Strange theory about Piotr I

No king, which would have been pleased with everything, and even more so when we are talking about someone with so violent temper as Peter I. In the same way there is no king, around which there is not a lot of strange theories that scientists are unwilling to support - but the theory still live and live. Especially when we are talking about someone as strange as Peter I.

Strange theory about Piotr I


The most popular kriptoteoriya relatively king Peter I was born during his life and goes so far. It states that the king was a fake: replaced. They differ only in the version of the theory. One by one, replaced the prince in his childhood, when he lived away from the king's house. On the other, it made during a trip to Europe, Peter (and the present king thus killed and secretly buried in chuzhedalney side, without the Orthodox burial).

Strange theory about Piotr I

In the first version, the Emperor Alexis threatened to fall out of love and with an eye to banish his wife, if she did not bear him a son and heir. Natalia supposedly frightened, and giving birth to a girl, then exchanged it for a boy of German settlement. The catch with this version, only one: at the time of the birth of Peter the king was already an heir, the son of Fedor. Also, Fedor's brother Ivan.

Who and how killed Peter abroad, involve different. Whether its walled Germans somewhere in Riga directly into the wall, or Queen Christina of Sweden (explicit Satanist - in menswear go) personally tortured to death, either into the barrel of his Dutch tarred and thrown into the sea.

Finally, its own special version of substitution was the Old Believers. They believed that the throne occupied himself the Antichrist - and because such violent. Peter A. A real escape, hiding in hermitages and prays for the entire Russian people.

Strange theory about Piotr I

Peter was a Mason

As you know, Peter A. erected Sukharev Tower, which is a school of mathematical and navigational sciences. It was rumored that in the same meeting of the tower took place the so-called Neptunian society under the leadership of James Bruce alchemist, and it was nothing but the society as one of the Masonic circles. And, of course, there was Peter.

According to another version, a Freemason Peter I do not tend to the Scot, and the Germans, or at the time of study abroad, or even during the visits to the German settlement in childhood. In any case, the objectives have zataskivaniya king of a Masonic lodge, to these theories was the most anti-Russian: like all Russian from the Russian State etch.

Strange theory about Piotr I

Curse queen Evdokia

His first wife, the mother of his son, Peter A. disliked fearlessly and banished her to the monastery, and not just refer to: prohibit the general's son to visit her, it de treason. The monastery survived the queen and her husband, and his mistresses, and many of their enemies, because, perhaps, went to the legend of the curse of the Empress.

According to this legend, the queen, who in the prime of life imprisoned in a monastery, as if in a prison, cursed her ill husband and the city that he put: "Being this place is empty" It foretold if and terrible disease to the king, which will take place only if husband returns to his home lawful wife. Someone says that the prophecy was fulfilled in the form of syphilis, which has become one of the reasons for the terrible and long death of the king.

Strange theory about Piotr I

Peter A. was the real father of Mikhail Lomonosov

There are people who believe that he could not get a nugget to capitals of the provinces, and consider Lomonosov secret son Peter - maybe from the Germans. The proof given the high growth of both, small hands and feet, which are both marked and equally explosive. Comes to the fact that the whole biography of Lomonosov to his life in the German lands deny - say, in Germany, he probably was born and brought up his Russian nobles, devoted to the mystery. And after Germany, he could say anything as it appeared.

Strange theory about Piotr I

A separate argument is respectful tone Lomonosov for any mention of Peter, saying that such reverence can only be filial, because that, in fact, made himself king of Lomonosov as a subject? Nothing, if we deny that Lomonosov was it conceived and supervised his men brought up.

King Peter bequeathed India win

After the war with Napoleon in Russia began to walk a certain text, which is assured spreading on his face was a true testament of Peter. Written text was in French, but very few people bother.

According to the "testament", the king wanted his descendants have divided Poland, conquered India, led victorious wars in Europe and Turkey were removed from the political arena. Especially for some reason excited supporters authenticity version of "wills" of India. Composition and complex arguments why it will certainly need Russia, and, moreover, completely. Probably just points about Poland and Turkey did not cause problems.