11 tips in a difficult moment of Joseph Brodsky

• 11 boards in a difficult moment of Joseph Brodsky

11 tips in a difficult moment of Joseph Brodsky

It can hardly be called Joseph Brodsky optimistic outlook, however, a great poet, philosopher and provocateur was well aware that difficult situations in life can and must be fought.

We collected excerpts from lectures, interviews and works of the writer, which will help in a difficult moment to go back to the light.

Live simply, you only need to understand that there are people who are better than you. It is very easy life.

Losing independence is much worse than losing innocence.

No matter how disgusting or was your position, try not to blame external forces: history, state, bosses, race, parents, phase of the moon, childhood, late planting in the pot, etc. The moment you lay the blame on something.. then, you undermine your own determination to change something.

The world probably will not be able to save, but the individual is always possible.

Try not to pay attention to those who try to make your life miserable. There will be a lot - both in official positions, and self-appointed. Bear with them, if you can not avoid them, but as soon as you get rid of them, forget about them immediately. The most reliable protection against evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even - if you want - eccentricity. That is something that is impossible to fake, to play, to imitate; that can not afford even a hardened crooks.

Loneliness teaches the essence of things because their essence is the same loneliness.

In life, in his behavior, I have always proceeded from the fact: as it turns out - and so it turns out. Subsequently - if grammatically such a time exists at all - everything, in short, become more or less in place.

People came out of the age when the rights were strong. For this purpose, the light too weak. The only rightness - kindness. From evil, anger, hatred - let called righteous - no one wins. The conditions of existence are too heavy to be more complicated.

I know from my own experience that the less information your brain receives, the stronger imagination works.

Do not be an idiot! Whether it be what others were not.