Rules of Life Kanye West

• Rules of Life Kanye West

Rules of Life Kanye West

ALL, I had quite recently - it's my ego.

TA ALARM (car accident in 2002) has given me a whole new outlook on life - hinted that all the shares in the "now" and "probably never." All that we have - it is today, because I had gone yesterday, and tomorrow promised not to all.

Success for me - it is an opportunity to let the will of their ideas, so almost all the money I spend on something, to create something new.

If you want to come up with something - become a three-year. Just close your eyes and think of early childhood, which only you can remember. Then your ability to create and come up with was not limited by anything.

I THINK Most people are not comfortable to live with their dreams. Therefore, it is so hard to accept the dreams of others.

Do anything, there are rules. There are rules in fashion, and they require people to dress in all black. There are rules in the art, and they require bright galleries. There are rules in concrete buildings and brick walls. There is even a rule that should look like Brooklyn apartment. But the dream there are no rules. This dream is simply not set at naught.

I would like the music to be three-dimensional, like a hologram that shows R2-D2 in "Star Wars." INNOVATION overestimated. As I once said Steve Jobs, innovations do not bring money. Money brings their recurrence.

REP - it's just the new rock 'n' roll.

I could never see his own speech live, and this is the biggest disappointment that I can imagine.

As my grandmother, life - a public performance.

My grandfather's name was Portwood, and he - with sensitivity black southerner who grew up in Oklahoma - Donda called his daughter and then called her son Donda Kanye. These names are very futuristic and very worldly.

My mother read a lot ME AS A CHILD, but my bedtime stories were stories like that, why the sphinx no nose.

There are things that I UNDERSTAND; there are things you do not understand; there are things that I want to save his memory, and there are things that I want to talk. But when it comes to love, I do not know what to say. I'm just happy that I have it.

Kim (Kim Kardashian, West's wife) is much more beautiful than I am talented.

When I think about a certain beautiful, I think of the stormy sky, which emphasizes and draws the contours of the buildings. You only need to lift up his head.

It offends me when talking to me, people use musical analogy. Type easier to my level. ME interested in people, I'm interested in the society, I'm interested in the tools of inspiration, I'm interested in those who believe in myself - I do a lot of interests. But sometimes publicly spit on something that is interested in the most.

COMFORT gives me no pleasure.

Class division of society - this is a new racism. This is discrimination on the basis of your children to go and how much you earn in which school. But for me, my driver is more important than the head of any company. He is more important than all those who comes to my house and grab a glass of champagne.

Who wants to be first class, and someone wants to be a business class. But when the plane crashes, kills all.

Two things can happen: I could be right and I may be wrong. But if you look at the last ten years, I have probably been right.

What I am saying be believed by 90 percent, but in fact it is better not to believe at all. I can take you all fooled. You and the whole world, all the time.

I would like to dress up as a child.