Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

Thinking about a trip to Mexico, most people are likely to come to mind Acapulco and perhaps, Guanajuato.

If you go to this country for the first time, then, of course, these two areas should be in your itinerary, but if during the trip you want to see something interesting and surprising, then pay attention to these ten points, which will introduce you to the most unusual and Country Mexico attractions.

10. Island Puppet (La Isla de las Muñecas), Xochimilco (Xochimico)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

To the south of Mexico City, Xochimilco between the channels, there is a small island with a creepy atmosphere, which was never planned to do mass visiting place. This island is known as the "Island of the dolls," and he could not be the happiest place on Earth, it has become one of the most popular and unusual tourist attractions in Mexico.

Arriving on the island, you will see hundreds of creepy toys. They hang from the trees and lie on the ground, hanging on fences and ropes. Their dead eyes look at you silent reproach, and some instead of eyes - empty and eerie hole. Their dirty hair looks like a spider web, and the skin covered with flaky crust and started. Their swollen limbs scattered on the ground, and severed heads impaled on stakes ...

Once this island belonged to a local farmer named Don Julian Santana (Don Julián Santana). Legend has it that he saw in 1950, as the channel has sunk a little girl, and her spirit began to come to this place. Undeterred, Don Julian began collecting dolls, to protect themselves from ghosts. He picked them in landfills and hung around the island, though macabre Christmas decorations. For half a century it has collected more than a thousand of those little horrible monsters. The oldest doll is still on the island: it is hanging in his barn, distance reminding decaying corpse of the child. Locals say that at night the dolls move their arms, legs, and sometimes even hear them whisper. And yet, they say, on the island haunted, so those who want to get here, apart from curiosity, you need to have more and courage.

9. House "Shell" (Casa Caracol), Isla Mujeres (Isla Mujeres)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

Sponge-Bob Square Pants lived in a pineapple under the sea, so it makes sense to us, people live in a giant seashell.

House "Shell" is the most unique in the Caribbean and one of the most creative from an artistic point of view in the world. The design of this unusual house has developed its owner and part-famous Mexican surrealist artist Octavio Ocampo with his brother-architect Eduardo.

Under construction are used as cement and concrete, as well as shells, corals and other natural recycled materials found on the beach. The main idea was the desire to create a design in harmony with the environment and emphasizing the natural beauty of the island.

8. Church of San Juan Parangarikutiro (San Juan Parangaricutiro), Michoacan (Michoacán)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

In Mexico, there are thousands of amazing churches that are worth seeing, but the half-buried in the lava - one.

Located in the state of Michoacan, the church - the only thing that remains of the village of San Juan Parangarikutiro Parícutin after a volcanic eruption in February 1943.

Almost one year until the lava reached and melted the stone wall of the cemetery, which is located around a small church, but did not destroy the graves, leaving intact the bell tower and the altar. They say that during the eruption of the ringing of bells could be heard 3 kilometers. The volcano continues to erupt over the next 8 years, but this amazing church resisted. Many tourists come here to climb the volcanic rock and see the church, to stand in a natural disaster. Due to the influx of tourists from around the world it has become a major source of income for the region.

7. The giant wall drawing in Palmitas (Palmitas), DC Pachuca (Pachuca)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

This huge wall drawing (possibly one of the largest in the world) covers more than 20,000 m² of walls 209 Palmitas community houses, and its creation took 5 months.

The project is a joint work of the Government of Mexico and the youth of the community, united in the organization "Germen Crew", was aimed at improving the social life of the town. Joint street art work attracted the participation of members of 452 families - 1808 people!

6. Crystal Cave (Cueva de los Cristales), Nike (Naica), Chihuahua (Chihuahua)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

Located 300 meters under the ground near the town of Nike, this cave attracts incredibly giant selenite crystals.

However, you can get here only with special equipment (and even with it, you can stay here no longer than 20 minutes), as the high temperature (58 ° C) and humidity of 90-100% are the main obstacle for many tourists flows. But this is its uniqueness does not become smaller!

5. The volcano Parícutin (Paricutin Volcano), Michoacan (Michoacán)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

may have it and not say, but this sleep cone volcano is the youngest of formed in the Northern Hemisphere. This fact alone deserves to see it personally!

4. Cenotes Yucatan

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

Do not go to Mexico and not to visit the Yucatan Peninsula! And having gone to the Yucatan, it is impossible not to see the cenotes, the more so because it is a unique phenomenon found only in Mexico. They may look like some kind of magic cave, but in fact it is the limestone crater. Cenotes are formed as a result of failure in natural calcareous rock original wells filled with fresh ground water.

The Maya used for their intended purpose (for water), as well as sacrifices. Now they are bathed by many tourists attracted by clear water and natural beauty of these places. On the territory of the Yucatan there are several cenotes, each of which is impressive for its beauty.

3. Hierve el agua (Hierve el Agua), Oaxaca (Oaxaca)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

This place may look like a waterfall, but in fact it is a natural rock formation.

Hierve el Agua (which translated from Spanish means "the water boils") was formed over the centuries: mineral water saturated with calcium carbonate dripping from its top, forming stalactites and over time, forming here is a stunning stone waterfall.

In fact, there are two stone waterfall - Large (30 meters high) and small (12 meters high). The most visited - Small waterfall as reach him more easily. In addition, at the top there is a natural swimming pool with mineral water is good for health, so tourists do not miss a chance to swim in it, enjoying the opening with his stunning canyon views.

2. Las Pozas (Las Pozas), Hilitla (Xilitla)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

As a surrealist in nature, this unusual garden impresses with a quiet and serene atmosphere.

Las Pozas is a creation of Edward James (Edward James), an eccentric English poet, artist and patron of the Surrealist movement. Embodied in the reality of the British eccentric fantasy became an amazing work of art that is difficult to define by a single word - a garden, a park, a statue ... So you definitely worth a visit is the place to ourselves to answer this question!

1. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Reserva de la biosfera de la Mariposa Monarca), Michoacan (Michoacán)

Strange and unusual sights in Mexico

Every fall, monarch butterflies return from North America and accumulate whole bunches hanging from the trees in a wooded mountainous area in the state of Michoacan.

Entomological reserve area of ​​56 thousand hectares of winter becomes a place up to 1 billion butterflies! On each tree can be up to one million individuals! You can imagine this is an impressive spectacle that once in your life need to see with your own eyes ?!