Little known facts about Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, born 1 June 1926. She lived only 36 years, but in that time managed to win fans around the world. And though at times it seems that everything is known about it, and then pop up unexpected and very interesting facts from her life.

Little known facts about Marilyn Monroe

1. The first marriage of Norma Jeane Baker was negotiated

Most of his childhood Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn is a real name) lived in foster homes, in public shelters and under the tutelage of various family friends. She never knew her father, and her mother was placed in a psychiatric hospital. 15-year-old Baker lived with her friend Grace Goddard, Goddard but when the couple decided to move to West Virginia, it turned out that they can not take with Baker. If the girl is not married, she would be returned to the orphanage.

Little known facts about Marilyn Monroe

Therefore, they suggested 20-year-old James Dougherty, who lived next door, to enter into marriage with Norma. "I thought she was too young, - said Dougherty later - but we talked and got on very well." They married just 18 days after Norma was 16 years old.

2. It is often mentioned the name "Marilyn Monroe" in the third person

Actor Eli Wallach once recalled that Monroe seemed to be "switched on and off at will, Marilyn." One evening he was walking with her on Broadway, and no one recognized actress. But just a moment around a crowd of fans. "I just wanted to stay a minute Marilyn" - recalls her words Wallach photographer Sam Shaw often heard Norma criticized the performances of Marilyn in films or photo shoots, commenting as follows: "It would not have done. Marilyn would have said it. "

3. Truman Capote wanted Marilyn Monroe played the role of Holly Golightly

Truman Capote wanted Monroe was offered the lead role in the film adaptation of his novel "Breakfast at Tiffany's", arguing that it is ideally suited for this role. In the end, Marilyn refused (it dissuaded Paula Strasberg, who believed that Marilyn should not play such a role). In any case, Capote was not thrilled with Audrey Hepburn, who chose the studio.

4. "Monroe" - the maiden name of her mother

Little known facts about Marilyn Monroe

When Norma Jeane Baker began filming, she took the maiden name of his mother. In his autobiography, Monroe said that she was told that she had something to do with President James Monroe, but it was not found any evidence to support this. The name "Marilyn" suggested director of the studio, who thought Norm looks like Marilyn Miller, the actress, who died at the age of 37 years (which is interesting, very Monroe was 36 years old when she died).

5. Marilyn Monroe was a "fad" about smart people

Her marriage with the writer Arthur Miller probably already suggests this, but in fact there are other proofs. Monroe once lived in one room with actress Shelley Winters, who said that they joke compiled lists of men who would like to sleep. "In her list was no one younger than 50 years - said later Winters. - I never asked her how many candidates from her list, she could ohmurit, but among people who attracted her most was Albert Einstein. "

6. Monroe did not know how to prepare

Winters said that one day she asked the actress to wash salad for lunch. When she entered the kitchen, she found that Monroe wash each leaf lettuce sponge for dishes.

7. Yet learned to

Some of the recipes Monroe discovered only after her death. In 2010, the journalists The New York Times tried to make her recipe for stuffing, which the actress was preparing for Thanksgiving. They found this recipe surprisingly complex and suggested that the "Monroe is not only ready, but did it pretty well."

8. Marilyn Monroe loved to read

Little known facts about Marilyn Monroe

Monroe Collection of books was extremely impressive. At the time of death, she owned more than 400 volumes, including several unique first editions of various books. Among the many thousands of their photos the actress was especially fond of the ones on which it was displayed reading.

9. Marilyn Monroe helped Ella Fitzgerald to get into the club Mocambo

It has long been rumored that Ella Fitzgerald initially refused to act Mocambo because she was black. Marilyn Monroe, who was a fan of it, agreed with the nightclub owner Charlie Morrison, that he has signed a contract with Ella, promising to return every night to visit the facility, thus ensuring a huge number of journalists at the club. Morrison agreed and Monroe kept its word.

10. Marilyn Monroe has been difficult to memorize texts

"The irony was that she could not put two sentences", - said Don Murray, the actor who starred alongside Monroe in the film "Bus Stop" in 1956. While some attributed this to the lack of professionalism, while others, including Murray, thought it was because of nerves.

11. Marilyn Monroe's wardrobe cost a fortune

Dress with sequins, which Monroe wore to the song "Happy Birthday" in 1962, worth 1,267,500 dollars and it has set a world record for the most expensive dress in the world. His company has acquired a collectible. Celebrity dresses from the "seven-year itch" has also set a record - it was sold in 2011 for 4, 6 million dollars.

12. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married only eight months

Although their romance became notorious, Monroe was married to her second husband Joe DiMaggio just 274 days. While many reasons have contributed to their divorce, it was thought that the last straw was the famous "underground scene" in the "Seven Year Itch" (with shoots up the hem of her white dress Marilyn). The scene was shot in front of a large crowd of journalists and onlookers, and DiMaggio was angry because of this. Shortly thereafter, Monroe filed for divorce on the grounds of "mental cruelty." And the most ironic was that scene recognized unsuitable because of the crowd noise and had to make a copy in a closed studio.

13. In spite of the divorce DiMaggio remained faithful Marilyn

DiMaggio remained close to Marilyn and always helped her. Shortly before her death, DiMaggio told friends they were going to get married again. When Marilyn died, he arranged her funeral, was not allowed to have almost none. After that he brought roses to her grave twice a week for 20 years.

14. Grave Monroe

Monroe was buried in the cemetery Memorial Park Westwood Village in Los Angeles. Originally the crypt, where she was buried, owned by Di Maggio, but he sold it, when they divorced. The buyer was Richard Poncher, a fan who asked to be buried face down on the sarcophagus of Monroe, that he could "look at it for ages." In 2009, the widow of the punters put up land for sale on eBay for a whopping 4, 6 million dollars.

Little known facts about Marilyn Monroe

A neighboring plot bought for 75,000 dollars in 1992 by Hugh Hefner.