Rules of life of JK Rowling

• Rules of Life JK Rowling

Rules of life of JK Rowling

I was dead tired from magic.

An American journalist asked me: "Is it true that you wrote the first Harry Potter book entirely on napkins" I remember that I barely restrained so as not to answer: "No, my dear, in tea bags, of course."

Poverty - is a humiliation, fear, melancholy and a lot of other scary words. Only Fools romanticize poverty.

Several years ago I received a letter from one organization - it seems the American - who wanted to assign me the title of Entrepreneur of the year. In response, I wrote that very sorry, but I have to refuse because I become rich do not want to, but just wrote a good book about that from the beginning knew that she was good.

Probably Pottermania akin to Beatlemania, so I can say that at some point, I felt like someone from The Beatles - but with one exception. They could turn to each other and say, "Well, we are famous for." And I did not turn to anyone.

FAME is different, and the famous writer - special. No one will send the paparazzi to watch the writer in a bikini.

MY life is very ordinary, and some even call it boring. I love to cook, I love to be home with the children, and only from time to time I can fasten a beautiful dress and go to the premiere. The worst thing that is going on in my life - it is an empty fridge. Yes, right now, my fridge is completely empty, and I have no idea what we will eat for dinner. So it goes. Nothing worse than that, I can not remember.

I've never gets to keep a journal longer than two weeks.

I try not to read babskih BOOKS, fantasy and science fiction, but I am ready to give a chance to any book, if it is close, and I have an extra hour. To learn how to write, you have to read a lot - the only thing that helps.

I swore to my editor that will never take into the hands of "Fifty shades of gray".

In fairy tales do not need sex. Nobody fucks on the background of the unicorns.

I am not one of your books, like children. I look at his son, and in my eyes it is perfect, but when I look at my book, I always think about what it would have changed if I had the opportunity.

YOUTH CAN NOT KNOW WHAT IS OLD AGE. But I hate the adults who have forgotten what it means to be young.

I do not understand why all of a sudden the word "fat" was the worst characteristic of the person. Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, superficial, vain, boring or ill?

No one in Britain did not seem to me so hypocritical, pretentious and ridiculous, like an ordinary middle-class. Humans have a unique ability to choose for themselves what they need the least.

I would like to be remembered as women who get everything possible from the talent that she has been given.

I LIKE the ordinary, which death comes. We expect the sound of the trumpet, grandeur, grandiosity, but the first death, which I had the opportunity to encounter close - my mother's death - was frighteningly ordinary: she just died.

More than anything, I'm sorry that my mother did not know that I became a writer.

Not long ago I met a girl in the shop. Her early twenties, she came to me and said, "Can I hug you?" I nodded, and we hugged. And then she says: "You - that's my childhood." These things are not often hear.

I think that the worst thing in the war - the children left without parents.

I always speak loudly. When you have something to say, you can not whisper.

NOT on bad his chance when the whole world is watching.