How to sleep for a short time

How to sleep for a short time

Early wake up, late rebound, stress, chronic fatigue and the lack of normal output. Of course, eight hours of sleep is really important to maintain the normal operation of our body. But, unfortunately, even this luxury does not always help a good rest and sleep in the modern world. So what's the deal? We look into the matter and found out that it is important not the quantity but quality. Following our advice, you will learn to sleep, even for four hours.

Use a mask for sleep

Flickering screens and monitors, lighting on the street, passing cars and moonlight - all these factors contribute to our chronic lack of sleep and fatigue. It is for this reason that physical therapists recommend to sleep in a completely dark room or use a mask for sleep. Only in this case, the body will be produced melanin - a hormone that reduces blood pressure, body temperature and blood glucose levels, as well as providing a relaxing deep sleep. And I am assured, even four o'clock this holiday will give you energy for the whole. Otherwise, if you all night will annoy light of a street lamp or flashing smartphone, expect an increase in cortisol, and the tide of nervousness in the coming days.

to wake up at the same time

It sounds strange, but life hacking works. For example, if you wake up on weekdays at seven in the morning, put on the same time the alarm clock on weekends. Of course, the first three weeks the body will be indignant and demand sleep during the day. But he will get used to over time, and you'll feel when you're sure you need to stay up to the morning of the same seven o'clock to feel a surge of strength. By the way, help to get used to this schedule to help pets such as a dog. They are, in any case, to wake you up early. By the way, the theory of lifts in the same time, based on the principle about the daily routine of the Vedas. It says that for harmony with nature and well-being on a daily basis need to wake up before sunrise.

Do not eat before going to bed

It is harmful not only for the figure, but also for sleep. Otherwise, while you sleep, your body will have to puff all the time to digest the eaten. And because during sleep, all processes are slowed down, the body will spend that much more energy. It turns out, all the energy that you get during sleep, goes to the digestive process. Of course, it is not surprising if in the morning you wake up with a sense of fatigue and nervousness. But to go to bed on an empty stomach is very useful, because in the morning you will feel lightness, a burst of energy and desire rather pleasant breakfast.

of the evening:

If you combine several works on the nose or surrender of an important project, you can sleep even for an hour. How? Just take a nap from 19:00 to 20:00. Relax in this period replaces a full seven-hour sleep. Of course, this is not a panacea, but to survive the second week-will help. If you are sure one hundred percent that you can not sleep especially at this time, take advantage of a ploy therapist Julie Hurst. Specialist recommends to go to bed and tell myself: "I do not fall asleep!". As this trick works is not clear, but a deep sleep you exactly guaranteed.

awaken in REM sleep

Most likely, you know that there are four phases of sleep, and each of them is useful in its own way. So, scientists have long confirmed that the person should wake up in REM sleep, and certainly not deep, when there are all the most important processes in the body. How can catch the very moment? This is probably one of the few moments when the smartphone will actually help you to sleep. Just download the program for the control of sleep and fill out a short questionnaire. The application then independently develops the most optimal for you to sleep and wake at the right time.

Sleep in a ventilated room

This rule of the biology textbook for the sixth grade adults often forget. And it is in a cool place we fall asleep faster and sleep tight. On the one hand, the fresh air is saturated with blood and oxygen to the brain during the night, which also contributes to well-being in the morning. However, cool temperatures - a kind of soothing to the body. all metabolic processes are slowed down in such circumstances, and the body to keep warm as long as possible, to sleep. In this case, you have to be a warm blanket. Fresh cool air and holodina in the room - it's not the same thing.

Learn how to turn off the brain

Do not think, do not plan and certainly not flipping the tape in social networks or to read from the screen! Forget about these harmful habits for good, if you want to feel good about themselves after four or five hours of sleep. Instead, take a warm (and in any case is not hot or cold!) Shower, light candles, listen to relaxing music or meditate. Give your body a chance to tune in to rest and relax. Otherwise, slept even half a day, you could hardly tear off his head from the pillow.