10 popular Russian cities for families

Contemporary art festival "White Nights in Perm", Tatar sweets, workshops for the production of Vologda butter, swimming with dolphins in Sevastopol City Day in the millennial Yaroslavl and other travel options for the whole family in Russia, read on.


10 popular Russian cities for families

A major port on the Volga River and the administrative and political center of Tatarstan, which has the rights to the brand, "the third capital of Russia". Kazan may well claim even to the status of one of the most tolerant cities in the world. Over thousands of years of history in the Tatar Babylon tightly intertwined traditions of many cultures and religions, and even today in the territory of the Kazan Kremlin Orthodox Cathedral of the XVI century peacefully side by side with the main mosque of Tatars Kul-Sharif.

Why go: Take a Walk on the Old Tatar settlement among the ancient merchants' houses and mosques, to see the local "fall" Syuyumbike tower, visit the famous temple of all religions in the village of Old Akchino try tutyrmu - juicy sausages with various fillings - in the "House of Tatar cuisine" as well as the freshest chak-chak with mare's milk in the "tea House" to buy a richly embroidered with national headgear - the skullcap and kalyapush.

Where to stay: The boutique hotel "Bon Ami" next to the pedestrian street Bauman just seven rooms and each has its unique design - from the French style to Africa. The hotel "Shalyapin Palace Hotel" - a monument of architecture of the last century, which is the only observation deck in the city center. Or in the family-run Hotel Kazan - the "Riviera", which has everything for the happiness of children - from the water park and to the confectionery and entertainment complex with a cinema.

Budget: Direct flight - from 7017 rubles in both directions (UTAir, "Aeroflot", S7, travel time - 1 hour 30 minutes), accommodation - from 3900 rubles per day per person or 6,200 rubles per night for two people in a double room.


10 popular Russian cities for families

The resort on the Black Sea coast of Russia, which have invested a record even by Olympic standards, the amount in the process of building up a large both horizontally and vertically: he was joined by the seaside Olympic Park in the Imereti lowland, and in the Krasnaya Polyana mountains. The city itself, though not to host any sporting facility for the Olympics, too, has undergone major repair in Sochi paved new roads, restored many of the buildings, and the Stalin era sanatorium converted into hotels.

Why go: To get warm in the sun, surrounded by palm trees and cypresses in the only subtropical resort in Russia and take medicinal baths in sulphurous baths Matsesty. Wander through the deserted quarters in the Olympic Park. Climb to 2200 m in Krasnaya Polyana, near the sea and eat fresh fish in the local restaurants. Bring home souvenirs with Olympic symbols, and a jar of delicious local honey and nuts.

Where to stay: Hotel & Spa Ostrova operates on an "all inclusive" and is located in the typical Stalinist era sanatorium "Arctic" in its subtropical park. At the hotel's own pebble beach, access to health sanatorium, Filipino spa Luson. Grand Hotel "Rodina", on the design of rooms where he worked the famous designer Matteo Tuno, the most luxurious and expensive in the city. Hotel Swissotel Sochi Kamelia not hosted the Olympics, it is only open in May. Apparently, so do not feel that was built in a hurry. A large garden and swimming pool on site, a nice restaurant and its access to the sea.

Budget: Direct flight - 13 500 rubles in both directions (VIM Airlines, Aeroflot, S7, UTAir, etc., in a way - 2 hours 15 min.). Accommodation - from 6700 rubles a day for one or 8,200 rubles per night for two in a standard room. Accommodation at the hotel "Rodina" - from 37 000 rubles per day.


10 popular Russian cities for families

In Yaroslavl, one of Russia's oldest cities, as high concentrations of Orthodox churches and monuments, in 2005, UNESCO included the historic center a World Heritage Site. In 2010, Yaroslavl celebrated its millennium, the day the city is traditionally celebrated on the last Saturday in May.

Why go: The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of the monastery of the same name to see the frescoes era of Ivan the Terrible, to look into the monks' cells in the refectory and climb the bell tower of the museum-reserve, to enjoy views of the city, the Volga and its tributary Kotorosl. Admire the tiles that adorn the exterior walls of St. John the Baptist Church. Bargain in antique shops of the city in one of the icons of Yaroslavl masters work, and then buy products from flax and original tiles in one of the city's souvenir stalls.

Where to Stay: The sign of the hotel Ring Premier Hotel four stars, but his room was visited by more stars, both Russian and foreign (Eugene Grishkovec, Cesaria Evora, the Scorpions, etc.). Mini-hotel "Modern" with 14 rooms is located in a historic building of the Romanovs merchants surrounded by monuments. In the hotel "Ibis Yaroslavl Center" is a comfortable family rooms, in addition, this hotel is considered the main "green" standards.

