8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

Can you imagine someone other than Julia Roberts as Vivian in "Pretty Woman"? A replacement of Hugh Jackman in Wolverine's image? But initially the role of other actors targeted. Most often, the stars refuse from one role to the other, but there are reasons and more difficult.

Forbes recalled the eight high-profile failures of actors shooting films in which it was possible to become rich and famous.

Julia Roberts role in "Shakespeare in Love"

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

The film's budget: $ 25 million

Cash gathering: $ 289, 3 million

Julia Roberts became the owner of "Oscar" in 2001. Perhaps the actress could receive the award before, if it had not abandoned the title role in the film "Shakespeare in Love." That Roberts back in 1991 was offered the role of Viola de Lesseps - beloved William Shakespeare. Actress loved the script, and she agreed to participate in the filming. Roberts was certain that the male lead must fulfill Daniel Day-Lewis. She tried to persuade the actor even personally accept the offer of Universal Studios. But Day-Lewis interest in the role of Shakespeare has not shown. He refused to participate, did the same, and Julia Roberts. The actress announced its withdrawal from the project six weeks before the start of filming. Find a worthy replacement in the short term is not possible, therefore, to work on the painting, it was decided to abandon.

In 1996 only five years later year, to the scenario "Shakespeare in Love" are back again. The main female role performed by Gwyneth Paltrow, and the image on the screen Shakespeare recreated Joseph Fiennes. After the release of the movie rental was a resounding success in December 1998. With a budget of $ 25 million box office pattern of $ 298, 3 million. The film has been nominated for 119 different film awards and received 58 of them. Gwyneth Paltrow received the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" for his role as Viola, but the sum of its fee of $ 750,000.

Angelina Jolie and role in "Gravity"

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

The film's budget: $ 100 million

Cash gathering: $ 716, 4 million

In 2013, the 70th Venice International Film Festival opened a picture of Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity". Later, the film was a key contender for the "Oscar 2014" and won seven statuettes. The main and only female lead in "Gravity" performed by Sandra Bullock, who long pondered over the offer from Warner Brothers. The film earned her critical acclaim and the highest fee in his career - $ 20 million, plus 15% of the box office, which received a studio. In addition, the contract Bullock otherwise profit from the sale of paintings on physical media, and from the shows on television. Thus, the total income of the actress has made about $ 70 million.

Such figures can cause bite your elbows Angelina Jolie - the first contender for the role of Dr. Ryan Stone. We called several reasons for the refusal of the actress filming in Cuaron's film. According to one version, the actress turned down the role for his directorial debut - the picture "In the Land of Blood and Honey". If so, the choice was wrong: the tape Jolie failed at the box office. For example, there were only 12 people, seven of them at its premiere in Belgrade - journalists. According to another version, the actress lost the role because of her manager Geyer Kosinski, who was soon fired.

Natalie Portman and role in "Lolita", "Romeo + Juliet"

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

The budget of "Lolita": $ 62 million

Cash gathering: $ 1, 071 million

The budget of "Romeo + Juliet": $ 14, 5 million

Cash gathering: $ 147, 3 million

Many actresses dreamed to play the main character in the film adaptation of Nabokov's "Lolita" and Natalie Portman refused such an opportunity. Bred honors pupil role seemed too blatant. Even the proposal to use the understudy did not change the decision Portman. "Lolita" Adrian Lyne, was released in September 1997, did not have a box-office success. With a budget of $ 62 million film managed to collect at the box office only with a million small. But the picture of Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet", by contrast, has been very successful at the box office. Box office exceeded ten times the cost of the film, whose budget was $ 14, 5 million. Initially, the role of Juliet is offered Natalie Portman. According to one version, it rejected the proposal for the sake of study. To concentrate in the classroom, she refused all kinopredlozheny than "Star Wars" George Lucas. According to another version, Portman did not Juliet because of the age difference with Leonardo DiCaprio, her co-star. However, it is believed that Baz Luhrmann himself did not want to shoot Portman - the actress seemed to him too young next to DiCaprio.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her role in "Seven days with Marilyn"

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

The film's budget: $ 10, 9 million

Cash gathering: $ 35, 058 million

In 2011, screens out the film about one week in the life of Marilyn Monroe. Produced by Harvey Weinstein and director Simon Curtis managed to collect a truly stellar cast on the set. The role of the blonde in the film legend sang Michelle Williams, and other Hollywood diva - Vivien Leigh - offered to play Catherine Zeta-Jones. But the actress turned down the role for the sake of her husband, Michael Douglas, who was then recovering from cancer. As a result, the image of Vivien Leigh on the screen embodied Julia Ormond. Her fee for participating in the shooting amounted to $ 1 million. By the way, the rejection Catherine Zeta-Jones was not only for the filmmakers. The role Laurence Olivier rejected Ralph Fiennes - he preferred to work on his own directorial project - tape "Coriolanus."

