11 life lessons from John Lennon

11 life lessons from John Lennon

John Lennon lived a short, but extremely bright, fruitful and eventful life. He left to posterity not only invaluable musical heritage, but also its own particular philosophy.

In honor of the memory of the famous Beatles band member who was on 8 December publish the most famous sayings of the musician interviews and letters.

Love - that's all you need, but it requires effort

Love - this is the perfect plant. You can not just take it out, put in a closet and think that it will grow there by itself. You have to water it. You have to really take care of it and cherish every day.

Love is like a flower - you have to let it grow.

If we want peace, we can declare it now

The world - it's not what you want; this is what you do, what you are and what you give.

Declare it. Similarly, we declare war. Only in this way will we have peace. We just need to declare it.

If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then the world would not exist.

We can find God within

I believe in God, but not in a thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God lives inside all of us.

I believe that Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and all the others were telling the truth. Just came translation is not entirely faithful to us.

Fantasy real

I believe in everything until it's disproved. I believe in fairies, myths, dragons. All of this exists, even if is only in your mind.

Surrealism had a great effect on me, because I realized that the images in my head were not crazy. To me, Surrealism - a reality. The reality lives through imagination.

We must be those who we have

I'm not going to change the way of vision or attitude to match anything. I've always been a freak. I have been a freak all my life, and I live with it, well, you know. I'm one of those weird people.

No matter what the length of my hair or the color of my skin, I am a man or a woman. It all does not matter.

Strange not to be strange.

You do not need someone who will tell you who you are. You are who you are!

Do not let others decide for you

Traditions are important. Nowadays it is fashionable to be unmarried. And I'm not interested to live for fashion.

Like all impossible - if you try, then you will end up not going to like anyone. Just be who you are.

Glory - it's not as cool as everyone thinks

Postman wants an autograph. The taxi driver wants a picture. The waitress wanted to shake hands. Everyone wants a piece of you.

It is - how to be heart of the hurricane. Imagine that you would wake up at a concert and thought, wow, I here?

Materialism overvalued

Wealth nine-tenths dishonest. It - nine-tenths of the problems.

I was asked in an interview, what is more important: money or love? I told the journalist that if he is asked a question, you will not understand the answer.

Take pride in your work

To be selfish - to believe in what you do, I am proud to call me that. I believe in their skills and not afraid to assert this.

My role in society, as well as the role of any artist's or poet, is to express their feelings. Do not tell people how to feel, not to be a preacher, but to be a reflection.

The family - this is the main

He has not got out of my stomach, but my God, I did it, I was involved in every crumb, which he ate, I watched him sleep, and he swims like a fish because I took it to the ocean . I'm so proud of all of these things. But he - my greatest pride!

I can be alone without Yoko, but then I just will not desire to be. There's no reason on earth why I should be the one without Yoko. There is nothing more important than our relationship, nothing. And we enjoy the fact that we are together. We could live separately, but then left to live for? I'm not going to sacrifice love, real love for the sake of some whore or other, or business, because in the end we find ourselves apart, does not want any one of us. And you can not fill the bed with their groupies. This does not work. I do not want to be a swinger. I've already been through all this, and say that there is nothing better than to have someone one who loves you.

You can get rid of the fear of

Why are we here in this world? Certainly not to live in pain and fear.

I'm not afraid of death, because he did not believe in it. It's just to get out of one car and sit in the other.