Rules of Life Truman Capote

• Rules of Life Truman Capote

Rules of Life Truman Capote

I'm as tall as a shotgun, and the volume we have is about the same.

More than anything, I wanted to be a tap dancer. I am endlessly inventing and working out the rooms - my household were ready to kill me.

THEN I wanted to play guitar and sing in nightclubs. I saved up money for a guitar and took lessons all winter, but the only thing I could perform, was the unpretentious I Wish I Were Single Again. I'm so sick of it that one day I just gave a guitar to a stranger at a bus stop.

I ABSOLUTELY HORIZONTAL WRITER. I can not think while you will not lie - either in bed or on the sofa with a cigarette and coffee. I need to be tightened and sip. In the afternoon, I switch from coffee to mint tea, then at the sherry and martini.

The first draft I WRITE PENCIL. Then I bring all the changes - also with a pencil; This is the second draft. Third I type on a special yellow paper. I do not get out of bed - keep the machine on your lap. I pretty well: I can print at a speed of one hundred words per minute. When the yellow draft is ready, I save it - for a week, a month, sometimes longer. When I get it, then I read as much as possible impartial - and I think what changes are necessary to make and if I want to publish it. But if all goes well, I type the final version on white paper - and all.

Finished the book - it's like take the child into the yard and shoot.

I learned to read when I was four years old in the first grade, I read as a high school student. Because of this, oddly enough, I had some problems - teachers, this fact somehow offended.

Childhood I spent among these people and in places where the word "culture" was an empty phrase. I was considered a bit eccentric - it must be said, are not unfounded, and stupid - what I am, of course, I took offense. TOO EARLY I learned to swim against the current, and in some cases I have acquired the knack of barracuda, especially in the art of communication with the enemy.

I despise their schools - I changed them one after another, year after year, and do not have time for simple things - they caused my boredom and disgust. I skipped classes at least twice a week and all the time running away from home.

One day I ran away with his girlfriend in front of the house - the girl much older than me, who would later become famous in some way. She killed half a dozen people - and it was executed in the electric chair.

As a child I had "the book again", where every morning I wrote down his dreams.

I was twelve, when the director of the school told my family that I was retarded. He believed that it would be reasonable and even humane to send me to a school for special children. My family members were offended and to prove my usefulness, I was sent to a psychiatric research center to test IQ. I returned home a genius - in terms of science. I do not know who was more shocked - my teachers who refused to believe it, or my parents, who did not want to believe it - they wanted something that I was just an ordinary boy. Ha! I was incredibly pleased with himself - he studied himself in all the mirrors, puffed out his cheeks and then compared himself with Flaubert, Maupassant is a, Mansfield, Proust, Chekhov or Wolfe.

I started writing with desperate zeal - I think, I have not slept properly for several years. So it was up until I discovered that whiskey helps me relax. I was too young - fifteen years - most to buy it, but my friends are older kindly helped me, and I soon acquired a suitcase full of all kinds of bottles - from blackberry brandy and bourbon.

I understand that I want to be a writer, but he was not sure that they will, until I was fifteen. Then I began to shamelessly send their stories to magazines. Once, when I was seventeen, I got the first, second and third positive response to the same morning's mail. I almost went crazy with happiness. Imagine that the whole week you eat only apples. Sure, you'll lose them appetite and be thoroughly familiar with their tastes. At the time of writing the story, I do not feel her hunger, but I fully know the nuances of its taste.

I have a feeling that I did not have a single quiet moment in my life - those times when I took Nembutal, do not count.

SHARE OF STRESS as we approach the date of delivery of the manuscript is in my favor.

I read everything, including labels, recipes and advertisements. I have a passion for newspapers - I read all the New York dailies, all the Sunday editions and several foreign magazines. Those who do not buy, - I read at the counter.

In an average week I have to swallow five books, and the average value of the novel read through a couple of hours.

I'm obsessed with style - types like me are famous for their zealous attitude towards the placement of commas and semicolons. This madness takes me a lot of time and bring to a white heat.

THERE IS A BEAST as a writer without style. But this is not a writer, it's sweaty pechatalschik plaguing tons of paper for its formless, blind, deaf messages.

Perfectionism - a disease. I would write five times as much, if not hurt by it.

One time I use Notepad for the plot outline. But I realized that it kills the idea in my mind. If the image is good enough, if it is really yours, then you will not forget it - it will haunt you until you can not record it.

"VOTE HERB" - the only autobiographical thing of all that I have written, and, of course, we all thought that she was fictional.

AFTER-WORK in the light I want to hear nothing but praise.

I receive and I receive plenty of insults, but now it does not bother me. I can read most insulting slander - my pulse is not even involved. Never drops prior to the discussion with the critic. Write letters to the editor in his imagination, but not on paper.

I never write, just physically unable to write lyrics, for which I can not pay.

I'm superstitious. I pile up all the numbers in the mind: there are people who I do not call, because the sum of digits in their room - an unlucky number. For the same reason I refuse rooms at the hotel. I can not stand the presence of yellow roses, which is sad, because it's my favorite flower. I never leave it in the same ashtray over three cigarette butts. I do not fly on a plane with two nuns. Nothing begin and end on Friday. The list of things I can not or do not want to do is endless. But I gain an unusual sense of calm when the primitive follow these rules.

JOURNALISM - the most underrated and unexplored literary genre.

Twelve years ago, I began to learn to write the interview without a voice recorder. A friend read me passages from the book - and I wrote them down later and compared with the original. After fifteen years of practice, I did it to record 95% of the original text.

People do not like when they are described in the book. I showed a few pieces of "cold-blooded murder" of five of his heroes - and each of them badly wanted to change something. I made only one edit - it was some kind of stupid, but people genuinely believed that his whole life goes wrong, if I do not do.

STORY I see the most complex and demanding form of prose that has come down to our days. The story can destroy the wrong rhythm in a sentence - especially if the error is near the end - or the wrong division into paragraphs, even a punctuation mark.

Henry James - King with a semicolon. Hemingway masterfully divides the text into paragraphs. Virginia Woolf did not write a single sentence, which would hurt the ears.

In the literature there their legitimate perspectives and chiaroscuro, both in painting and in music. If they do you understand from birth - great. If not, learn them. After that you can alter the rules for themselves. I'm very impatient person.

IF I could change something in your life, it would be my bank account.

IDEA ROCK AND ROLL implies a form of spontaneity, though there is no spontaneity there is no trace. I saw a dozen show The Rolling Stones - they do not differ from each other by one iota. It's like a ballet where every move in advance rehearsed many times. I even thought that the same people are in the room.

Bowe - GENIUS.

I tried to write for five hours a day, but I spend two of them on the small stuff. I am one of the greatest grinders pencils in the world.

Richer CAN GIVE YOU Rembrandt at Christmas, but if you need to borrow five dollars, it is better not to ask for it a rich man.

BENEFITS OF FAME only one - you obnalichat check even in a small town.

VENICE - it seemed at once to eat a box of chocolates with liquor.

I am an American and would never have traded their nationality for any other.

It is a scientifically proven fact - if you live in California, you lose every year for his score of IQ.

The better Actor - the more stupid he is.

ORANGE - perfect creations of Nature.

Life - is a decent play with a badly written third act.

PLUS masturbation that does not need to dress up for it.