Liam Neeson and James Bond

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

"If you play James Bond, we're married." A phrase heard Liam Neeson from his fiancee Natasha Richardson in the early 1990s. Producers were serious talks with the actor, but he could do nothing but to give up the role. This Neeson told the spring of 2014 in an interview. With Natasha Richardson they were married in 1994, and in 2009, the actress died, was injured while skiing. The role of Bond went to Pierce Brosnan, who in the guise of "007" starred in four films: "GoldenEye" (1995), "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997), "World Is Not Enough" (1999) and "Die Another Day not now "(2002). Fees Brosnan grew from film to film. If during the "Golden Eye" he got a $ 4 million, the work in "Die Another Day" was estimated already at $ 16, 5 million. In total, the amount for the role of Bond in four films, Brosnan earned $ 41, 1 million. It is worth noting that the box office parts "Bond" with Brosnan also grew. "Golden Eye" grossed $ 348, 8 million, "World Is Not Enough" - $ 361, 8 million, and "Die Another Day" - $ 431, 9 million collection of all four tapes exceeded its budget by several times..

Sean Connery and the role in "The Lord of the Rings"

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

The budget of the trilogy: $ 281 million

Box office trilogy: $ 2, 91 billion

It is difficult to imagine that someone could refuse to participate in one of the highest grossing in history kinofranshiz. But such a person is found. They began to Sean Connery, who first got the offer to play one of the central characters of history - the wizard Gandalf.

Having read the literary source and the script of the film, the Scottish actor rejected the proposal. He admitted that he does not like fantasy and do not understand the meaning of the trilogy. Change the decision Connery could not even substantial fee - in addition to the $ 10 million the actor offered to 15% of the box office of all three parts of "The Lord of the Rings." At a total profit of almost $ 3 billion, he could earn about $ 450 million, which would make him the highest paid actor in the history of cinema. But the role of Gandalf eventually went to Ian McKellen, who performed it for far more modest fee - about $ 25 million.

Charlie Hunnam and role in 'Fifty shades of gray "

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

One of the premiere in 2015 - the film "Fifty shades of gray", based on the eponymous novel by British writer of erotic EL James. The book became a bestseller in the US and UK, and August 1, 2012 Amazon announced that "Fifty shades of gray" overtaken by the number of sales of the entire series of Harry Potter. In 2013, EL James led the ranking of the highest paid writers according to Forbes, earning $ 95 million. And $ 5 million of which the writer has brought sales of film rights.

In September 2013, EL James wrote on Twitter, who starred in the film version of "Fifty Shades of Gray." For the role of Christian Gray confirmed the actor Charlie Hunnam and Anastacia Steele was supposed to play Dakota Johnson. Announcement of the results of the casting has caused an uproar among fans of the novel that started collecting signatures against the approved actors. But long outraged fans of "Shades" was not necessary. Just a month later, Universal Studios announced that Charlie Hunnam refused the proposed role. The official reason for refusal was the actor's employment in the series "Sons of Anarchy". But it is also rumored that Charlie Hunnam did not want to star in the film adaptation of too frank. As a result, the image of Christian Gray screen embody Irish actor and musician Jamie Dornan for which this role will be the first major work in cinema. Before that Dornan had time to play in a couple of TV shows and advertising underwear Calvin Klein.

Lily Rabe and role in "The Hunger Games"

8 actors bounce off a high-profile role

The budget of the first two parts: $ 208 million

Box office the first two parts: $ 1, 55 billion

Theater stage instead of filming the final installment in the franchise, "The Hunger Games." This choice made the actress Lily Rabe, turned down the role of Lyme, the commander of one of the district, in the final part of the popular trilogy. Instead, the actress chose the role of Beatrice in Shakespeare's play "Much Ado About Nothing." Statement submitted as part of the theater festival "Shakespeare Park", held in New York. Rabe takes part in it is not the first time. Prior to that, the actress played in "The Merchant of Venice" and "As You Like It." Lily Rabe for refusal to participate in the filming of "The Hunger Games" in favor of the theater has become a matter of self-realization - the actress has long wanted to embody the image of Shakespeare's Beatrice. However, it has lost much of the material. The total revenue from the first two parts of "The Hunger Games" has made more than $ 1, 5 billion. It is reasonable to assume that the actors' fees, even if not the first plan, the creators of the franchise is not stingy.