Rules of Life Lyudmila Gurchenko

• Rules of Life Lyudmila Gurchenko

Rules of Life Lyudmila Gurchenko

The actress I began to thank the Pope. He told me: "Go and be vzharil yak. No one is afraid. Come and blow his own! "And here I am," muzzle "his own!

MOM treats me quite critical: "What Lucy? The girl is not very beautiful - big forehead, ears stick out ... "

I'm VERY Soviet man of a very Soviet city of Kharkov.

MY semi origin and character get out of all joints of my dresses.

I was afraid MOSCOW THIS metropolitan audience. All of these phrases: "expropriation of the expropriated," "existentialism" - I do not understand anything.

MOSCOW TAKES come in large numbers, making a very precise selection. It leaves talented.

No matter how strange it sounds, I have a childhood dream to die for their country. And when in 1957 the KGB recruited me to work for Youth and Students Festival, I refused, and I was destroyed for many years.

In my life I have never been such an opportunity - to slam the door and walk away. But I went. And I was forced to earn their bread is elementary. In Hollywood, no one is dreaming! If anyone of them starred in "Carnival Night", which has brought billions of rubles ... And I took off after the picture angle.

CAN NOT BE EASY - motor, light, text, shape, suit - and you will live again. Even if the picture is average. I'm almost 15 years old is not removed, so was ready for anything.

DIRECTORS was no longer looking at me or pretended not to know me. And I then had to pretend that I do not remember what they told me did not remember. I, unfortunately, I remember everything. I HAVE ONLY 30 YEARS apartment appeared. And not from the state but from the divorce.

IT IS NOW supertehnikoy, Dolby-shmolbi, and then I sang in the tram microphone.

After the "Carnival Night" sent me a letter from the Komsomol committee: "You are out there dancing and you have the knee seen! How can you ?! "It was a big event: the knee!

THEATER ROLE CAN wait for years. You know, so long, and grow old.

In the movie "MOTHER" I was really fell to the ice rink - foot piece together. 19 fragments. One leg has since almost half a centimeter shorter than the other. But either way, or without feet - below the knee it would cut. I called the hospital Zinovy ​​Gerdt and asked whether it is possible after the operation to get him in the puppet theater.

Three and a half weeks after the surgery, a plaster and all the pins and titanium plates, I was taken to Romania, to katalochke. On general plans for me girl jumped understudy - for the horns, it was not clear that it's not me. And on the big plan is working itself. Goats covered my leg.

Paradoxically, it was then that I had a blockage WORK. All directors who had not noticed me, suddenly came to life: "I do not think the picture without you, dear." I said: "I can not walk!" - "no need to go, will only sit down and get up."

I'm always on his heels. Without them, I fall back. Even the slippers with heel.

The female body - not your harmony: potolsteyu-poxudeyu, potolsteyu-poxudeyu. We must keep ourselves in rukax.

I LOVE OPERATORS. This is man's work. This is not an actor who xodit with a mirror in your pocket. I do not understand how it is possible to fall in love with the actor. I never was parallel to the novel.

I would gladly have married once and for all life - I Monogamous.

IF deceived me - I can not look him in the eye then. And I am leaving, disappears. I Scorpio, gray lizard. Chopped off her tail, she crawls somewhere shaking in a cave, then a tail grows, it gets out again. This is about me.

LOVE - AGENT OF LIFE, VERY STRONG. But when I look, the car rides with balls, I feel sorry for them in advance. I can already see a divorce, stroller, children screaming, who gets who do not rise to the baby ... I'm a pessimist.

Kobzon I had forgotten as a nightmare.

I never drank, never smoked. I never walked till morning. Drunk, dizzy - oh, not mine. Smoke me so many times taught. Well I can not - the body expels.

Basilashvili CLOSED. At first I did not even know his first name. The first frame - winter, the final picture, we are somewhere in Lyubertsy, cold, horror, 28 degrees. Both want to go to the restroom. And is there a field bare mountain. He peed on one side, I on the other. By the end of the picture, it was the native people.

Bernes says: "You're such a fool green, but not bl ** - good, solid"

Irony - good armor.

The Soviet Union was fine that came to any place in this vast country, I always had my own, and no one asked me - who I am - Russian or Ukrainian. For all I was a native. Now for a trip with a performance in his native Kharkiv need to fill out a bunch of papers.

ANY grateful man, and I am grateful. I am very grateful. Highly.

In childhood, at school matinee my festive costume has always consisted of a uniform cap and the postman Zhitkovsky "large bags" to the strap. In my understanding, STYLISH LOOK - is first of all not to be funny. The worst thing for a man - to be funny. Do not know how to look at myself from the outside.

At home, I ALL FOR ITSELF reset. There I was so unhappy. Quietly I go, can stoop. When he saw me home, you can be disappointed in me.

IF I did not come after the performance of fatigue, it means that something wrong did not lay out to the end.

I have never been able to name the exact amount of his fee, said: "how much you give."

MOTHER I honestly, NO. The actress can not be a mother. All you need to give or profession, or children. I chose the first way. Although it can, and cruel.

I'm used to that newspapers can write that Gurchenko legs were paralyzed, and I am at this moment dancing on stage.

Talent must be born with the elbow. And I do not have.

Cross and the scars on me a lot.

For example, ask, "How do you feel in the role of an aging woman," I understand perfectly, passport data they have passport information, but not to the same degree.

I no longer have my fans, same age - all extinct.

Well, I cried for his benefit any woman. What for? What am I going to do with it? Find out who has the most wrinkles?

But if YOU say you shit - go prove that this is not so.

I THINK me so nobody knows.