7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

In the book, Simon Cooper and Stefan Szymanski "Futbolonomika" formulated by one of the main rules of the football transfer market: most high-profile transitions occur immediately after the World Championships, and for many of them are often overpaid. For the world championship in Brazil followed the entire planet, so vivid game in a tournament is almost certainly guarantee the players a good salary in the new team, and their clubs - a large sum in a bank account. For two players at the end of the 2014 World Cup we have overpaid around € 6-8 million; for at least five high-profile transfers on the way.

James Rodriguez (Colombia)

7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

was: € 23 million

It was: € 45-75 million

The attacking midfielder Colombia held at the World Cup just four and a half games, but scored six goals and was the top scorer of the tournament. Usually in such a situation, the struggle for the player are several clubs, but James Rodriguez stands for "Monaco", owned by Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev 17. A year ago, "Monaco" I have already paid for the attacking midfielder, "Porto" € 45 million in the assessment of his transfer fee in € 23 million (according to Transfermarkt), so that the next buyer will also have to seriously overpay for the 23-year-old player. Now this can only Madrid "Real", especially if it manages to sell a few of their high-priced players. According to the newspaper Marca, "Monaco" Requests € 75 million, the "Real" offers € 60 million - but the club is still six weeks to arrange.

Toni Kroos (Germany)

7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

was: € 40 million

It was: € 42 million

Immediately after completion of the final World Cup German journalists surrounded midfielder Toni Kroos in the hope to find out how he will soon player of Madrid "Real". According to Spanish newspaper Marca, "Real" is ready to lay out for the best player of the 2014 World Cup around € 25 million (estimated Castrol Index) and pay him € 5 million per year. Before the World Cup the transfer portal Transfermarkt estimated Kroos at € 40 million, and after -. Already at € 42 million His contract with "Bavaria" will expire after a year, and not to lose the player for free, the Munich club is willing to sell it this summer for worth about € 30 million. at the world Cup Kroos scored two goals and gave three assists in seven games to become one of the best players of the tournament. So it may well shift to be among the 10 most expensive transfers of the summer.

Alexis Sanchez (Chile)

7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

Was: € 30 million

It was: € 37, 8 million

Forward of "Barcelona" had a great season in the club (19 goals and 10 assists in 34 games) and was the best in the national team of Chile in the World Cup. With the help of Chileans Sanchez knocked out of the Spanish national team tournament, and he was able to score the Brazilians in the match 1/8 finals. As a result, for a player worth € 30 million (on Transfermarkt assessment) "Barcelona" could fetch € 37, 8 million, selling Sanchez in London "Arsenal". This transition was made possible because the "Barcelona" has reached an agreement with "Liverpool" to buy the Uruguayan Luis Suarez for € 81 million, and to keep a part of the fourth-paid striker with Messi, Neymar and Suarez would be too costly. Sanchez signed a contract with "Arsenal" for four years and will receive € 4, 5 million per year (according to La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Angel Di Maria (Argentina)

7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

was: € 30 million

It was: € 45-60 million

Attacking midfielder Argentina entered the top ten contenders for the title of best player of the 2014 World Cup by FIFA, although due to injury missed the semi-finals and finals. Now Di Maria could be the second defendant in the cost of transition this summer after Luis Suarez: Madrid "Real" is willing to sell it to get money to buy Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez. According to the Spanish newspaper the AS, the president of "Real" Florentino Perez has agreed to move Di Maria in the "Paris Saint-Germain" for € 60 million, but FIFA can impose a veto on the transfer of non-compliance with the Paris Club rules of financial fair play. In case of failure option with the "PSG" Di Maria can go to the "Manchester United". Transfermarkt evaluates a football € 30 million but the "MU" ready to pay € 45 million (according to L'Equipe).

Paul Pogba (France)

7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

was: € 45 million

It was: € 75 million

21-year-old central midfielder was the best young player of the World Cup - and the FIFA committee, and according to the coach, "Chelsea" Jose Mourinho, who do not mind to buy Pogba "Juventus". According to the Daily Mail, the club Roman Abramovich, 14, is ready to pay for Pogba € 75 million, despite the fact that "Juventus" requests only € 70 million, and Transfermarkt evaluates the player's € 45 million. This high price is due to the talent and the young age player (Pogba also became the best player in the youth world Cup in 2013 to 20 years), as well as the fact that his agent - the famous Italian Mino Rayol working with Mario Balotelli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the most expensive players in the world. French L'Equipe claims that Pogba also claimed "Manchester City" and "PSG".

Keilor Navas (Costa Rica)

7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

was: € 1, 5 million

It was: € 10 million

Costa Rica national team became the main sensation of the FIFA World Cup 2014: won first place in the group with Uruguay, Italy and England, and then reached the quarterfinals, losing to the Netherlands only on penalties. Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas, recognized as the best goalkeeper of the championship in Spain, was the most reliable and at the World Cup - he rescued 91, 3% of attacks on their goal. For last season's transfer Navas costs increased from € 1, 5 million to € 4 million (on Transfermarkt estimate), and soared as much as up to € 10 million after the World Cup - that is how much the Munich "Bavaria" has paid for the goalkeeper, "Levant".

Ricardo Rodriguez (Switzerland)

7 players, which rose at the end of the World Cup

was: € 20 million

It was: € 28 million

The left-back, "Wolfsburg" had a great season in the Bundesliga: scoring 5 goals and gave 9 assists in 34 matches. Before the World Cup Rodriguez interested in the "Real", "PSG", "Chelsea" and "Liverpool", and its value assessed Transfermarkt at € 20 million. In the first 2014 World Cup match Rodriguez gave two assists, and then helped the team reach the playoffs, after which the "Wolfsburg" set a price of € 25 million, and Transfermarkt raised the cost of up to € 28 million. According to Wolsburger Algemeine, the main contender for the purchase of Rodriguez is now the "Manchester United".