Animals that are able to move through the water

In our today's list - amazing wildlife species, which are able to move through the water:

1. basilisk lizard (Basilisk Lizard)

Animals that are able to move through the water

Basilisk lizard also known as Jesus Christ Lizard, hiding from predators falling from the top of the tree and escaping along the surface of the water, which is under the tree. They can run the order of 4 to 5 meters, having developed an impressive rate of one and a half meter per second.

Long toes on their hind legs of these lizards are interconnected webs so quickly splashing his hind legs in the water, they create air pockets that do not allow them to go into the water unless they maintain their speed. When they still go into the water, they can swim. However, they prefer to run on water, to avoid the risk of being eaten by aquatic life.

2. Brazilian lygodactylus (Brazilian Pygmy Geckos)

Animals that are able to move through the water

This tiny lizard is not just charming, she is also talented. Due to its light weight and waterproof skin, the gecko can easily walk on the surface of the water. Since the gecko so tiny (they are smaller than many of the insects that live in the Amazon rainforest), he runs the risk of drowning in even the smallest puddle - scientists believe that this is why, and develop their ability to walk on water.

3. Water striders

Animals that are able to move through the water

Water striders are a family of water striders, distinguished by their ability to walk on water. They can do this thanks to a water-repellent legs that help increase the water surface tension, equally distributing the weight of the insect's body on all its legs. Their movements also help them move through the water. They are repelled by a pair of secondary lugs, making a circular motion similar to the motion of oars and slide forward on water.

4. Hunting Spider (Fishing Spiders)

Animals that are able to move through the water

Spider-hunters, also known as dolomedes are semi-aquatic insects that live near bodies of water, where they hunt. They are waiting on the shore near the pond until you notice the ripples on the water and then run through the water to catch prey. Water also helps them avoid predators, because they can hide just beneath the surface, enveloping his body with tiny bubbles. While most spiders are hunters feeds on insects, larger species can also eat small fish, tadpoles and frogs.

Like geckos, spiders, hunters can move through the water due to its low weight and an abundance of short water-repellent hairs on the body. Sometimes they float on the water, putting a few feet up, the wind carried them in the right direction. Their short hairs also allow bubbles form around their bodies when they are hidden under the surface of the water. In fact, they are so buoyant that they have for something to grasp, while under water, otherwise the water will push them to the surface, with a completely dry. Some species of spiders are hunters is under water for half an hour.

5. Dolphins

Animals that are able to move through the water

Given that they do not have legs, it is difficult to say that the dolphins "walk" on the water, but they are known for their ability to dance over the waves with their flukes. Unlike other animals that use their ability to walk on water as anyone evolutionary advantage, dolphins, according to scientists, are doing it purely for fun - for them it is the equivalent of the human dance.

The interesting thing is that while dolphins can "walk" with the tail, they almost never do this in the wild. Exceptions are cases when a group of wild dolphins nailed dolphin, which had previously been in captivity and trained.

6. The western grebe and Clark's Grebe (Western and Clark's Grebes)

Animals that are able to move through the water

As a western grebe, grebe and Clark have a unique and beautiful mating ritual called the "haste" in which a pair of birds run over water. Birds thrown forward over the body and are on their feet in the water while flapping their wings. Then, the pair runs on the water in unison for a distance of about 9 meters, making the pin 22 paw water per second.

These birds spend almost their entire lives in the water. They have short wings and strong legs, which is not very convenient for walking on land, but are essential for the mating ritual.

7. petrel

Animals that are able to move through the water

In contrast to the other animals in this list, this bird does not go on the water surface, but creates that impression. In fact, it floats near the surface of the water and down in her legs, grabbing prey. Paws bird is too weak to support her weight for more than a few steps. Because of this, it seems that it can go longer in the water than on land.

8. Heron on the hippopotamus

Animals that are able to move through the water

Herons really can not walk on water, but a bird in the video looks as if she is impossible - as long as the hippopotamus does not appear above the water surface, showing us what really is the secret of a heron. It's over can not walk on water, but she crept up to it as closely as possible.