10 examples of unacceptable behavior in cafes and restaurants

The Internet is full of horror stories about the food and drinks. The food is a harmful, the waiters hamovatye - and this is the softest charges. We are so fond of the phrase "the customer is always right", that just that - immediately declare their rights to complain and run.

We offer a look at the problem through the eyes of restaurateurs and waiters. Here are a dozen of the worst, according to them, types of visitors cafes and restaurants.

10 examples of unacceptable behavior in cafes and restaurants

1. Searchers better place

In Daniel Harms has an anecdote about the French, who gave a sofa, four chairs and a chair, but he was unable to find where is convenient. In the end, after sitting all by turns, he sat in a chair with the words: "That's where the good!", But then added: "And on the sofa is probably better."

Many customers cafes long torn between tables and just can not decide, or outraged, why they put not where they want.

In fact:

"Behaving them to the table, and they show voooon to those places in the other end of the hall, and there sit only the third time. What the heck? This is not Burger King. We try to please you, but also must follow the tables and seating arrangements uniform. "

"If you put in a given table, then the waiter who serves it, is not as loaded as the others. The idea is that correct seating guarantees you the best service. "

2. Parents with unruly children

"I hate it when your kids whine and scream, but you do not pay attention. Believe surrounding hate you even more. " "Sometimes we get the family company seated children at a separate table and wait for the waitress all this time will be their nanny, and in the end also will report, whose child had ordered."

"I hate it when parents allow children to plant on the table pigsty, eat with your hands and make a mess at his feet, so that then need cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Keep track of your moody offspring! "

3. drunken Lovelace

"Nobody forbids flirting, but do not dare to stare lustfully, do the dirty hints and even more to touch waitresses. You do not do so with the saleswomen in shops or to the cashier at the bank! "

"Do you like it if intoxicated client will be filled up to your office and begin to stick in the middle of work? Just do not say that this is not the same: it is exactly the same thing. "

"Most often, men are behaving casually with waitresses that much younger than them, so let them know that they are just for them" dirty old men. "

4. The imaginary allergies

"Fed the middle class now, you see, eating only the" right food ", but on the advice of nutritionists, and on the advice of various fashion bloggers invent God knows what. And most importantly, they're lying waiters, giving their whim for this allergy - to gluten, milk, all in a row. "

"If you do not enjoy any specific products, it's ok - honestly tell us, and we will recommend you the dishes without any, as far as possible, do not add them to your morning. But when you're lying, that you are allergic to the food stands completely in vain, "because you have ears. However, if a person has a real allergy, identifying doctors, then the kitchen will do their best to avoid being provoked. Just do not forget to warn before ordering!

"We are very serious about this allergy. So if you suddenly remembered about it already once we began to eat, we fall into a panic. "

5. "Telephone maniacs"

"Even educated people behave like complete idiots when they have in the hands of the mobile phone. One day I was watching a guy who popped 10 minutes on the phone, ignoring the girl and waving away the waiter approaches to take the order. By the time he graduated, he already hated by all visitors within a radius of two tables. "

"As hostess and waitress, I hate it when you go to the cafe, still talking on the phone and tried to explain to me facial expressions and gestures. I'm not deaf and not deshifrovschitsa secret signs! "

"It's very annoying when customers put mobile phones on the table, because we can do something about them accidentally spill."

6. The blackmailers

According to restaurateurs, it is the worst of all customers. Typical scenario: they order the most expensive dishes and wines, receive services at the highest level, and then require a discount or free service threatened to write a bad review on the internet, for example, on the TripAdvisor website.

Having been refused, they heartily vilify good restaurants - if you take a check, then these false negative reviews would be quite a few, say the owners of establishments. Therefore, they can not stand such sites "popular opinion", which can be neither verified nor refuted.

7. dividers account

"Classics of the genre: a table of 10 people, who are divided by the principle of" every man for himself ", a half-hour recall, but who drank glasses of wine, and paying the 10 th bank cards. For God's sake, do not behave like a cheapo, and do not hold your waiter, who have other tables! Agree among themselves, even if someone has one or at most two, to pay for everything, and then you calculate. Or divide by evenly and pay in cash. "

8. Skuperdyai

In Russia, the tip has not yet become a duty, as in many other countries, but in the capital and big cities, it has become a common practice (of course, unless the service was terrible in truth). Sites for travelers is advisable to leave in the Russian cafes and restaurants 10-15% of the check amount, and in restaurants of higher category - no more than 10%.

For comparison: in any decent British Café offers from 12, 5% tip, but in America you would like a lamb to pay for 20%.

"Especially enraged visitors that all the evening were nice and friendly with the waiters, and then left the infamous tip. It looks obscenely petty. "

And customers are bullied employees when receiving a discount on the bill, tipped with a smaller amount, or do not leave anything.

"Even if your account has been reduced because of some stupid coupons, please leave a decent tip. We did run the same amount of work, in spite of your rebate. "

9. "Thieves"

"Even if you are familiar with the owner of the establishment, not to tell the waiter - is, as we say in Russia," cheap show-off. " You want some special relationship to himself because of love? And contact the owner directly, even before the arrival of the restaurant. "

10. Snappers

"Imagine that you beckon the snap of his fingers. Scandals, even though you are not to blame. Imagine that, running back and forth to 7 hours a day, you listen to some drunken idiot who threatens to turn your life into hell. All this is not even about the customer café, and about what it takes to be a good person. "

And finally, a couple of useful tips:

- Do not stack plates and cutlery, trying to help the waiters - is, on the contrary, it complicates the task.

"It is better to leave the dishes as they are. But pass it to the waiter if it is difficult to reach - that's very helpful. "

- Do not put garbage in the cups and glasses.

"I had to get out of the cups wrappers from straws, napkins, candy wrappers, even coins. This infuriates! Do you think that we shake each cup into the trash? No, it all falls into the sink! "