The best quotes of one of the most ingenious contemporary fiction

• The best quotes of one of the most ingenious contemporary fiction

The best quotes of one of the most ingenious contemporary fiction

Sir Terence Pratchett, English satirist and a Knight Bachelor, - one of those people who have got the talent and the great sense of humor, and tremendous courage. The fact that the author of the Discworld series and the famous "Cat unvarnished" for several years battling a rare form of Alzheimer's disease. Although Pratchett can not write himself, he continues to work, nadiktovyvaya new works or using speech recognition software. And while his books are still full of special ironic cheerfulness.

Today we share with quotations from the works and interviews Pratchett, who once again proves that humor and favorite thing - the best medicine.

Thus, everything in this world went its course - except for all the rest that went drastically awry.

The idea is that any marriage can be happy - bran newlyweds head as soon as they are at the wedding say "yes", and the whole business.

Not every name is glued to the man. The name must be such that it was convenient to wash the floors.

No one likes to sit in deep shit, and flowers - the more, and that's growing.

A vital ingredient of success - it does not know what plans you can not perform.

Cats should be given short names that are not ashamed to cry out in the night for the whole neighborhood.

In life there is always a feat. The main thing - to stay away from this place. People - interesting creatures. In a world full of wonders, they were able to come up with boredom.

Always remember that the crowd applauding your coronation - the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People love the show.

Hatred - this is love, with his back turned.

Sin - when it treat people as things.

Credulity - a point of view on the world, the universe and the place of man in it, separated only naïve people, as well as the most capable and advanced mathematics and physics.

It is foolish to hope to make something global, for example, to establish peace in the world, have a happiness for everyone, but everyone can do some small thing, thanks to which the world will be just a little better. For example, to shoot someone.

Terrible when you find interesting things and you do not know what they are doing in their heads.

human things become much clearer if we clearly understand that the cause of the great triumphs and tragedies of history is not that people are inherently good or evil, but that by nature they are - people.

The man, who can be bought, as a rule, does not cost anything.

Only the people themselves can build a better world. Otherwise it is a cell.

Each work looks interesting - until she is you want to do.

People are willing to wait for rescue for a long time, but prefer to dine in time.

People who are in no one need not need to see the people around, they are absolutely in no one need not be. If cats looked like frogs, we would very quickly realized, however vile, cruel creatures, they really are. Style. That's what people remember.

In general, we have a lot of experience a lack of experience.

When you do step off a cliff, life immediately takes a very clear direction.

Sometimes a person laughs, because the soul is no more room for tears.

Of cowards get much better strategy.

It is death and there is taxes, taxes only worse, because death happens once in a lifetime, and taxes - every year.

Normal family man who every day go to work, and a responsible attitude to their duties, not much different from the crazy psychopath.

What kind of life when you have to swim constantly to stay in one place.

If you ignore the rules, people in half of the cases rewrite them so that they do not touch you without fanfare.

Sometimes you have to do good, to punish a person.

Only firmly standing on his feet man is able to build strong castles in the air.

There is nothing more frustrating than a person who is going to give the world a favor.

Abnormal always becomes the norm - most importantly, to give him a little time.

Really important things are never recorded because of the most important people always remember and not forget.

Always defeats order, because it is better organized.

Being chronically honest - is like to participate in a bicycle race in the pants of sandpaper. Words indeed have great power. In particular, they are able to fly with the language before speaking time to shut his mouth.

One may be worn around the world and visit any of the city, but the main thing - then go back to where you will be able to remember that a lot of things that you have seen. You never visited a real until you get home.

The one who created humans, whoever he was, made one big mistake in their designs. People and strive to get on your knees.

Sometimes the only thing you can do for people - is to attend.

Marriage is between two people who are always ready to swear that snores only other member of the Union.

Be careful what you wish for, because it is not known who can hear them. Or.

Sometimes I sit here totally zonked, and think to myself: "In fact, your job - to sit here and write the next book. And to change the world - it is a different matter ... "and then I come to life with an exclamation:" Oh, no "...!

In July of this year for the first time Terry Pratchett unable to attend the International convention of his fictional universe of "The World is Flat" because of poor health, but addressed his fans with the desire to have fun from the heart.