15 Russian oddest people

people living among us who are a little different from everyone else. Their appearance, behavior, actions or unusual enthusiasm. Many consider them eccentric, but without them the world would definitely be less vivid and interesting.

We asked colleagues from different parts of our vast country to talk about fellow countrymen who struck them, fascinated or shocked - and possibly even forced to revise the outlook on what is considered the norm.

15 Russian oddest people

Man-platypus from Perm

15 Russian oddest people

Eugene Bolotov - bodimodifikator, he is experimenting on their appearance. On his lips plate, the bottom stretched to 60 mm, top 33 mm. And he plans to stretch their "ad infinitum". He stretches and earlobes made tunnels in the nose between the nostrils and now can safely pass even a pencil. And he pierced himself nasal cartilage, and now his nose was bent, like plasticine. Jack is very proud of the fact that he is the only owner of such a piercing on the planet.

- No, children do not cry - laughing 27-year-old designer Perm. - People sometimes point the finger, smiling at the sight of me, asked to be photographed with them.

True, the man complains: Permian in hazardous areas have to face in case closed. Yet it is unclear how real boys meet hi on the dark street that not all in the Urals understand and accept such "beauty".

The Snow Maiden from Togliatti

15 Russian oddest people

From the back Galina Kuterevoy can not give more than 20 years: a slim girlish figure and long hair. Only on closer inspection is noticeable that they are gray. Seeing how it goes in the cold through the snowdrifts in a sundress and sandals, people are frightened. Drivers stop and offer a warm and lift. Many men are willing to take off her jacket and carry Galina home. But it is always a laugh in response. "I'm not cold in winter, and in summer it is not hot. I present Snow Maiden ". But it was not always in the childhood Galina was allergic to the cold, over the years, there was a whole bunch of diseases, from cancer to diseases of the joints. She enrolled in the longevity of the school, was treated for several years, drenched in water, doing exercises on the joints. And now it feels fine. Also save on clothes, because in winter it does not need any coat or jacket. In an extreme case, a warm sweater of angora.

The Janitor artist from Izhevsk

15 Russian oddest people

For our '52 Semen Bukharin worked and fire, and a miner. Three years ago he retired. I got a janitor at the school. Then I do not think that this is where he is, a decorator by training, will find his calling. Instead of brushes - a shovel. Instead of canvas - the school yard.

15 Russian oddest people

The idea to create the snow came spontaneously - advised the students. They also become grateful audience. Semen Bukharin is not eager for glory. He says it's all for the kids. Shkolota answered calls him a great artist.

The boy-magnet of the Omsk region

15 Russian oddest people

a second-grader from the village Kohl Water, which is 160 kilometers from Omsk, became the hero of the Internet. The news of the pupils, to which the body stick coins, spoons, ladle, spread throughout Russia, and even appeared on the pages of foreign publications. "We celebrated 4 years, dabbled with spoons, I have it stuck to the nose. Then he remembered, tried it, "- responds to a question about Kohl's how he discovered his superpowers.

Lady Gaga look-alike from Samara

15 Russian oddest people

It is now exactly Sasha Gusev at the boy did not like: long straight hair, thin waist, tall chest, bright makeup. This made her surgeons. At age 17 she changed her sex. Doctors have found in Novosibirsk Clinic: Hormone preparations, complex operation worth 900 thousand rubles, and many months of rehabilitation. Then there were three more operations and nine corrections of the face and body. Woman Who other than Lady Sasha called. This name stuck to it thanks to the new image. A girl stands in a show of twins, copy Lady Gaga. The first performances went to cheer. Now samarchanka using similarity with the star, earns a good idea at corporate parties. The images she thinks, and costumes helps her mother to sew.

The girl with a tattoo on his face from Saransk

15 Russian oddest people

The Russian tattoo artist Ruslan Tumanyants from Saransk became notorious throughout the world after the 56 stars painted on the face of a teenage girl from Belgium and on the face of his new girl - his own name capital letters. A new "victim" Ruslan name Lesya, they were born in the same city. She allowed us to make a tattoo on his face just a day after they met. The boys met at "Facebook". Now, on the face of Lesya flaunts the name "Ruslan", written in large Gothic letters. Les explained that she did it out of love and devotion to her lover.

15 Russian oddest people

Ruslan Tumanyants

"For a month chatting experience, we realized that we have great feelings for each other and the common purpose in life - said Les. - Meeting in Moscow only confirmed our love and desire to be together for life. I chose a font and draw a sketch. Why the face? Because I wanted to show that the most important thing in my life - this is my love, and the name of the most important person in my life Ruslana. We are proud to wear his name on my face! I love him very much!"

83-year-old athlete from Dagestan

15 Russian oddest people

Abdurahman Abdulazizov set a world record by managing to lift the load to 81, 5 kg. It is nearly thirty kilos more than the previous weight of 53 kilograms, which raised the hair athlete from Poland Johanna Savicka in 2011. Abdulazizova record was recorded with the utmost rigor and hit the Guinness Book of Records.

The girl with the face of Barbie and Ken muscles from Saratov

15 Russian oddest people

The huge eyes half-face, full lips and a mop of curly hair - about the face of Julia Vince and I want to say "girl this girl." And now omit the eyes as follows: biceps, triceps, cubes on her belly ... and back all mountain terrain. Girl from Saratov can pick up and raise above the head of the adult man, even two, if they are not too well-fed. In training this athlete with a doll face lifts in the bench press 100 kilograms in the deadlift - 160-180 kg in squat - 170 kilograms. At the same time she pauerliftersha weighs only 64 kg! And she's only 18 years old! Now the girl who took up powerlifting because it hurt in school, more than 9000 friends in social networks. Many of them call themselves fans of Julia. She was recognized in the love fans from across the country about it is removed transmission in Japan, China and America.