Budget: Train - from 664 rubles in one direction (a seat, in a way - 3 h 20 min), accommodation - 2900 rubles per day for one or from 4425 rubles a day for two standard room.


10 popular Russian cities for families

St. Petersburg - the birthplace of Russian lace, and the city itself is like a grandmother napkin skilful wood carving decorates urban balconies, cornices, architraves and painted white carvings looks as if created from the finest cotton yarns. Sounds, too, as the city's favorite grandmother: its streets are filled with lingering speech locals with their famous "Okan". Vologda talking here even erected a monument in the form of a three-meter forged letter "o". Why go: Admire the frescoes Rublev school on the inner walls of the Sofia cathedral in Vologda Kremlin, walk among the monuments of two-storey wooden architecture. Learn the secrets of lace in a single case in Russia lace museum, explore everyday objects merchant city in the museum "The world of forgotten things". And learn how to make the local specialty - Vologda butter - in one of the cottages of architectural and ethnographic museum, located in the village Semenkovo. Also in the dining room, you can dine fine and, of course, lacy pancakes.

Where to Stay: The laconic decorated central hotel "Atrium" can comfortably accommodate even a large family. Here offers accommodation not only in numbers, but also in the two-bedroom apartments. The cozy mini-hotel "history" in five minutes from the Kremlin, there is a sauna with a swimming pool and affordable room rates "Luxury".

Budget: The train - from 1300 rubles to one side (the coupe, in a way - 8 hours), accommodation - 3500 rubles per day in a single room from 9500 rubles a day at the apartment.


10 popular Russian cities for families

Destroyed during the war, the city was rebuilt, and after a couple of decades and even got a new name - Volgograd, but in history it still remains Stalingrad, site of the famous battle of World War II. In Volgograd, there is no clear way of modern - in the eyes of tourists is the town memorial, where people come to touch the history and honor the memory of the great heroes.

Why go: Climb the stairs with two hundred steps, symbolizing the number of days and nights, the Battle of Stalingrad, to be on the Mamayev Kurgan, where the impressive monument "The Motherland" (40 m higher than the Statue of Liberty) pierces the sky with a sword. See the biggest in Russia a painting "The Battle of Stalingrad" in the eponymous museum-panorama view restored Pavlov's House with a memorial wall on the front of the building. Visit the open-air exhibition ground military equipment. Where to stay: The new and most modern hotel in the Hampton by Hilton Volgograd has become very popular not only among tourists, locals in the hotel restaurant often go to business lunches. Recently renovated hotel "South" is located in the heart of the city, close to the best restaurants and shops.

Budget: Direct flight - from 11 711 rubles in both directions (UTAir, "Aeroflot", S7, travel time - 1 hour 40 min), accommodation - 4500 rubles per day per person.


10 popular Russian cities for families

After the recent events of the Crimean Sevastopol has got a rating of the status of the Russian city. Furthermore, Sebastopol, together with all the peninsula started to move partially into the ruble zone. However, so far not opened direct flights between Moscow and Sevastopol, on the plane to this city can only be reached through Simferopol. Railways offers an even more complex itinerary: in Anapa and Krasnodar (bypass Ukrainian territory) in combination "train-bus-ferry-bus". Your own car also takes you to the Crimea only in the territory of Russia by ferry.

Why go: Try to forget about politics and stroll among the excavations of the ancient Greek city Chersonese, go on a sea tour with a tour of military cruisers and battleships, swim with dolphins in the Sevastopol dolphinarium, eat freshly caught fish in the restaurant "Balaklava", dumplings with various fillings in the cafe "Victory "and buy this vest in memory of sailors city.

Where to stay: Hotel & Spa "Aquamarine" - a holiday resort, in whose territory the beach, water park and even open-air cinema. The hotel has a health spa. Convenient and comfortable hotel "Ukraine" in the heart of the city, from which the area to them. Nakhimov and the promenade can be reached in 20 minutes unhurried pace. Budget: Flight Moscow-Simferopol - from 12,043 rubles in both directions (a / k Red Wings, "Ural Airlines", the S7, "Aeroflot", journey time - 3 hours 20 minutes and 1 hour 40 minutes), a taxi from the airport Simferopol to Sevastopol city center - about 2,000 rubles (in a way - just over an hour). Accommodation - from 6000 rubles to 8950 rubles per day.


10 popular Russian cities for families

Fatal place where were shot the last Russian emperor and his family, and the city of rock, from which came many a rock star. Today Yekaterinburg - one of the most attractive for business Russian cities, sometimes referred to as a branch of Moscow: here, by analogy with the capital, even began to build its own business district - Yekaterinburg City.

