Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

Every morning in the underground stand on duty professional beggars, the purpose for which one - to soften and get the biggest amount of passengers.

To many of them have become accustomed, every day they are in the same transitions on the same ground.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

Honest beggar

More than two hours spent on trying to find in the Moscow underground of the poor. See this beggar in the Moscow metro is almost impossible to have a number of reasons. Firstly, people from poproshaynicheskogo business everywhere, they always see the "newcomers" and chase them. Second, if a beggar does not go to him can be applied more stringent measures, it can be beaten, cut, take away out of the city. Third, too much competition, and people just stop believing that a person really need help, they do not see the difference ...

It was a little wizened old man, in a black long jacket, which was clearly not his size, with gray hair and a long beard, with sad eyes and a tight smile. People are reluctant to give him money, as indicated by the empty glass: half an hour of my observation, no one threw coins not. I dare to approach.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

-A tell us how you got here? How to come to such a life? Interestingly the same - after a short acquaintance I ask. Money he did not immediately demanded from me, surprisingly.

Yes as a hit, I am here only when there is nothing to eat, so I've got a pension and a wife. Pensions for all is not enough, here and ask for help from people sometimes.

-So you do not work here, but just ask for help? - I am trying to find out about his belonging to the business of "poor"

How did this or what? - he waved his hand toward the adjacent transition, - I alone, why me with someone to share when I myself want to have?

-But it's dangerous, you probably know yourself?

-I 69 years, I have seen a lot in this life, not afraid to die, but I can, and I will feed himself and his wife. - scratching his beard, the old man says. Is death are not afraid, it turns out, then so be here to walk until the chase?

-Or not until you die - the old man smiles.

-Many problems were there? Chased? Threatened?

-Byvalo, beggars approached pregnant and tried to get rid of, so I stick my zamahnus to them, and they uydut.- old man shows me a cane.

-And besides them no one came? - I am surprised.

-Prihodil guy of some sort, saying that if you do not leave me, no one will, but I do not care, I'm back - with obvious sadness he says.

Well, and in general, how? There's a lot of money collecting?

-Not really. I'm just standing, do not ask anybody, do not stick to the people passing, sometimes only a prayer read aloud and then silent. But the bread at the end of the day missing.

-And how many turns per day, if not a secret?

-Rubley two or three hundred more rare.

-And what about family? Grandchildren? Children?

-All departed, in all directions, but about all of us old people to forget who we need, benefit from us not, so we are surviving as best we can, - the old man looked down at the floor.

-And who you used to be? To old age?

-The factory was working, grind parts first, then teach people how to properly, then led, then almost became chief - an old man pauses - but somehow it did not work, and now so, you see, - continued after a long pause.

Grandfather speaks quite slowly, pausing, so that our conversation has been going on for quite some time. I decide to give him a bit of bread, to which the old man smiles and bows.

The problem of the present day

The problem is most acute with beggars in the capital, in the city to find work in general is not so difficult. According to the Department of Labor and Employment, in the database contains a lot of jobs for people with disabilities. Rehabilitation equipment and orthopedic items are given to all those in need free of charge through the offices of the Social Insurance Fund. People with disabilities can receive education remotely from the federal and municipal budgets. But many lend a hand or a hat is easier than to earn an honest living.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

Features of beggars

Station "Sokol", 7 o'clock in the morning. A group of people in dark clothes standing and waiting in the yards of houses and under the motorways in dark cars. After some time for them to fit other people in torn and dirty clothes. These latter are what the packages, things cartons. Ten-roll, minute discussion of the future of the day and "beggars" are sent to the corridors of the Moscow metro. For days on end, these people play roles that need to touch certain strings of the soul. They actively influence the desire to help someone who really needs it. They are not interested in people, it is important to find in a crowd the type that accurately submits. That such a man, and it subjected to special attention on the part of a beggar.

