The most expensive divorces in history billionaires

The most expensive divorces in history billionaires

The richest man in the world of Jeff Bezos agreed to pay his ex-wife Amazon shares - the main source of its billions. We studied what other billionaires in the divorce broke up with substantial assets. Some of them have paid so dearly that even dropped out of the list, Forbes

On Thursday, Jeff Bezos announced that in the upcoming divorce will give his wife Mackenzie 4% Amazon shares, the cost of which now stands at more than $ 35 billion. This is the biggest compensation in divorce in history. In January, shortly after the couple announced their separation, the Forbes list of the most produced large, strange and unusual divorce billionaires - at least those where we could ascertain the financial aspects. In some cases, such as when parting from Google Sergey Brin and Anne Vodzhitski amount of the settlement agreement is still unknown, because the details of the divorce proceedings were not disclosed.

The following are the largest compensation for divorce in descending order.

The most expensive divorces in history billionaires

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie

How many paid the billionaire ex-wife - at least $ 35 billion

The couple met while working at a hedge fund D.E. Shaw in New York. After moving to Seattle Jeff McKenzie helped create the Amazon. April 4, they announced the divorce conditions, which is likely to be issued in the summer: it will get about 4% Amazon shares in free float, now they cost more than $ 35 billion Jeff leave yourself aerospace company Blue Origin and The Washington Post.. After the divorce, Mackenzie, is likely to become the third in the list of the richest women in the world

The most expensive divorces in history billionaires

Bill and Sue Gross

How many paid the billionaire ex-wife - $ 1, 3 billion

Gross scandalous divorce led to a new billionaire and harm others. In 2016 Sue Gross, the wife of the founder of the management company Pimco's, filed for divorce and a year later became the owner of the state of $ 1, 3 billion. Its trophies included a house in Laguna Beach, a $ 36 million, and Picasso's "Holiday" (1932), which she later sold for $ 35 million. Bill tried to keep the first one of three domestic cats, but Sue took all. In 2018, Bill has lost his place in the ranking of the richest Americans (the Forbes 400), which has 14 consecutive years. Now both run by private charities.

The most expensive divorces in history billionaires

Harold Hamm and Sue Ann Arnall

How many I paid the billionaire ex-wife - $ 975 million

Harold Hamm and Sue Ann Arnall 26 years were married. The marriage contract the spouses have not entered into. In 2015, after three years of legal battles, the oil tycoon tried to finally complete the marriage, Sue Ann issuing a check for $ 974 790 317 77 from your account at Morgan Stanley. She took the check, but then changed her mind and decided that he wanted more, and filed an appeal. Now she demanded a larger share of the state of Hamm, the source of which was 75% of the company Continental Resources, estimated at $ 13, 7 billion. In April 2015, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma put an end to the saga, having satisfied the petition of Harold to reject the appeal. The Court considered that, by signing and accepting the deposit of a check, Sue Ann agreed to the terms of the settlement agreement. Later, Sue Ann funded political movement that has achieved the dismissal of judges involved in the divorce process.

The most expensive divorces in history billionaires

Steve and Elaine Wynn

How many I paid the billionaire ex-wife - $ 850 million

Co-founder of the giant casino-resort Wynn Resorts divorced (the second time) in 2010. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Elaine, a member of the Wynn Resorts Board of Directors since 2002, has received 11 million shares, which cost then estimated at $ 795 million Steve that year and sold the shares for about $ 114 million -., If not all, went to Elaine as part of the deal. In 2012, she filed a lawsuit against Wynn Resorts, trying to sell part of its share of 9%, and three years later lost seats in the board of directors during the scandal because of proxy voting.

Steve resigned as general director and chairman of Wynn Resorts in February 2018 - after allegations of sexual harassment, which he denied. After that, he sold all his shares. Now Elaine, whose state is $ 2 billion - the largest shareholder of the company.

The most expensive divorces in history billionaires

Roy and Patricia Disney

How many I paid the billionaire ex-wife - $ 600 million

Roy and his wife filed for divorce after 52 years of marriage in 2007. Then, they were 77 and 72 years, respectively. Status Roja, nephew of Walt Disney, at the time was about $ 1, 3 billion. Until then, he was a regular participant in Forbes ranking 400. But the divorce has lost nearly half of his wealth and left the list. In 2008, he married screenwriter and producer Leslie DeMoz. A year later, he died. Patricia died in 2012. with the assets of the fund named in their honor on the $ 122 million (as of 2016) supports environmental and economic projects.