Unhealthy dietary habits that prevent lose weight

• Unhealthy eating habits that prevent lose weight

Reasons why people overeat, there may be many. And each has its own style of food. It's not the same thing as the selection of food: eating style reflects, when, where, how much and how quickly you eat. Read the list below and if these unhealthy eating habits are typical for you to part with them!

Unhealthy dietary habits that prevent lose weight

1. A lot of high-calorie or high-fat meal

If you are a long time her eat, it becomes a habit. Try to replace bad fats into useful: olive oil, nuts and avocados.

2. Permanent food

Some diets require a lot of meals a day, but there are identified and products, and serve. If you are fractional feed on fast food and sausages, it will not lead to good. It is better to distinguish three main meals a day with breaks for 4-5 hours. If you pause too long, you can afford a little (!) Snack.

3. Food at the TV

Or in front of a computer. If you during the meal to be distracted by something else, then stopped paying attention to how much you eat, and it is not very useful.

4. Eat up everything

This is perhaps the most unpleasant habit of all. You send in your mouth mindlessly everything that comes, do not follow any of the food composition, or for saturation.

5. Often overeat

Not for nothing in cookbooks suggest serving sizes! Food should be balanced and not to go beyond the norm of calories.

6. Harmful snacks

It is best to have a snack with vegetables, fruit, nuts. But if their place firmly established fast food, it can not be called a healthy diet.


The faster you absorb food, the greater the likelihood of overeating. The brain receives the signal saturation with a delay of about 20 minutes! During this time you can manage to eat a lot of excess.

8. The food on the go

In this case, you take with you something convenient for eating on the run and do not watch that much eaten. And sometimes even forget that this meal was already!

9. Frequent eating out

The main problem - too much calories, and you do not know in detail what is in each dish.

10. The constant diet

Disclaimer currently around often leads to breakdowns and overeating.

11. Jamming stress

A common cause of excess weight. It is interesting that, as a rule, the stress at the same time will not disappear.

12. Overeating weekend

For the formation of good habits should be kept within reasonable limits and rest days.