Lucifer from Perm

15 Russian oddest people

In Perm, a young couple named their son Lucifer.

- We're not goths, we just informal - laughing mother Natasha.

It is generally very active, despite the aggressive jewelry with spikes, shaved head and black robes. And these desperate wedding played on Friday, December 13, 2013.

- A son so wanted to call my husband, and initially for me the choice was too bold. But I am very hard to give birth Lyutsika, he was born and the day he lived suffocated connected to a respirator. And then I turned to Lucifer. I promised him, if the baby survives, will call his son after him. So Lucifer became the patron saint of our son.

King cents from Novosibirsk

15 Russian oddest people

60-year-old pensioner Yury Babin - known character in Novosibirsk. Back in the 1990s, he began to collect the coins are pennies, so much so carried away that his whole house was filled trifle. It is everywhere: on the floor, in pots with flowers on the windowsills. Altogether Babina many as 7 tons of coins! The journalists jokingly nicknamed unusual numismatist King cents. Babina even invited to the Congress weirdos in New York, however, due to the financial problems of such a tempting offer Siberian, had to be abandoned. Former military decided to change his name to a very unusual - President of Great-Russia-Babin. That's right, four words and a hyphen! Employees registrar him this was refused, citing the fact that the name can not consist of several words in different cases. In general, it seems, family dispute will allow only the court.

Piper L. from Kaliningrad

15 Russian oddest people

Alexander L. Smirnov (or simply L., as he is called) - is a person walking across a city in a chimney sweep dress, never misses a major holiday in Kaliningrad. "I was on the holidays no one is calling - I'll come back", - he says. House master chimney sweep in Kaliningrad turned into a fortress, which continues to be built on a daily basis. Windows insane shapes L. decorate home-made tiles. Furniture, too, makes itself. Over the past year on its territory there was a house that is called the Museum of L. chimney sweep.

Inside the house, the fortress is something like a studio theater, costumes are made from household waste and foam. According to our hero, he is now planning to shoot the film, which will be attended and nymphs - the girls in fancy dresses, accompanying him everywhere.

The man-patter from Novosibirsk

15 Russian oddest people

In fact, parents guy got quite a simple Russian name - Alex, but he is not on the passport other than Lomion Horvegraug Morion Nornoros Yaere, a'Moritarnon. Total 45 letters! Since childhood heroes favorite books of the boy were the knights, and the university he became an avid rolevikov and reconstructor, even the master medieval chainmail yes helmets. And one day, he said, thinking about his roots. Allegedly found the names of ancient ancestors, who were Poles, and put them into a new verbal construction. A long, she, however, came out - a lot of ancestors were. Even after all possible reductions name happened is that the language is broken. When the crank came to the registrar to change the passport data, the staff, of course, puzzled. But scratching their heads, looked through laws and adopted a statement .... But where to go? By law, a Russian citizen has the right to be called as he pleases. Soon knightly name to occupy positions in the passport - somehow it fit. But friends call Man just and without any insignia - Morionych.

The man - the steel jaws of Togliatti

15 Russian oddest people

Ravil Kravchuk nicknamed Rabbi great in front of the crowd craned their teeth three cars total weight of more than four tons - and dragged them as much as 20 meters! "For me to smuggle 4 tons - not a record, - says the athlete. - I still can not! In 2002, at the bottom of the Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II's birthday, I reached double-decker bus in which there were a hundred passengers weighing about 7 tons. This achievement was recorded by the Commission of the Guinness Book of Records. By the way, where I was the only Russian who spoke. " To achieve impressive results, Ravil dedicated to extreme sports for 20 years. First athlete lifted weights teeth, then the 10- and 50-kilogram pancakes and eventually trained muscles of the jaw to the extent that it can hold the barbell weighing 120 kg! However, during a stunt in Ravil teeth broke, so we had to insert the implants.

Vedeveshnitsa from Ekaterinburg Julia

15 Russian oddest people

The father of two children, a gambler footballer and renowned sports journalist Yekaterinburg suddenly changed the flooring. And this is not an anecdote. Jura for many years worked as a sports columnist for the newspaper "On change!", Then the press service of the Sverdlovsk police, which he left in the newspaper "Ural worker". It is a lovely, well, maybe a bit gloomy guy, football player, sports fan. And then it seemed to have changed. I started drinking hormonal pills that are etched from its beautiful appearance masculine traits. Army khakis prefer pink skirts. Finally, friends began to ask him to call Julia.

Jura - a former paratrooper. Twice married, twice divorced and has two children. "Little girls changed like a glove!" - discussing behind his former colleagues of the Jura. Or Julia ...

78-year-old student from Kiselevsk

Retired from Kiselyovsk (Kemerovo region) Alexander Kuzmich Trusov receives the fourth degree (first humanitarian - after three technical). He is now in his second year. And when he will receive a diploma, he will have 82 minutes a year! But he himself superstudentom, extreme, original and eccentric does not consider. And an increased interest in him on the part of students, to cry in his address concerns patiently as his grandfather - to grandchildren.