"The most-most" place on Earth

Live and learn.

Especially when everything is changing rapidly in the world. And if the highest point and the coldest place on the planet known to almost everyone, who can immediately tell what object photographed more often? Or the country in which they drink the most coffee?

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The hottest place

The real hell on earth - Death Valley in the USA. Hotter all here was July 10, 1913, when the temperature rose to 56.7 ° C

The coldest place

A Snow Queen lives here precisely - at the station "Vostok" in Antarctica. Here is the fact: August 10, 2010 the temperature was as much as -89.2 ° C. Wrinkles do not exactly appear.

The most populous city of

Of course, in China, where else? In Shanghai at the moment twenty-four more than a million inhabitants.

The most sparsely populated city of

Vatican City State has only 842 residents, and only about 600 of them have citizenship. The fact that it is not enough just to be born there, a real citizen must also serve the church. So that the remaining two hundred little people have the status of a resident.

The most wealthy city of

It is possible that this tower in Tokyo is actually made of gold, because it is the wealthiest city in the world at the moment.

The poorest city

The capital of the poorest country on the planet - the Democratic Republic of Congo - is the most poor city on Earth. In Kinshasa, many people live on $ 1 a day.

The highest point of

Geography, fifth grade, but still impressive! The legendary Mount Everest on the border of Nepal and China as much as the height of 8848 m above sea level.

The lowest point of

Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench is not entirely without a bottom. It's just the bottom of a very deep, about 10, 916 meters below sea level.

The most photographed object

And it is not a mirror, and the Guggenheim Museum. Still, all is not lost for humanity: the museums we love are not less than you.

The most humid place

In the village Mausinram in India there is no such thing as the rainy season, because there pours in buckets, all year round. For example, in 1985. there has dropped more than 2500 mm of rain - an absolute record. For comparison, in Moscow for the year on average, it falls only 700 mm.

the driest place

You will be surprised, but this is not some kind of hot desert. McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica are. Wind speed is reached to 320 km / h, causing constant evaporation. Some areas of the Dry Valleys have not seen rain or snow for the past two million years.

The sunniest place

Without sunglasses have difficult in Yuma Arizona in the United States. The sun shines here 11 hours a day and cloudless weather is almost all year. So for the year accumulates more than 4,000 hours of daylight and clear sky.

The most expensive metropolis for life

In terms of our money modest Toyota Prius will cost you more than seven million rubles in Singapore. What can we say about the price of grain, which you can buy as much as 120 rubles? This metropolis has overtaken Tokyo and even London.

The most affordable life metropolis

Services, products, rental, transport - in Mumbai, all very cheap. But such comfort and cleanliness as Singapore, it does not get. As the saying goes, take your pick.

The country that consumes most food

For a long time do not have to think: in the US the daily norm of calories - 3770 per person.

The oldest and still inhabited city

Erie Damascus has existed for eleven thousand years, and during that time there are people. Here it is a real old.

The youngest country

Residents of South Sudan consider themselves citizens of an independent state with the July 9, 2011.

The most visited city

After years of fierce fighting with Bangkok London finally he snatched victory and now proudly bears the title. For the year come here more than 18 million guests from different countries.

The most popular country

Under rated BBC, most positive people around the world speak of Germany. Apparently, the brutal attraction of the Germans and beer with sausages doing their job.

The most unpopular country

At the other end of the list is Iran, only 15% percent of the people have left positive feedback about this country.

The most dangerous city in the world

Every day in San Pedro Sula in Honduras, there is an average of three murders. And to buy drugs or weapons there would be like to brush your teeth.

The safest city

Even with the large flow of tourists Tokyo firmly holds the position of a safe and clean city in the world. And taxi drivers in Tokyo are the most friendly reputation.

The most kofeinozavisimaya country

And the Swedes manage to stay so calm when every person out there for nearly 400 mg of caffeine per day. It is almost five cans of Red Bull.

The most bicycle city

No, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. A small Groningen in the Netherlands. Here, half of getting around the city is done by bicycle. But in the famous capital of only one-third.

The most energy-efficient city

While we argue about the rising prices of gasoline, Reykjavik lives quietly on your energy from geothermal sources, and the city they have shuttle buses on hydrogen fuel. By 2050, Iceland plans to completely switch to non-fossil energy sources.

The most kotolyubivaya country

Again, Japan is ahead of the rest. This country is ahead of the rest by the number of cat cafe where people can eat and spend time with their pets. Also, in Japan there are as many as two "cat island", where these animals are captured almost the entire territory, quietly wandering around the streets and enjoying a carefree life.

The most sobakolyubivaya country

France loves dogs more than anyone else. Here you can go with the dog in almost any public place. The restaurant is to your four-legged friend even offered a bowl of water. And among the pet owners of dogs kept it for more than half.

The most sexually satisfied nation

In Switzerland, sex education begins in kindergarten. And with liberal views on pornography and prostitution, the majority of the population considers the sexual life "excellent". By the way, Switzerland is also number one in the list of countries with the lowest teenage pregnancy.

The most sexual dissatisfaction country

Unfortunately, in Japan, only 15% of residents said that fully satisfied with their sex lives. But 45% of women in general said they were not interested in sex.

Country centenarians

In Monaco, people live long and tasteful. The men - an average of 85 years, and women - to 89.

The country with the lowest life expectancy

"Live fast, die young" - this is about Sierra Leone. Here, men and women barely reach the 48 years.

The most tolerant towards homosexuality country

Spain a little bit ahead of Germany in the ranking. Almost ninety percent of Spaniards have nothing against sexual minorities.

The most intolerant of homosexuality country

The Archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola Jasper upheld a law against homosexuality. Now, in this country people are not traditional orientation not only "white crow", but also illegal.

The sexiest country

The debate on this will not stop ever, because here everything is very subjective, but at the moment for men - is Brazil. It is understandable, in principle.

But women think Australians wildly attractive.

The most stress-prone country

Taking into account indicators such as murder rates, unemployment, corruption and income, statistics says that the hardest to account for the residents of Nigeria.

The country least prone to stress

On the other hand, the Norwegian life is considered to be less stressful, more balanced and prosperous.