallpaper from the walls

If it's time to change the old wallpaper, you can face the fact that they will be hard to tear at the walls remain of the old paintings and have them scrape. But it may make sense to iron. Driving the wallpaper hot iron so that between wallpaper and iron surface was small distance. Use par. Heat and moisture soften the adhesive, and the wallpaper can be easily be removed.

10 unusual ways to use of iron, which is destined to guess not everyone

Warming lunch without a microwave

When the hand is not a microwave oven, and you need to warm up food, the aid will come with a hairdryer and iron. Preheat the iron on the surface of the foil, lay down, so as not to smear. Put on the foil piece, which should be warm, and send it on top of hot air from a hair dryer. Bottom warm iron, and on top - a hair dryer. The effect of microwaves.