1. "war invalids"

Posing as shell-shocked, wounded and bloodless military, in particular the "Afghans" and "Chechens". Previously it was mostly "poor" in the subway, but in recent years they have practically disappeared from the subway. Perhaps because the police actively chasing beggars, and with a stroller is not escape.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

2. "Madonna"

Women with children or pregnant women.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

3. "Orthodox" old women and old men

These often beg for money "for the sake of Christ", asking for bread and medicines. In recent years their number has increased dramatically. But over the years things have changed, and grandparents are better dressed, clothing became more expensive, you can see the good shoes and coats.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

4. Persons with disabilities

This is by far the most common group of beggars. They tuck the sleeves or pants if they are missing a limb, so that people clearly understood and seen this.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

5. The poor animals with

They are mainly in the transitions. Sorry for the animal wakes up in people more often, so the "feed" served willingly.

6. The Drunkards-bums

Not a member of any groupings, most often such work for them disposable. Asking only when they need another dose of alcohol. After drinking, they fall asleep right at the stations or trains. Most often, these can be seen in the ring metro line.

Mooch veteran

Violet Metro Line, beaten and sad "veteran" on carriage rides through the cars and asked for help from passengers. Men prefer the image of the silent warrior who traveled to a variety of fronts. Gray hair, a sad face, bare arms, on which one can see the scars. He is asking for money for a new wheelchair. I went over to him and ask a few questions to answer.

-No problem, but give me some money

Yes I am a student, where the extra money? - do not throw the money into the bottomless pit.

-Give how much to eat, and I went on, - he has angrily tells man

-Keep only 200 rubles there, you know, I also have something you need - gives him a crumpled bills.

Well, let's your question, what have you got? - with interest already meets a man, anger is gone.

I ask all the same questions as the old man.

-I went here why, not because of the easy life, I was kicked out of the house, I was all alone, I have nowhere to go - says Victor beggar.

Why did this happen? Why did not return to the state authorities for help? - I'm interested in what "veteran" of the war, shaking his head and sighing, replied:

Do not I believe that somewhere can help, I did not believe in the country. Here it used to be a country that one could hope for a brighter future, and so what? Do you think I would have given a good job? Food? Apartment? No, of course - laughing, he says.

-How did you get here? Where do you live? After all, everything is probably not so well ?, - annoying the questions I asked.

Yes as a hit came in the subway, I saw a beggar, asked how you have everything arranged and who to ask? Said phone number, but how do I phone? He waited till evening came lineman and I was asked to work, - answers wearily man.

-You usually have all seen it from the outside, but what is inside? Changed views on the people?

If I'll tell you, I will not find it, expelled or killed altogether. I can only say that there is quite good, if you are a normal person, and you will live richly, and eat well, and the clothes will be a good, well, all the goats we do not like, they are paid only to vodka. People ... -zadumalsya our new friend - yes, as you say, to me now is still on them, and give the money well, made a sad face, I looked into his eyes, received the money and drove off. -So pay well?

The man is clearly tired and constantly looks around nervously, fingering in the hands of some kind of rope.

Dress-up as much as earned. I've been working on, I try. Some buy expensive clothes and even live well. But I do not need anything, everything goes on as usual.

-And you did not think to get away from this "business"?

-No no no! - Nervously repeats the man departed from me back

-All that bad? It is impossible to get out of this business?

-Tell you so, it is better to die.

"Veteran" peeking around the corner and starts to leave me, he waves his hand, so I did not pursue it, probably came the chief, who should not see beggars conversations with strangers.

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway


Many are interested in answer to the question, how many earn a beggar?

Average earnings "poor" in the subway sometimes exceeds the salary of the feed. Income beggars can be compared with the salary of the driver. It's a secret that the collection of alms - a well-established business.

According to the person who last led a group of beggars, a "martyr" can gather about four hundred rubles an hour, after which, by simple calculations, you can get the approximate salary of 75,000 rubles. The secret to a great revenue in good acting. Thus, experienced "actors" can collect up to 4000 per day. For this work, all methods are good. As reported in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in 2008, the majority of mothers begging, for example, instead of babies are dolls. And if in the hands of a real child, it is usually in the morning is inflated vodka or sleeping, the baby slept all day. And some kids are asleep from exhaustion just because they just do not feed. With one and the same child often go to different women. There have been cases when a beggar-woman "work shift" already dead baby in her arms ...

