"Rover": 7 interesting facts about the mysterious dystopia with Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce

• "Rover": 7 interesting facts about the mysterious dystopia with Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce

Film "Rover" with Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in the lead roles was absolutely polar reviews worldwide. Someone called the film a brilliant metaphor for the near future, someone - a grim and unconvincing statement on the topic of violence in today's society.

The story takes place in the near unfavorable and dangerous future in Australia, where after the collapse of the world financial market, still remain profitable mines Australian desert. In this world, like the Wild West, a human life is worth little, basic goods are gasoline and ammunition, and strangers talking, usually pointing a gun at each other.

After the premiere of the film in the press often sounded a parallel between the "Rover" and was loved by the audience, "Mad Max." In fact - and here and there the action spins on the background of post-apocalyptic degradation of society. But as noted by the director of the film, David Michaud, his film is not about how cool to drive on a deserted road and skirmish with ostervenevshimi of permissiveness maniacs, but about that scorched desert, which turns into a comfortable civilized country, where died everything in it that before It binds and unites people.

The work on the preparation of the script, which is usually performed Michaud himself in long and dreary creative quest, this time he shared with Joel Edgerton. I must say that the harsh laws of the Australian outback Edgerton know firsthand, wandering in the wild in Australia has dropped its share of the cinematic. Once he tried to escape from the persecution of the colonial government in company with Heath Ledger - Australian Robin Hood 19th century Ned Kelly ( "Ned Kelly"), who was hanged in spite of public petitions for clemency. Wild manners Australian wilderness experienced the well and Guy Pearce in the crime drama John Hillcoat "Offer", where his character, partly compelled by circumstances, partly in righteous anger, stress kills his older brother-bandit.

David Michaud, speaking in the film not only as a director but also a writer, originally wrote the character of the protagonist - who, curiously enough - never calls in the film in his own name - especially under Guy Pearce.

The painting was preceded by their debut, enthusiastically greeted by festivals and film media David Michaud "According to the laws of the wolf", which tells about the crime family disintegration 80s, and similar to "Rover" the atmosphere of a certain lethargy and despair.

In spite of his "art house" film was well received by film critics, receiving positive reviews including Russian publications such as "Gazette", Time Out, Rolling Stone, Interview, Empire and others.

"Rover" became a member of the non-competitive program of the Cannes Film Festival 2014 year.