As withdraw excess water from the body

• How to withdraw excess water from the body

Oh, those mystical kilograms, which appear and disappear. These swollen fingers and aching ankles and an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach ... These symptoms may indicate the presence of the so-called water weight, so that makes life when you're counting calories, and the numbers on the scale do not decrease. Here's how to get rid of it.

As withdraw excess water from the body

1. Zoom salt intake

Sol - is a magnet for water, so it is better to eat less. The recommended maximum is about 10 times higher than the actual needs of the body! The less salt you eat, the better. It perfectly hides in many kinds of food, especially in the final. In addition, some people have an increased sensitivity to salt. If an hour after eating you feel a slight pain in the fingers and they slightly increased in size, so you need to limit salt.

2. Less carbohydrates

They can retain water in the body. If you eat something and no carbohydrate is converted into energy, carbohydrates are converted into glycogen, which is stored in the muscles. For each gram of glycogen have 2, 7 g of water.

3. Drink more water

Yes Yes exactly! Especially after the reception of salty foods. And in general, if you drink enough, the body is forced to save water in on the case of dehydration. It is thought that half a liter of water before meals helps to lose weight faster.

4. Take magnesium and potassium

It is useful to take vitamins, especially magnesium. In addition, it is useful to increase the dose of potassium - is eaten, for example, one banana a day more.

5. Walk

In addition to the loss of calories by walking you make the body get rid of excess water. Long sitting in one place causes cells to delay the water molecules. Try to get up every hour for five minutes.