Rules of Life Takeshi Kitano

• Rules of Life Takeshi Kitano

Rules of Life Takeshi Kitano

I do not expect much from life.

My father was a painter, but they say that he was a yakuza. We lived in a typical working-class neighborhood, and all of our neighbors were a yakuza, or artisans. Yakuza looked very steep and were very kind to us children. Gave us pocket money, buy sweets, but never spoiled us. If they saw that some of the children smoke or drink, and they could beat. And they always said, "Be sure to be attentive to their parents and never skip school, and it ended up as I am."

They say that children learn by looking at their fathers. And what if the father just goes to work every morning?

For us, the Japanese, to be happy - it is at any age to engage in the work that you like.

I starred in the TV show, was a comedian, actor, director and writer. I want to be remembered as a man who never reach the top in any case, but it was the best in the ability to do many things at once.

My career as a director - it's just the ability to experience one defeat after another.

Not long ago I revisited "brutal police" (the first film Kitano, 1989 -. Esquire). I had to prepare for an interview, and I was literally forced myself to sit in front of the screen. That's what you seem to feel in the moment, when you are forced to watch your children's video. It's very embarrassing. I want to make a film that is not subject to classification. I want the audience left the hall, not knowing what to say and what to think.

I was not inspired by other directors or other films. I learn only from our mistakes.

All the films I edit myself. Very often I decide not to shoot some scenes during the filming begin to seem like optional. But then, already in the installation, I suddenly realize that these scenes and I needed. What am I doing? I take pieces from other scenes and use them as a substitute. I work like this: "Oh, we forgot to make the steering wheel! Let's put in its place the spare tire. "

We must not allow other people to translate your ideas.

Humor is like violence. And then, and another falls on you suddenly - and the unexpected, the stronger the effect.

When my film someone being beaten, hurt becomes the viewer.

I always rented violence most naturalistic way, because I want the audience to feel the pain. I will never remove violence as if it were a computer game, where the blood flows like water, without touching anything in the man.

We have long lost balance between rights and responsibilities. Today, all around talking about rights, but no one even stutter on the duties.

Modern people have learned to ignore the death and pretend it does not exist. But the death of a man should always - wants it or not. I, for one, is always ready for its arrival. No one person can not decide when to be born, and - apart from the most tragic cases - when to die.

When in 1994 I crashed on a motorcycle, the doctors said that I survived by a miracle. I was paralyzed, and it took me two years to get to his feet. When it was already behind him, I thought: "This is such an opportunity! In the world there are many stories of how people have experienced something terrible, felt enlightened, and their brain occurred is something that immediately made them geniuses. " That's why after I started to paint the accident. But all these stories about enlightenment were nonsense. I realized this when painted his first picture.

I respect the tradition, but I am sure that we always have the right to change them if we feel that the time for this has come.

I have not watched any Bollywood film.