Rules of life Sharon Stone

• Rules of Life Sharon Stone

Rules of life Sharon Stone

Yes, I'm old. But I am enjoying this process.

In the first half of life your face - this is, with which you were born. In the second half - what you deserve.

Funny, but I do not understand that the attractiveness, until not watched "Basic Instinct."

I was in VUDIALLENOVSKIH "Stardust Memories" (film, 1980, where Stone first appeared on the screen -. Esquire). It was a small role, and I have not even opened her mouth, but this film gave me the feeling that I was finally in the movie and I'm moving to where always wanted to be.

YOU CAN cursed himself for what he did the first half of life, but it does not mean that in the second half you have to just play golf and do nothing.

I DO NOT WANT to mask your age. I just want to be a woman, who in his later years looks as good as possible.

When I was forty-something, I locked myself in the bathroom with a bottle of wine and said to myself: "I will not go out as long as I will not accept myself for who I am."

I am tireless. The mother says that I can sell ice to an Eskimo.

I had no luck with the most important things in life. I had no luck with health, and I had no luck with marriage, but I pulled myself together and just decided to go on living. I LIKE EASY get older - that's my goal. In 2001, I had a strong bleeding in the brain, so that the alternative to aging calm me well known. Blood to the brain for nine days. Survival rate after that I suffered a very small, but I somehow managed. Then I spent two years trying to learn how to walk again, talk and read. After this, any talk about wrinkles seem to me ridiculous.

As Winston Churchill said if you have to go through hell, go as quickly as possible.

ON EARTH will never be complete peace and tranquility. But they may exist in your head.

I think I obsessed with aromatherapy.

U.S. LIVES 400 THOUSAND blond Painted with identical noses identical giant lips, cheeks and perekroennymi white teeth. Did someone finds them attractive?

Ava Gardner was the most beautiful woman in the world. Why? She had nothing with him did not. She looked like a woman, and never tried to look like a girl.

TODAY IN MY LIFE ALL THREE MEN. This is my adopted children: Roan, Laird and Quinn.

When you look at THAT, AS grow your children, you will learn more about life and about themselves. If you really love your children, you have at home should always be a condom, and in an amount such that the children can take them without having to worry that someone will notice.

I do not think people assured of my heterosexuality. And all because some of my friends too much lesbian.

Never play cards with a man, whose name is Doc, never eat at a place called "Mom" and never have sex with those who have more problems than you.

Women's ability to fake orgasms, but men can fully mimic the relationship.

I LOVE OVEN, but almost never eat your cookies. I just like the look of raw dough.

TO 58 YEARS, I realized that beauty comes from within. In order to be beautiful, you have to do what you want to do, and do it every day. I've love to dance and dance to exhaustion.

A nun, I do not confuse.