40 kinds of fraud, which is necessary to be afraid to travel

40 kinds of fraud, which is necessary to be afraid to travel

Even in the seemingly "civilized" countries, you risk to be the center of attention of dishonest people. Of course, somewhere in the probability is higher, somewhere below, but the scammers are everywhere.

1. Friendship Bracelet

To you someone comes and offers friendship bracelet. Regardless of your answer, you try to take his wrist and trying to put on a bracelet, asking for payment. It may also serve to distract your attention while an accomplice rummaging through your pockets.

Spread: in Paris, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Cairo.

2. A Rose for your woman

At that moment, when you're with your girlfriend / wife / mistress to you man approaches and offers her a rose. Then he asks utter amount, and if you refuse, it will expose you to ridicule as the greedy and the poor.

Spread: in Paris, Rome, Barcelona.


Found ring

Directly in front of you woman "find" a ring and ask, not whether you have lost it. When you say "no", it will examine it and tell you that it is made of pure gold. And then prompt you to buy it. And rest assured, the price will be much, much higher than the real value.

Spread: in Paris.

4. Abandoned baby in your hands

To you fit a woman and throws her baby (usually a doll) directly into your hands. When you're shocked it picks up and try to figure out what's going on, you have accomplices rummage through his pockets or purse.

Spread: in Rome.

5. Outdoor games

A timeless classic. the game is generally used "in thimbles." It uses three or more glasses that are "leading" to move quickly on the table, seemingly chaotic sequence. We need to guess under which of them is the ball. Typically, this view is used to distract your attention, yet clean out your pockets or purse.

Spread: in Paris, London.

6. Lost wallet

You see on the ground / floor wallet, as if stolen and discarded. Passing by, you instinctively check whether your own wallet on the ground. Thus, you are showing the viewer where are your money to later try to steal them.

Spread: in Rome, Ukraine.

7. The spot on your jacket

Someone quietly shed some liquid (anything from ketchup to fake bird droppings) on your coat or jacket. Then you point to the spot and offer to help him clean up. When you pass them clothes in hand, quietly clean out pockets.

Spread: in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro.

8. The shoe shiner

The man drops his shoe brush in front of you. When you raise it for him, he offers thank you shoe cleaning. At first it looks like a goodwill gesture of gratitude, but at the end you will be required to work with money.

Spread: in Istanbul.

9. Trader rosemary

Elderly woman offers a sprig of rosemary, which is a symbol of friendship. She grabs you by the hand and probably will ask you to tell fortunes. After which it will require money for services. And if you do not pay, will begin to curse you and your family, and very loudly and clearly.

Distributed by: Madrid, New Delhi.

10. Photographer

When you're shooting, especially when doing portraits of each other, friendly looking local man offers to take a picture of you together. At best, he then asks for money for his help, and at worst - will escape with your gadget.

Spread: throughout Europe.

11. Musician

Friendly and energetic person catches your attention when you pass by, and asked to evaluate his music, like handing a free CD. He will tell you that you would have had him a great service if allowed to listen to the music your friends at home. When you pick up the disc, it will ask to pay, and if you refuse, he will start with accomplices intimidate you until you pay. Spread: in New York.

12. Drug dealer

The taxi driver or rickshaw offers any drug, if you are going to a party or an evening stroll. When you make a transaction, there is a fake policeman grabs you and starts to extort a bribe for deliverance from prison.

Distributed by: Ko Phangan island, Thailand.

13. Expensive taxis

Some taxi drivers will try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the city or the countryside. They will choose the longer route, will stand in traffic jams on the counter to hand was bigger.

It spreads worldwide.

14. Night bus

It offers incredibly cheap long distance ride on the night bus. As a result, you will pay more than expected, because you will count charge for baggage, and even steal anything.

It spreads out in Bangkok.

15. The damage and replaced

Taxi drivers, waiters, salesmen and so on. D. "Accidentally" dropping your delivery and pick up looking the same amount. But at the same time replace coins and bills for other, less dignity.

Spread: in Asia.

16. Pierced wheel

Leased cars are often striking locals. They pierce the tires you one way or another, and then offer to help replace the wheel. As long as your attention is distracted, an accomplice steals from the interior of your stuff.

Spread: in San Jose.

17. Railway pickpockets

Filled train - one of the most popular places of "work" pickpockets.

Spread: in Europe.

18. Runaway taxi driver

When you arrive from the airport to the hotel, the taxi driver kindly pulls out from the trunk of your luggage. He hurry quickly gets into his car and drives off. And all because he could not draw one of the smallest and most obscure your bags or suitcases.

Spread: in Las Vegas.

19. The cashier your phone

The cashier at the store pretending that talking on the phone, serving you. But in fact, quietly photographing your bank card, then to make a copy of it.

Spread: in Barcelona.

20. The slow count

Cashier slowly counts your change and often pauses, in the hope that you will lose patience and either leave, or relief will take finally surrender that you counted out a lot less than you need.