Most served children, pregnant women and people with disabilities. But the "sons of the patients' injuries, age, names, all this is not true, as soon as the" poor man "gets to the police station. How much money is "poor" may leave himself decides his master, it all depends on the goodwill. 70% - that is how much "the poor" are usually given to their owners, and the rest they can spend on themselves. I sometimes take people with disabilities all, instead just giving a bottle of vodka and sausage.

All the beggars, where passengers can see every day, eat their superiors. Strange names - "1", "2", "3" - you can, say, seen in the mobile phones of all "poor". Under such "call sign" hidden rooms hosts, who control all the beggars in the subway system.

Employees of such an unusual business consider their work difficult and unprofitable. Sometimes they even share revenue. Themselves "poor" say their superiors angry and strict, they are forced to 9 hours of stand on the platforms and in transit. Most of the problems, according to the "poor", with pensioners and the disabled. They must first be organized to bring to the post, and then taken away. Before that you carefully explain how and what to do. However, many do not present themselves in the life of someone else, almost all completely satisfied with this "work".

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

An anonymous participant story "poor business"

I was able to talk with someone who has been directly linked to the beggars; for a long time, he controlled them, gave instructions and made sure there were no problems. For reasons known to all of us, a man does not call his name, and does not show the face. Let's try to ask questions on the topic of interest to us.

-I have repeatedly asked this question, but still: what is the average income of beggars?

-All depends on the person, one can ask for money is good, the other can stay the whole day without having obtained anything. Good beggar can earn per day from 800 to 2000 rubles, but there are those that gather up 4000 rubles, but it's professionals.

I wonder, how are arranged for such work? -Byvaet such that people are literally in the trash, they were taken to the city, washed, dressed in the right clothes, and then explain why and what. The right to refuse them anymore. There is another option voluntarily, when weary old man comes to the subway or somewhere else, he asks "homeless" and goes to the right people who will do the rest.

-And what about the police? It's forbidden. Somehow agree?

-Police? Where it is possible to give a bribe, but the main plan is to give in beggar cop and goes, then after 10-20 minutes immediately returned, there is almost no problems.

Hmm, okay, but where do they live? On the street?

-Ha! Some "poor" and "miserable" people can afford to rent an apartment, but many live in basements, porches, sleeping near the metro and in the transitions.

-Apartments? That is, afford good food and drink they can. And that in addition to the money they can get from this work?

-Hozyaeva beggars solve problems with the documents, can sometimes help to find accommodation, but it is a rarity, the authorities here strict handouts from it should not wait never need to be afraid to do things are not selected.

-What is the average age of these "poor"? Why did they come to this area?

-About age is hard to say, from 25 to 55, all different, but they all did not work out something in life. Someone kicked out of the house, someone robbed someone drunk, someone just came from out of town, but someone and forced.

How did people react to beggars? Some problems were? Conflict situations? Somebody covers "workers"?

-People do not care, that's worth is this grandmother, it does not bother anyone. Conflicts arise only if the impudent beggar and climbs with requests, such situations were. Woman "with a sick son" once got in the face of an old man. The cars do anything about it can not be, but if a beggar stuck in transition, it can quickly dial phone owner and the group of young people in a minute is already there, but this did not seem to have been more. -And now the most important questions. How serious business? Under whose guise he? Who to contact? Everywhere their ties?

Well, here it is I'll never tell. Not because I do not want to, just do not know. I'm not a big person was, forgive.

Okay, but still, who's in this case?

-I will say this, that a certain group of men, strong "pitching" from 20 to 30 years. There are many who go after military service. Doing it a maximum of 5-10 years. While not killed or imprisoned. Or until the Skopje large sum to deal with less dangerous. Find them is almost impossible, even close to the boss, I do not know their addresses, names, sometimes even phones. All well-planned, and to meet always comes "six", which simply pass the information up. They live very well, as far as I know, they have a huge house in the direction of Kiev, which according to the documents legally purchased and expensive cars. Incidentally, I had to deal only with the Russian guys, that is, can not say that all of this "roof" other nations. They have all their people, all ears, you know, a lot of talk can not risk.