Why go: Go through the red line - the pedestrian tourist route, which is marked directly on the pavement. To honor the memory of the royal family in the Temple on Blood, erected in place of Ipatiev house, where they spent their last days of Nicholas II and his wife and children. View the ancient technique of the Urals, exhibited in the Historical park, surrounded by the remains of walls and towers of the first iron-smelting plant. Listen to modern rock artists in the cafe Rock Arsenal.

Where to stay: Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg - the first international five-star hotel in the Russian provinces. And in a small hotel "Onegin," all the rooms are decorated with illustrations from the novel "Pushkin". Perhaps this even works modern Arina - at least in the list of additional proposals appear on the hotel babysitting service.

Budget: Direct flight - 12 250 rubles in both directions (a / k "Ural Airlines", Transaero, UTAir, "Aeroflot" and so forth, travel time - 2 hours 15 min.). Accommodation - from 4950 rubles a day for one or 8,000 rubles per night for two people in a standard room.


10 popular Russian cities for families

Through the efforts of the former governor of the Perm region Sergey Gordeev and gallerist Marat Gelman, this city on the banks of the Kama has become a real art venues: in 2008 opened here PERMM - Russia's only museum of contemporary art outside the two capitals, all kinds of art-settled in the streets objects, and in theaters caught on a new drama.

Why go: Visit important not only by local standards, a cultural event - "White Nights in Perm", which will take place from 31 May to 29 June. This modern mul'tizhanrovoy project, which includes a variety of festivals, concerts, fairs, theater performances, creative workshops, exhibitions and much more. Visit the restored complex of the camp for political prisoners "Perm-36" and go to the ballet in Perm Academic Theater. Tchaikovsky, who now runs the famous conductor Theodore Currentzis.

Where to stay: In the central Eurotel mini-hotel. Among the seventeen rooms are one-bedroom suite and cozy two-room apartment in the attic. The hotel "Hilton Garden Inn Perm" comfortable stay with young children: here you can count on a cot, children's chairs in the restaurant and a children's menu.

Budget: Direct flight from Moscow - 12 132 rubles in both directions (a / k UTAir, "Aeroflot" travel time - 2 hours), bed - from 4840 rubles a day for one or from 6340 rubles a day for two to room "exclusive".


10 popular Russian cities for families

The ancient city, located on the highway M-2 "Crimea", 40 km from the border with Ukraine, already accustomed to the status of "transit". He could boast of antiquity, but it is almost gone. But the modern Belgorod looks family-friendly, and on its manicured squares pleasant to walk with children.

Why go: To see the largest diorama "Prokhorovka tank battle" at the Museum "Battle of Kursk in Russia. Belgorod direction, "the rich and other unique items. View unusual monuments erected throughout the town: shuttle, porter, local historians, dog, incorruptible inspector DPS and large families. Go to a local zoo, where in the summer there is a special pad for communication between children with animals. Where to stay: Hotel complex "White City", is probably the only hotel in Belgorod with a nice design, with no traces of the Soviet past. Although placement with children the best fit fitness complex "Belogorye" on whose territory an outdoor pool and a children's playground.

Budget: Direct flight - from 9153 rubles in both directions (a / k "Flight", UTAir, Rusline, travel time - 1 hour 35 minutes), accommodation - from 4200 rubles a day for one in a junior suite in the "White City" 5000 rubles per night for a double suite in the "Belogorye".


10 popular Russian cities for families

As if justifying its name, this town has got all the most-most: the longest promenade in Russia, the largest square in Europe and the tallest building in the train station among similar stations of the Old World. On city streets presents a variety of architectural styles, from baroque to classicism and modern and constructivism.

Why go: ponostalgirovat for the past Russia. Stroll through the provincial city and explore the former merchants' houses (the most famous - house Klodt, like the Mansion, and the house of merchant Kurlina Art Nouveau). After the move to the Soviet past, visit the secret bunker of Stalin and drink the famous "Zhiguli" with dried roach in one of the summer pavilion on the waterfront or in a place called the "bottom" - directly from the taps Zhigulevsky brewery. And do not miss the Museum, reminiscent of the future - Air and Space Museum named after SP Korolev.

Where to stay: The Holiday Inn, just Get on the IX International Festival of Architecture and Design Gold Medal in the category "Public interior", a breathtaking view of the Volga River attached free wi-fi and eight modern business centers. Cute design can be found in a small hotel Ost-West Club with 59 rooms, furnished with original Spanish furniture. Budget: Direct flight - 11 100 rubles in both directions ( "Aeroflot", UTAir, S7, travel time - 1 hour 40 min), accommodation - 3500 rubles per day for a double room.