Spread: in Europe.

21. An incredibly profitable ornaments

The friendly taxi driver or rickshaw says that the place where you are going, is already closed, and recommends to go somewhere else. When you arrive, you encounter "by chance" another good-natured, which tells how to buy diamonds or other precious stones at a local jewelry store, and then sells much more expensive at home. His task - to convince you to buy jewelry, decorations or even carpets, promising that you will sell them at a good profit at home.

Spread: in Bangkok, New Delhi.

22. Dr. Sly

"Doctor" after hours offers you to buy a fake doctor's license, saying that with their help, you can save a lot of money on travel insurance. Here are all insurance companies are aware of this and not conducted.

Spread: in New Delhi.

23. False policeman

To you fit the "police" and said that now there are many counterfeit money, so he needs to check your wallet. When he returns it, the money is stolen. Also, the "police" may ask for your passport or visa and pretend that there is some problem with your documents, requesting a reward for her decision.

Spread: in Mexico City, Bogota, Bucharest, Bangkok.

24. False ticket

While you're standing in line at the cash register, you fit one of the staff members (fake) offers tickets for more expensive, but the queue. Tickets are also forged in the aftermath. Spread: in Paris, London.

25. A local resident, longing to help

To you fit a nice man speaking in Russian, and offers to help with unknown ATM or ticket machines. It looks like unselfish help, but in fact it remembers your PIN, then to steal a wallet with credit card. May run away with cash.

Spread: in Europe.

26. Seller Card

For you to come up and offer to buy the card. It unfold in front of your face to showmanship, but it is a distraction while stealing from your pockets.

Spread: in Europe.

27. Mooch

Usually it is the old man / old woman or a pregnant woman begging you surrender at the store, shop or other places. Usually it looks harmless, but often their accomplices watch where you put the wallet. For the future.

It spreads worldwide.

28. Free massage

When you are lying relaxed on the beach, a man approaches you and offers massages. Even if you refuse, he'll try to do a little massage as a "probe" is free. But the beginning, he would try to do as much as possible, then to ask you a fee for a full session.

Spread: in Barbados, the Bahamas.

29. Casual

Attractive woman comes to a lonely man, a traveler, and begins to flirt. It will offer to go with her to a bar or club, and in the end you will bring nesusvetny account.

Spread: in Athens.

30. Warning pickpocket

Pickpockets pretend to be helpful and the locals tell you that he had just seen how someone stole a wallet or mobile phone, and advise you to be careful. They watch carefully where you check your phone and wallet lying. Later, trying to steal them.

Spread: in Europe.

31. Broken camera

Has anyone asked to take his picture or a group of his friends. Given into your hands the camera does not work, and when you return it, throw it, so that it broke. After that, you start to ask for compensation, and may also steal during a dispute.

It spreads worldwide.

32. Students who are learning English

Innocent looking girl is heard, as you say in English, and asked to help them practice the language. Their story soon turns into a sob story, and you ask for money. The same approach is used to invite you to the cafe, and thus repay. Account bring insane, and the girls somewhere to disappear.

Spread: in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an.

33. The free peanuts

When you sit at a table in a cafe, and offers a suitable person peanuts, put a vase with them. Once you touches them, he asks for payment.

Spread: in Rio de Janeiro.

34. Postcards

Poor-looking child hands you a pen and a card and asks for help to write a letter home. He talks about his poverty and provokes you a feeling of pity, to play on it and shake off some money with you.

Spread: in Rome.

35. An application for charity

A group of children, often pretending to be deaf, ask you to sign a petition for charity and make a donation. As you read the petition, their hands hidden folders, climb on your pockets.

Spread: in Paris.

36. Gipsy boys

A large group of children and adolescents Roma surrounds you in the street and loud and chaotic ask you for money or other handouts. May sell newspapers, opening in front of you and showing, while others climb into your pockets and bags.

Spread: in Rome, Milan, Florence.

37. Private Hotel

The taxi driver (in cahoots with swindlers) said that your hotel is closed for renovations, but he knew another place where you can stay. This hotel is in a bad area, and much more. Such places are often referred to as very similar to the popular hotels, to bring down tourists confused when they arrive, so they decided that the hotel is the right one, and pictures of the rooms on the website were incorrect. Spread: in Europe.

38. False call from reception

The kidnappers individuals call in your hotel room and pretend that this is a call from the reception. Asked to confirm the details of your credit card. Can call in the middle of the night, so that you too lazy to go down and find out everything.

It spreads worldwide.

39. Checking the numbers

Two "employees", dressed in the form of hotel, banging to your room for a routine inspection of premises. One distracts you talk, the other steals what is in plain sight.

Spread: in Barcelona and Madrid.

40. False menu

Under the door numbers slip fake menu, in the hope that you will call in it and will order something. You do not bring, instead, make a duplicate of your credit card.

Spread: in the United States.