5 most mysterious plane crashes

5 most mysterious plane crashes

The aircraft is considered safe transport. However, the plane crashes do not happen so rarely. After each investigation. Nevertheless, some of the crash is still no one can explain.

Squadron Avenger

5 most mysterious plane crashes

The most famous for its riddles crash occurred on the infamous Bermuda Triangle December 5, 1945. The so-called "Flight 19" was a training flight of five torpedo-bombers "Avenger" led by an experienced flight instructor Charles Taylor.

Avenger aircraft took off from the base Fort Lauderdale 5th December 1945 at 14:10. The weather was clear, the flight was normal. But at 15:40 squadron off course, the pilots no longer recognize the terrain. According to radio transmissions, Taylor compass out of order, it seemed that it confuses the Florida Keys to the Bahamas. The control center tried to redirect Taylor back to Fort Lauderdale, but Charles continued to lead them in the chaotic direction, deeper into the ocean, "I can hear you very weak. Now we fly two hundred seventy degree course. "

Soon controller lost contact with five aircraft and since then no one has seen or heard. The most interesting thing is that Taylor ordered: "All aircrafts stay there ... if you will not find the shore, we will have to splash down ... When someone will be less than 10 gallons, all of which combine to lower." That is a version that in the fall of aircraft to blame the lack of fuel is eliminated. What is even more frightening - rescue aircraft sent to rescue Taylor's team lost in the night. Many believe that it exploded in the air, as the machine simply disappeared from the radar. It is interesting that on the eve of Taylor tried to refuse from the flight. He was denied. Unexplained circumstances surrounding the disaster, gave rise to prescribe the death squadrons paranormal properties of the Bermuda Triangle.


Another mysterious disappearances in aviation history occurred over the Andes. Civil Star Dast plane, which belonged to the company "British South American", in 1947, was flying from Buenos Aires to Santiago, but suddenly disappeared somewhere in the mountains just a few minutes before landing.

In the last moments of the flight radio operator handed the mysterious "STENDEC" message. More from the missing aircraft had neither hearing nor the spirit. The wreckage, despite long searches and could not find. Most notably, the airliner Star Dust was a converted military transport aircraft Avro Lancastrian and could climb to a height of more than 6 km and to develop up to 500 km / h, overcoming peaks should not be a problem for him.

In 1998, a group of climbers stumbled upon a fragment of the engine cover with the inscription "OLLS-ROYCE". liner quest in this area resumed. It was soon found and the plane. New official version reads: Star Dast off course and in poor visibility crashed into a cloud-covered mountain. Nevertheless, the mystery of the word "Stendec" remained undisclosed.

"Flying Tiger"

In 1962, flight 739 Airlines Flying Tiger Flight commissioned by the US Army was carrying soldiers and supplies from California to Saigon, Vietnam. After refueling in Guam, the plane took off and soon virtually melted over the Philippine Sea. The weather was clear, and help messages have been received, as well as in the case of the Malaysian Boeing. Search activities, involving four types of military forces, were not successful, all the 107 people who were on the plane, were declared dead. Wreckage "tiger" has never been found. Place the missing facts took the rumors and guesses. Some witnesses claimed to have seen a bright flash of light near the proposed location of the aircraft. In the context of the Cold War and the conflict in Vietnam, there were versions of sabotage. Another explanation was considered the engine failure, which allegedly lost power for three days until the last flight.

rejected takeoff

Sabotage see in civil aircraft destruction, carrying out in 1996, 800 airline Trans World Airlines flight. The airliner exploded and crashed 12 minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy Airport, taking with them the life of 230 people.

Investigation of accident took 4 years, after which it was determined that a fault in the wiring caused the spark that ignited the fuel. It would seem that everything is clear, but witnesses of the events that gave their testimony of the FBI, in one voice say that they saw a beam of light up to the plane, and then there was a fireball.

This evidence, as some believe, prove that the plane was shot down by a missile during naval exercises, which were held at the same time not far from Long Island. There are also versions that US intelligence agencies deliberately concealed explosives traces on the remains of the ship.

Air "Titanic"

Like the infamous "Titanic", which was considered unsinkable, Airbus A330, was carrying out June 1, 2009 flight 447 Air France, was to be one of the safest aircraft in history. However, inexplicably, during the flight Rio de Janeiro - Paris, ship fell into the Atlantic Ocean. There was no signal for help, no one knew what had happened until the pilots did not come in touch with the control room at the appointed time. As a result of the disaster killed 228 people, three-day mourning has been declared in France.

Cause of the accident remained unclear. Investigation into the causes of the tragedy for a long time it seemed impossible - debris scattered for kilometers across the ocean floor. Only in 2011, specially hired a private company has been able to collect all the remains.

French fleet took from the bottom of the black boxes and hundreds of dead bodies.

According to records, the plane was lost due to a technical failure (freezing pitot tubes) as a result had to turn off the autopilot; and because of inconsistencies subsequent actions of the crew. One thing remains unclear how, three experienced pilots lost control in the standard situation of turbulence, and why at "stall" they kept the nose in the raised position, although in such cases it is lowered down.