Believer beggar

After talking with "the poor veteran", I decided to find a religious grandmother who is so much in our underground. All of them are from the cartons in which every time the same thing: "For God's sake, help", "For God's sake, for the treatment of," "For Christ's sake, for food."

I go to the station "Kiev" Circle Line, because that is where most conversions. We needed to find a beggar was not difficult. I walk over to it to provide the correspondent. Hunched in the dark and ragged clothes, she barely looks up. Hearing me, baptized and turn away three times. After a couple of approaches I have the impression that the mission failed, but remembering the experience with the "warrior", I offered money to my grandmother immediately responded. I tried to start a dialogue. Why are you standing here? All that bad?

-Ploho son, bad if it was good, you would have seen me here? - Every minute grandmother became sad.

-What made you start to make so?

-I alone, I'm alone and all. How to live on? What is? - Again, she crossed herself.

-Pensiya very small? And where do you live?

-No pension, no nothing.

Well, and how we have found such an unusual job? Where do you live? - I repeat the question.

-Nuzhno was, and found good people helped. A live, where to get. - Grandmother begins to frown and move away from me.

-What are the good people, if they are forced to deal with this? - To my surprise I ask.

-They helped me, and may God's help, so good.

-And what you were before, if not secret? - Resolved, I will ask questions until my grandmother does not go into denial.

-I AM? Yes, what is necessary, most of his life farming, farms, greenhouses.

Why are all so different? Why not continue to work in the garden, many elderly people are now earning it.

-Nikomu do not need anyone, I do not need. - she repeated the same thing.

-And why people should help the sake of Christ?

Glad to God, for God's sake. Russia is a country believer, everything they believe in God, and it is one for all and help you need, like his brother. I'm a believer myself, if I had not believed would never sign such did not take.

-If not a secret, what about the money? Well you earn?

No, no, no, I need to work, go! - Sobbing and straining his voice, she says.

Grandmother better not to bring ...

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

Police Action

In the endless war for clean subway agreed to engage Moscow police. Was repeatedly stripping-raids. This only happened when the nose urban event. A short time later, tramps and beggars are back to their usual places. In winter, the transitions and the metro station are a boon for them, it's warm and cozy. Each of us wondered why the police pretend that nothing is happening? Why police outfits pass beggars? In search of "the poor" I went to the station "Pushkinskaya", which did not find any "poor" or "sick". I was surprised, big and warm transitions, a lot of people, and here and so no beggars? - a question I asked a police officer on duty here.

-Gonyayut them here actively. It is unacceptable that the authorities saw here grandma or anybody else, all strictly here, - said the police. The press service of the police department in the Moscow metro, heard that they get a call from Reedus, we were happy to answer all questions. But as soon as I voiced my question to comment on this issue and refused to write an official request was sent.

By the way, the rules of conduct in the subway is forbidden to molest passengers for the purpose of divination, and begging. To stand with an outstretched hand is not precluded. Anything that can make a police officer - expel from the place which they immediately and returned.

Administrative Code of the offense of "begging" not provided. And the Code of Moscow beggars are fined in the amount from 100 to 500 rubles "for obsessive harassment to the citizens." So it turns out that the policeman, holding a beggar at 3:00 in the department must draw up a report to the World Court, but it needs to collect the testimony of witnesses, and to find the person to whom molested "sufferer". This deal is worth more than many hours of fine, and of course, it is easier to close your eyes, than to mess around all day with a scruffy tramp.

Unusual "poproshaynichesky business" is booming, increasing its scope. Why is that? Because it's good for everyone. Profitable thing in this mafia-like structure, receives daily a huge amount, beneficial "beggars" who are given work. But most importantly, that all this sponsorship interest ordinary people, every day feeding "cripples", "sick" and "poor." Throwing a ruble or two-thumbed in a bag, they believe that suddenly acquired the status of a kind and generous person, so their conscience is clear. How ever here the way saying: "With the world on a string - bare shirt", because every ruble - it's more than one million of profit from "poproshaynicheskogo business."

Business in Russian: beggars in the subway

Author: Dmitry Naidin

Author: Stanislav Wise