Portion of useful everyday life hacking

Eternally everything goes wrong? Spilled drinks, food spoiled by accident, and the bathroom is a mess? This is all because of bad luck, too, is full of the farm. Deal with most problems will help selection of practical advice, which will do everything neater and easier. Actually make life worry-free is a snap, many will be surprised, why not think about these things before.

1. The miraculous power of the bread

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

With the help of a piece of bread, you can solve many problems. / Photo: shpilki.net

If the wall were randomly greasy or dirty fingerprints, it looks awful. To cope with almost any type of pollution will help slice of bread without crust. He cleans the painted walls and walls with wallpaper. Crust should be cut so as not to spoil the surface. Wipe the spot, and all the bread absorbs. Fantasy.

2. How to make ice?

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

It would seem that could be easier? But sometimes you need to see once, to remember and repeat. / Photo: teepr.com

Oh, those molds for freezing ice ... The edges of small, inconvenient form. How can you pour her and donesesh to the freezer without spilling? Any wrong move, a breath of wind or a nervous tic, and water is everywhere. Lucky for those who have a refrigerator that automatically distributes ice. Other people have to settle for a simple advice. Pour water directly needed in the freezer, but for convenience and accuracy to make it out of the bottle. Then the water is evenly distributed, and it does not need to carry.

3. fresh or stale, that is the question

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

A simple way to tell if an egg was spoiled. / Photo: i.ytimg.com

If you forget the egg lay for a long time in the refrigerator, not necessarily put themselves at risk to feel rotten smell. You can check an edible egg and no, not even breaking it. You need to put it in a glass of water. If it falls to the bottom, it can be eaten, and if floating - eggs straight road in the trash!

4. Perfectly clean plate

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

In the arsenal of business people have to be several ways to clean the plate. / Photo: tehznatok.com

What often gets dirty in the kitchen at unlucky or careless people? Most likely your hands, clothing, or stove. If the first two just need to be careful, a few simple secrets can be used in the case of the plate. To clean the electric plates, first they need to wipe with soapy water and a damp cloth, then apply a paste-like mixture of baking soda and water on the burner and so leave for 20 minutes. When time runs out, you need to clean the plate, rinse and dry.

Glass ceramic hob also processed first with a cloth soaked in hot soapy water, simultaneously applying a thick layer of baking soda. Top evenly need to pour a little water and cover with a wet cloth, soaked to strong contamination. On the cleansing of the glass cooktop will take 15 minutes, then it should be easy to wash off gently, without rubbing.

5. Beautiful lettuce

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

Paper towels absorb moisture very well. / Photo: twgreatdaily.com Before preparing the salad all the ingredients should be thoroughly washed. If lettuce soak and become clear that it is easy to fix. It is necessary to put them in a plastic bag or container, the top and bottom by putting paper towels. Now carefully turn the box in different directions, and when we open, we get pure and whole leaves of lettuce. Quickly, easily and efficiently.

6. How to never pour sauces?

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

You shimmer all their sauces and vegetable oils? There is a simple solution for this problem. / Photo: ae01.alicdn.com

But in the restaurant of the problem usually does not occur. At home, the sauce can be drenched all around. What is the reason for the universal injustice? In institutions sauces are fed into the dispenser with special saucers. The liquid is poured slowly and carefully, precisely that amount which is necessary. Housing is also possible to buy saucers with the dispenser, it is in any supermarket. It can be poured soy sauce, vegetable oil and olive oil, ketchup and other condiments required taste.

7. The paint has got on your favorite clothes?

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

A good alternative to chemical agents in the fight with spots of paint. / Photo: i.ytimg.com

If the paint got on the clothes, it is not necessary to clean the clock. It can not even bring the desired result, and hazardous chemicals will cause irreparable harm to the fabric fibers. If use heated water and a little liquid dishwashing, can cause the paint to a state in which it is easily scraped off with the affected clothing. Of course, cashmere you in this way is unlikely to save, but cotton is to return to the original appearance. The main clean gently without scratching too.

8. Return the pillow to a new life

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

Pillows can become quite uncomfortable after long use. / Photo: xcook.info

Any items over time become contaminated, even pillows that seemingly constantly in pillowcases. To properly wash, in addition to the two pads, one portion of a conventional bleach and detergent into the washing machine you want to send a few tennis balls. Last help retain the shape of pillows, and will make sure that they do not stray.

9. The Council for toothbrushes

Portion of useful everyday life hacking

The original decision to hold the brush. / Photo: teepr.com

In a glass of toothpaste and brushes constantly accumulates water? If it is not regularly drained, in the cup may appear bacteria. There is a great solution! To put it into practice, it will require only two hooks, which can be mounted on the wall next to the crane or on the door of the locker. The brush is necessary to put on top of the hooks, then it will be completely dry out. Space-saving and health benefits.