Rules of life Tatiana Lazareva

• Rules Tatyana Lazareva life

Rules of life Tatiana Lazareva

Esquire SOMETHING STILL ALIVE? Oh well. And the feeling is that to write about today. Only heifers, travel and cars.

NOW IS THE TIME - complete apathy. You sit and wait. Anything from you does not depend on anything you can not do.

Early on I wanted to be an adult and independent. Already at 16 I tried to go to college, but I got in exams essay on "Virgin Soil Upturned", and I did not read it, and I was not accepted.

I am poorly educated man, honestly. If I was the formation would be the conductor of pop and brass band.

1990 passed unnoticed by me. I do not remember, "Swan Lake" or the Emergency Committee. When you're young, you've got and enthusiasm, and love, and you do not care about what is happening around. I lived then as now lives in Russia the majority of people, in a world where there are no problems. This age story, perfectly normal.

KILLED CHILDREN'S TELEVISION - this is a major catastrophe. Remember the "Jungle" (transfer, which was published in 1993-2002)? Since it was closed, a whole generation has grown up that knows that on TV there are children's programs.

Children, I am not a gamer, had passed. I'm afraid of children per hour of play on the computer will give everything.

I do not force children to go to meetings or something to read. Stepan, who is now 18, a long time it was not interesting. And recently, he looked straight line of Putin, was very surprised. He says: "It's awful! There he tells the man that he had a car, and that he pays taxes, and normal roads in the area do not. And Putin? Why do you need a car if you do not have roads "STEP is terribly outraged, and it is much more important than if I had explained to him what we have the power and how people live. I am tired of repeating the word "power."

WHY WE WENT TO Swamp? Just wanted to say: "Guys, you do not forget, we also live in this country. You have to not pay attention, and we have no other choice but to take to the streets, waving his arms and poshurshat papers. "

I was very freedom-loving, and that is easy to catch me. When I start something to limit, I immediately lose my temper.

As I argue a weak man. I will never impose and to prove his point. But I will stick to it.

The fact that Ukraine - a completely different country, I realized that there was Independence. But I'm not sure I would have drove Maidan. When we were with the League of the voters went to Siberia, euphoria immediately flew off. Sharply did not certainty, that now for you all go and say, "We need justice, a different country." Nothing that is not there. On the contrary, everyone is saying: "Stop, do not mutite water. Leave everything as it is. "

You always have to be right to listen to at least two views.

TODAY ON TV I have almost no, and my husband (Michael Schatz) conduct wedding. Wedding ceremonies, funerals ... It used our "O. SP Studio "way to decipher. The joke, of course. I am sometimes asked what the "O. SP-Studio ", and we have forgotten ourselves. I remember that the "Special Projects Division" was written on the door.

I do not know what I will do next. 47 years I worked for my name. Now that name somehow works for me. Vanity and star must end at work. When I go to the set, I let over a joke and laugh, but as soon as I go out to the site and go to the store to buy toilet paper, I become vulnerable, and I do not need the attention. I am an ordinary person who came to the store to buy toilet paper.

WOMEN difficult in the comic genre. They do not like to laugh at them. They are created to be admired.

I LIVE WITHOUT faiths without fear of death, without fear of going to hell, and with no desire to go to heaven. My motivation - to have time to do something good. And for this very need to be neither celebrated nor a believer nor a saint, nor a madman.

"Madam President"? Well, no, as long as the Russian language is not the right word appears, the president-woman appears.

UNIVERSE always puts me some pieces of wood, when I linked in the surrounding swamp.

They came to pass, as much dream.